February 2015

Genesis Vs Thesis Theme Framework – Which One is best for ME


Attraction in the world of Internet matters a lot. Each and every Blog/Website wants to be attractive, eye catchy and easy to use. In WordPress attraction means a lot, so the simple way of attracting users is through the Theme and Design. Many simple theme frameworks are developed by the experts for the use in [...]

How to Check Your Competitors Keywords


It is possible to monitor whats Keywords are your competitors using to rank and dominate in the SERP's and If you are trying to figure out What Keyword to go for? You could also take a look at your competitors keywords which tells you, which keyword is bringing traffic as well as other interesting details that can help your SEO campaign also. So, its very [...]

Basic SEO Steps: Beginners guide 2015 | SEO Basics You Should Know


The secret behind the success for quality Search Engine Optimization is to have a good hands on the SEO steps and SEO techniques. Basically, optimizing your website, app or business for search engine traffic (SEO) is a defined set of criteria and rules that if you are in this criteria, you will naturally receive tons of [...]

How to Search Good Domain Names for Next Startup Company

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Finding a good domain name is not easy nowadays because of the fast growing Internet users everyday, but there is always scope to find good domain names for your next Startup, Company or just a simple blog. Getting a perfect domain name can be a lot frustrating if you don't know what to look and [...]

How to Create a Videos Sitemap using WordPress Plugins


Video Sitemaps are helpful for the websites that have lots of Video Material, though the main source of traffic will be from youtube, but in case of tutorials website. Visitors also often finds channel later and the person's website at first. Videos sitemap also plays an effective role in the publicity and promotion of website in the search [...]

Blogfruit Best Article Picks from January 2015


Welcome BlogFruit Readers ! Since we are writing great piece of content everyday, we have decided to Pick the Best Content every month and feature the best articles from all categories to showcase in a single article. The reason why we followed this approach is to help our readers so that if someone missed an [...]

How to Create Sitemaps Using Sitemap Generator Tools Online


Creating a website Sitemaps Manually gives acceleration to your Website and offers the search engines like Google, yahoo, bing a way to find all your content and index it in their search engines. Its a win-win situation for both the webmaster as well the search engines as Webmaster needs traffic for his website and Search Engines [...]