April 2015

How to Write Content in WordPress Without Typing

The concept of text to speech is pretty well known and old nowadays. Several companies and tech giants including Google provide text to speech API key known as TTS (Text to Speech) where it will read any text you select – louder for you. But, could you possibly imagine if reverse is possible.If there is a [...]

Search Engine Optimization Complete Guide 2015

SEO which abbreviate Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer which are the process of improving visibility of a website. One of the most important aspect about SEO is “making website easy for users and Search Engine robots”. By using powerful tools in SEO, you can easily increase your Alexa Rank, PR(Page Rank) etc. SEO is not a [...]

How to do a Powerful Keyword Research: A Comprehensive Guide 2015

Keyword Research is the most dominant, authoritative and the crucial element in SEO of any website. Therefore, we have prepared a Comprehensive Guide for Keyword Research using latest tricks and techniques in 2015.  Without a Proper Keyword Research Strategy, all your online efforts won’t work much. So, if you are thinking of doing a powerful SEO [...]

What is the Best For SEO: WordPress SEO by Yoast or Premium SEO Pack

WordPress Plugins which are the life-line of  any Website in WordPress where you can do anything without having a knowledge of code and program. You can use it in such a way that you will increase traffic and customize your site or blog, every work can be done with the help of Plugins and every problem in WordPress has a [...]

What are Outbound Links and Inbound Links

Making a link on other website is very easy now a days, but its on you how you create links for your website or blog. Many People specially beginners face many problems while making a link, usually beginners remain confuse in Nofollow and Dofollow links, Inbound and Outbound links and many more. To achieve high search engine [...]