December 2014

Different User Roles Permission in WordPress Explained

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Users in WordPress plays a very crucial role in the development of the Blog/Website. WordPress in built has a management system for Users. A newbie admin must not worry about the safety and security of the Website as WordPress has allotted all necessary permissions to all the different users in the Blog/Website. Recommended Reading : [...]

Boost Your WordPress Blog by Installing these Useful Plugins 2015

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WordPress and Plugins are great combination in making our blog or website perform better, loaded with lot of features and functions. Every WordPress user has a toolkit of Plugins which are very easy to work in front end and back end of WordPress and the expecting number of plugins in WordPress directory is 30,000 where some are mandatory to install [...]

How to Import and Export your WordPress Blog

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Import and Export Feature of WordPress is simply awesome which will help you to take backup of all your Posts and Contents using the WordPress Export Feature and WordPress Import can be used to import your backup, transferring a blog from, typepad or any other supported platforms to your self hosted WordPress site.   Did [...]

How to Create A New Page in WordPress

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Pages and sub-pages are called parent and child page which is a heart for the website and blog. You can create any number of pages in WordPress just in seconds and creating a new page is very simple task and ease to access and talking about the grandfather which is WordPress, is not much typical [...]

How to Write Your First Post in WordPress

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In today’s era people are trying to find new tips & tactics for their website and blog to make their post popular and trendy. They search so many stuffs on internet about the various posts from the beginning to end. And they still are confused in data which are collected by them. I am here to [...]

Whar are RSS Feeds ? How to Use RSS Feeds in WordPress

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Today in this WordPress tutorial, lets learn about RSS Feeds. Every blogger or Author using and working in WordPress have once come across RSS Feeds as they are an important part of a Website functionality and SEO. What are RSS Feeds ? RSS basically stands for “Rich Site Summary” which is often called as “Really [...]

Things to do after a New WordPress Installation

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WordPress is an open source and so far the best blogging tool, but with correct settings, you are already one step ahead to make your first blog or website FANTASTIC ! If you don’t know how to Install WordPress Automatically using Cpanel read my guide with video tutorial. However, if you are already done with [...]

How to Create Custom WordPress Navigation Menus

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WordPress knows no restrictions and that’s the thing that kept it going and bloggers love it so much. Usually a beginner gets puzzled after watching how things happen in WordPress. So to make our WordPress more user friendly for newbie’s “Custom Navigation Menus” play a vital role. Generally the theme of our WordPress Blog/Website contains 1 [...]

  • WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets Explained ! How to Add Widgets in WordPress

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WordPress Widgets are specific WordPress theme areas where you can add some static texts like Author’s biography, Email Subscription forms, Images, or dynamic texts like Most Recent Posts, Recent Comments in your Theme’s sidebar, header and footer area mainly. According to, Widgets were first introduced to control the design and structure of a WordPress site [...]