Akismet Plugin is an ultimate warrior for any blog fighting against the comment spam. If you are a new blogger and just started out working on your blog, you might not notice and give attention to the comments section. Most comment spammers use bots to spread fake and bad links on other site’s to alter the Search Engine Rankings, but Google is pretty smart and will penalize or even ban you for someone else’s action.

Comment SPam

Therefore, combating a spam free blog is must for you as well as your readers who are looking for meaningful conversations and not any comment that doesn’t add value to your post. Below here are the reasons why you should Install and Activate Akismet WordPress plugin using the Free API Key as shown in the Procedure :-

  • Comment spammers may get your site banned if you approve them.
  • Checking every comment manually can be time-consuming and nasty work.
  • Mostly comment spammers are bad links or phishing pages that you or your visitors might end up giving your personal information like credit cards and passwords by mistake when you try to open those bad links.

Save time and let the Akismet do the Work Right for you !

There is a BIG BUT when using Akismet, because its not free and you will need an API Key to activate your Comment Spam Warrior. However, you can get a FREE API KEY by connecting it to WordPress.com and register for a FREE Account.

NOTE : There is not a plugin other than Akismet that beats the functionality and features of this plugin. Therefore, don’t settle down for second best option looking for alternatives when you can have the #1 Comment Spam Warrior working for you for free.

Installing Akismet WordPress Plugin – Step by Step Guide

Step 1 : Login to your WordPress dashboard and look for Akismet Settings and you will find something like this as shown below :-

Akismet Free API KEY

 Step 2 : Click on the link : Get your API Key and you will reach to the Akismet official website as shown in image.

Akismet Free API KEY

Step 3 : Click on Get an Akismet API Key and say goodbye to the Comment Spammers straight away. This will redirect you to the official wordpress.com website where you need a free account. Just create a free wordpress account and login to the Akismet website using your account on WordPress.com site.

Akismet Free API KEY

Note : If you already have a wordPress account, simply login to that account and it will take you back to the Akismet website.

Step 4 : Now you will see three different plan options for the Akismet WordPress plugin – a company by Auttomatic Inc. Simply go for the Personal plan and hit Signup.

Akismet Free API KEY

Step 5 : Now you will see a price bar with a sliding button at the right. Just hold it and grab it to the left to make it for absolutely $0.00 (totally free), but this license can be used only for personal sites. So, if you even plan to use it on commercial website, just try it using the free personal version and start your subscription when you run advertisements on your blog.

Akismet Free API KEY

 Step 6 : When you press Continue, you will see a brand new Akismet Key Flashing on your screen right in front of you. Bingo !!!!!!!!!!

Akismet Free API KEY

Step 7 : Just copy and paste this API Key in your site’s wordpress dashboard in the field, manually enter an API key and hit “Use this Key”.

Akismet Free API KEY

Congratulations !! You have successfully setup the Comment Spam Warrior – Akismet WordPress Plugin on your Blog for FREE>…….

Extra Tips

  1. You can also Install a Captcha Code plugin like SI Captcha Anti-Spam to your Comment Section so it will limit the most of robots to prevent comment spam on your blog. But it won’t be much effective against the comment spammer humans who spent a lot of time in spamming other blogs.
  2. A number of alternatives for the Akismet Plugin are also available, which you can find as below
  • Spam Protection – Comment spam prevention – {Price – $14, one time}
  • Spam Free WordPress
  • Stop Spammers
  • WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam
  • Antispam Bee

Just go around the WordPress plugins directory and install any of the recommended plugins from above to fights against comment spam.

3. If you are not comfy with the Akismet Subscription which costs you whopping $60/year for one site, go for the Spam Protection Plugin which costs only $14 one time fee for a lifetime subscription.