December 2014

How to Use Post Revisions in WordPress to Revert Changes

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Did you ever feel that your life should also have some powers like a time machine, where you can go back to your past and make changes into it. Well this is something called Post Revisions in WordPress. In life, I don’t know exactly if we could transform the 4th Dimension as time of the World, [...]

How to Add, Edit Images & Videos in WordPress: Media

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WordPress provides a powerful tool to add and edit Images, Texts and Videos inside your WordPress Dashboard in the Content Editor Section. This tutorial is very basic for New WordPress Beginners to show them how to add media in their WordPress blogs. Only Content is getting boring these days, therefore a matching Audio, Images and Videos give [...]

How to Add a Contact Form to your WordPress Contact Page

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Adding a contact form to your WordPress blog is very important and easy to install using a plugin or simply using a custom HTML code combined with a little php. But in this article, we will focus on adding a custom contact page form in your contact us page using the contact form 7 plugin. [...]

How to Publish Posts in WordPress via E-mail :Post by Email

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WordPress allows you to write post and publish through e-mail by this convenient option it make often easy for the busy person. The world are full of busy people and all are busy in their respective field so, after observing this WordPress has bring new platform for their users called as “Post by Email”. Recommended Reading : Boost Your [...]