July 2015

Most Common Hacker Attacks on WordPress Websites


Attacks in a WordPress or any other website sounds horrible!! But this is the harsh reality. There is a sudden increase in the usage of illegal activities like hacking, spamming in the internet industry. […]

Best of Blogfruit Articles Content Over Last Two Months


Welcome, Blogfruit Readers!! Every Month, At blogfruit, our Editors select a handful of our best, greatest and most detailed Articles Content on WordPress, SEO and Marketing. This is great , so you only get the very best and selective content from our inspirational blog. […]

Social Networking Themes for WordPress – Part 2


A lot of webmasters look for a short community based websites that can be well integrated in their WordPress Blogs or simply create a social networking website. Then we have already wrote 10 Best Social Networking Themes for WordPress and the best buddypress themes collection 2015 for you to check it out. […]

10 Best WordPress Themes for Social Networking Websites


Themes are the lifeline of Website, and finding themes related to your niche is not a big deal, if you are on the proper place and today we are discussing about social networking themes, so if you are thinking to open business like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn then must assure to buy the wonderful theme for your [...]

Best Online Backup Tools for WordPress


Apart from offline backups there is also a must need for online backups using the online backup tools which are best and dominant in their sphere. Do you also know, that we have written a fantastic online resource for more than 20+ backup plugins to Securely Automated Backups for your wordpress blog. Multiple backups are [...]

How to Start A Blog in 5 Minutes with Bluehost Hosting


No doubt, Blogging has been evolved much in recent times as it was 5-7 years ago. Lots of students and professionals are now opting Blogging as the full time Profession. No doubt, if you can achieve results with  than it is atleast 100x better than your day job, but the only question is IF. [...]