January 2015

How to Create an Image Sitemap for your Website

Creating an Image Sitemap and submitting it to Google is the most preferred and efficient way to rapidly hike the search engine optimization (SEO) in the category of Image search. As we all know that remembering a visual content is quiet easy than remembering a speech or voice communication. Therefore, Images in the long run [...]

What is Robots.Txt ? How to Use it ?

Robots Exclusion in short known as Robots.txt. Robots.txt is a text file that allows or blocks the search engines crawlers from crawling/indexing a set of specific pages of a particular website. Robots file is simply a text file, but a very powerful one that is normally used to block search engines from crawling or indexing particular [...]

What is Keyword Density and How to Calculate it?

Keyword density is an important and great aspect of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), but the Google’s Penguin and Panda don’t like the overdo and over-optimization of it. Keyword density is certainly one of the simplest ways to improve your site’s placement in the search engine results but before doing this you have to be sure you all [...]

Ultimate List of Free SEO Extensions For Mozilla Firefox 2015

SEO is time-consuming and takes a lot of efforts but with our free SEO Tools for Mozilla Firefox offered as SEO Extensions or addons, now doing SEO will be very easy. This is our Ultimate list of Free SEO Extensions for Firefox that you can’t live without especially with the Firefox lovers. After hours of research and [...]

10 Rules to Write Quality Meta Description That Won’t Sucks

Meta Description is a summarized form of your article/content written in less than 160 characters to describe what your page/content/article is all about and helps search engines like Google to show them as snippets in their search engines. These snippets are then shown to the visitors/customers/readers who are looking for specific information about the topic [...]

How to Find Broken Links and Fix Them for Good SEO

Broken Links are disaster for your SEO and your website promotion efforts. Make sure you check your broken link with broken link checker tools online. But before your check these hefty links which are not working anymore, you need to find all your broken links or often termed as dead links. A website analysis using the [...]