is an Inspirational Blog by a Blogger Inspired from Blogging, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, Making Money Online, Google Adsense, Infolinks, Google Adwords and other such awesome web tools. For one, these can look like Keywords, but for ME (Rahul Gupta), this becomes my Life.

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I wonder how Bloggers like @Kenneth Lerer (, Michael Arington (@Techcrunch),  Pete Cashmore (@Mashableand many more have created such Wonderful blogs with Millions of Pageviews a Month, making Millions of $$$ each and every Month.

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How the Internet Marketing Guru’s like @Darren Rowse (, @Brian Clark (CopyBlogger), @John Chow ( have excelled and dominated in the online internet marketplace and Created a huge Income and Wealth from their blogs. They are so successful that every 2nd blogger wants to be like one of them. But Blogging takes time, patience and a lot of Hard work.

Internet Marketing

WordPress is the Ultimate and Mostly used Professional blog tool used by Millions of websites on Internet and still Growing. According to Builtwith Stats (as of 21st june 2014), Currecntly, 12,762,608 live websites on the Internet using WordPress. Thanks to its Founder and Developer @Matt Mullenweg.

There are virtually endless possibilities with WordPress. Today, you can create any kind of Website like Static Website, Blog, Ecommerce, Business Directory, Classifieds Site, Job Board, Microblog, Landing Pages, App Development, Themes Distribution, Question Answers, Affiliate Store, Ebook Store, Web Design Company, Webhosting Service and much more. This list is endless, and very special thanks for its developers that this Incredible tool is TOTALLY FREE and open source.

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Click on this link to See some Nice and Quick Live Stats of WordPress Users with Graphics. You can also get a Free WordPress Blog here : Signup Link and start writing about the things you like.

Make Money Online is one of the Most Competitive Niche and is very demanding too. People likes to know how someone is Making Big Money ($$$$) online. I should say, it’s an art to teach other “How to Make Money Online”, while earning money themselves. The most famous ways to Make money online are as follows :-

Make Money Online

  • Creating a blog, Getting Traffic, Adding Advertisements like Google Adsense and other Ads like Infolinks, Kontera etc.
  • Promoting other Company’s Affiliate Products like Ebooks, SEO Tools, Marketing Tools, Webhosting Customers and more.
  • Creating a very Specific Niche Blog and using your own Affiliate Links on that.
  • Selling Products and Services to Targeted Customers.
  • Using Ebay, Amazon, ShareaSale, Clickbank and other Ecommerce Services.

And Many More….

So, this is just a Glimpse about Me (Rahul Gupta) and my Blog (@Blogfruit), all these awesome methods, tools and services are available online and for Free and this Inspires me a lot to Work More and More on my Blog and Share Valuable Content to the Audience who can benefit from it.

What to Expect from BlogFruit in Future

We will write and share articles on these categories : Coding, Design, Make Money Online, Resources, SEO, Social Media, Startups and Themes and Templates for different CMS’s like Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and More.

We help you create your Blog Awesome, teaches your the A-B-C of Blogging and Basic Coding Skills to help you Getting Started with your Blogging Career as a Part time as well as a Pro. If you like this article, please leave comments below and let us know that you love us.