WordPress is such a fantastic free and open-source blogging platform that almost every popular hosting company offers a simple 1-click Installation to the WordPress Software. There are several ways and platforms to Install WordPress, but in this tutorial, I will be covering the automatic installation of the WordPress using Cpanel Software.

Wordpress Love

Things you will need !

  1. A Domain Name
  2. A Web hosting Account (Cpanel Based)
  3. A SQL Database (free)


In this tutorial, we are assuming that you have already bought a domain name, a Web hosting Account and Setup the Nameservers for your domain name pointing to your Web hosting Company.

If you haven’t yet completed these steps, you can do now :-

If you have done all the three steps, you can skip to our WordPress Installation Part Directly.

WordPress Professional Installation Using Cpanel

Step 1 : Log in to your Web hosting company Cpanel account and look for either of the options from below :

  • SimpleScripts
  • Fantastico Deluxe
  • Softaculous

It may also be the case that your web hosting directly offers WordPress Install (like in the case of Bluehost account). Don’t worry, the end product will always be the WordPress successfully installed on your domain.

Webhosting Cpanel

Step 2 : Click on any of the above options and then click on WordPress to go to the next step.

Wordpress Install Part1

Step 3 : Now choose the website name and directory to Install WordPress. Leave the directory empty if you want to Install WordPress on the main domain (e.g : http://www.webliska.com) or you can also Install it in a directory as a blog (e.g : http://example.com/myblog)
This depends on your choice and use of your website.

Choose Site Directory

In my case, I will be Installing it on my another domain in a directory (http://doshort.com/blog).

Step 4 : Hit check domain and you will see advanced option. Give your website a Title or Site Name.

Step 5 : Choose a Username and Password and also enter your email id.

Step 6 : Also choose to Install a Database automatically.

Step 7 : Hit Install Now and wait for few minutes to automatically install WordPress on your domain.

Watch Now : Video Tutorial to Install WordPress Automatically in Cpanel Hosting

Congratulations ! You have Successfully Installed WordPress Professionally.

Extra Tips :

  1. The first thing to do after Installing WordPress is to correctly configure the WordPress Settings for its optimum use. Don’t know how : Check this tutorial
  2. WordPress is usually secure software managed and well written by thousands of community developers but is still prone to hacking attacks. Make sure you use a good password with combination of letters, numbers, Uppercase and lowercase characters, special symbols.
  3. Consider Installing some security plugins like Login Lock down and some special plugins from iThemes Security that limits the number of brute-force attack attempts.