The platform of WordPress in the age of today’s era has a great advantage for the bloggers, moms, businesses, kids and almost everyone.

“Without touching a piece of code and made your hands dirty in coding, you can run a successful blog and a serious business and consequently an extra income stream every month.” – Rahul Gupta

WordPress comes with a truck full of useful and wonderful features and one such feature is WordPress Permalinks…So,

WordPress Permalinks

 What are WordPress Permalinks ?

Permalinks are what people enter into their browser and address bar to view one of your page. In short form the URL’s of the content you publish on your WordPress website is known as Permalinks.


It effect a lot and plays a big role for making a site popular and easier to navigate. WordPress Permalinks is a tool to makeover your URL structure of any post you write and any page you add in your blog.

Permalinks also have an impact on our WordPress site’s search engine rankings (SEO). A good permalink structure is not only search engine friendly for getting more traffic to your blog but also easier to understand for your reader what this page is all about.

Why Permalinks are Important ?

The Permalink option in WordPress lets you change the design of your URL. It offer a permanent link back to a specific item of content. Use the right permalink structure and it will be easier for the readers to share links of your website.

How to use WordPress Permalink ?


Step :1  First a fall, login to your WordPress dashboard and click on the “setting” which is in on the left navigation.


Step : 2 Then, click on the “Permalinks” on the left side sub navigation.


Step : 3 After that click the “Custom Structure Radio Button” under the common settings which are shown in the image and type /%postname%/


You can also use different option, Press Settings > Permalinks and use “Post name”. It is so far the most used permalink structure by the biggest blogs of the world like mashable, techcrunch and every professional blogger.

You are done. Now enjoy your new pretty WordPress Permalinks and make ugly url’s beautiful.

Hope, this post would help you, If you have certain questions regarding about the WordPress Permalinks just drop the Comments.

Extra tips

1. To optimize your WordPress URL to the fullest, remove the stop words from your post URL.

For example : Words like and, or, the, they,them, has ,have, to, for etc has no significant SEO impact but instead they are responsible for bad SEO of that article.

Therefore , always check your URL structure once you write your Post Title and then edit the permalink of that WordPress post and manually remove the stop words or unnecessary words from the URL.

2. You can also end your WordPress permalinks with .html , .php to give your readers the feeling that particular pages of the websites are written in HTML or php or any other format to choose.

Just add this in the custom permalink structure :-




And you will see , a change in all your WordPress permalinks…

3. Never touch and Do not change your blog permalinks once you have chosen a permalink structure, otherwise you will have broken pages and may loose all your traffic coming from search engines.

4. For bloggers with established blogs, if they need to change their WordPress permalinks structure, they must use a permanent Redirection plugin to move all your old url’s to the new one. Also they may see a significant drop in traffic until Google will update and adapt your new url’s in their search engines.

5. Do not include your Category URL’s to your Permalinks. It looks more reader friendly but will increase page load times and therefore bad for SEO as page load time is significant factor in ranking your website.