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January 2015

10 Rules to Write Quality Meta Description That Won’t Sucks


Meta Description is a summarized form of your article/content written in less than 160 characters to describe what your page/content/article is all about and helps search engines like Google to show them as snippets in their search engines. These snippets are then shown to the visitors/customers/readers who are looking for specific information about the topic [...]

How to Find Broken Links and Fix Them for Good SEO


Broken Links are disaster for your SEO and your website promotion efforts. Make sure you check your broken link with broken link checker tools online. But before your check these hefty links which are not working anymore, you need to find all your broken links or often termed as dead links. A website analysis using the [...]

How to Submit your Sitemap to Search Engines


Search engines are great way to get natural organic traffic and Sitemaps does that job easy for you to be found in Search Engines. Basically there are two types(Xml Sitemaps & HTML Sitemaps) of sitemaps of any website. […]

What is a Sitemap, Why do I Need a Sitemap and How to use it


Sitemaps in WordPress are like Acceleration to your Car. You want to rank fast, get noticed in the search engines, needs a lot of free organic traffic, then Sitemaps is the tool you should look for. Sitemaps are based on the original protocol of the project – Sitemaps.org. According to which, “Sitemaps are an easy way [...]

December 2014

How to Use Post Revisions in WordPress to Revert Changes

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Did you ever feel that your life should also have some powers like a time machine, where you can go back to your past and make changes into it. Well this is something called Post Revisions in WordPress. In life, I don’t know exactly if we could transform the 4th Dimension as time of the World, [...]

How to Add a Contact Form to your WordPress Contact Page

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Adding a contact form to your WordPress blog is very important and easy to install using a plugin or simply using a custom HTML code combined with a little php. But in this article, we will focus on adding a custom contact page form in your contact us page using the contact form 7 plugin. [...]