WordPress” the name is very well known in the world of Internet. Lets learn about WordPress a bit more technically and practically. WordPress is used widely for publishing anything online, It is not only a blog publishing tool but also can be used to create business websites and almost any type of business.

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is an Open source and free software/tool. WordPress is used rapidly by users worldwide. WordPress has really brought a change in the WWW (World wide Web). It has delivered the world a platform to express out the views, creativity  and different talents. According to WordPress, it is a priceless tool which has been delivered by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little to the developing world.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

A newbie in the world of WordPress has to deal with two type of WordPress, i.e is WordPress.com & WordPress.org. What are the basic differences between both ? Lets see.

WordPress.org is a self hosted version which was specially designed for people who wanted to keep their WordPress site updated by their own. This was the main reason behind the creation of WordPress.org

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  • WordPress is an open source software which is freely available at WordPress.org. It is a like Buying your own home and decorating by your own choice. All the safety, risk, backups are your own responsibility.
  • In WordPress.org you have to host the website on your own Server and also have to purchase your own Domain name.
  • Install Themes, Plugins, Widgets of your own choice without any restrictions.
  • The most important and cool feature of WordPress.org is that you can make money with your own blog. You can connect any account like Adsense, Infolinks etc to your blog and earn money online.
  • With WordPress.org you have the rights to create, sell your own products with the help of your website. It can completely be converted into an ecommerce Website.
  • The only disadvantage of WordPress.org is despite having total control on your site, you still need to take care of very important and sensitive issues like Backup and Protection from different crisis.


  • The best way to start your own Blog or Website is joining WordPress.com. With this you can kickoff with as many Blogs and Websites which you are fond of.
  • The entire team of WordPress is engaged here to host and support your Blog/Website.
  • You don’t need to pay anything for creating your own Blog in WordPress.com, Its totally Free of Cost, but also offers premium upgrade options to remove restrictions.
  • With WordPress.com you will get Protection, high Security, automatic Backups, regular Updates and many more.
  • No need of installing Plugins for features like sharing, commenting, stats etc. It is handled by the experts behind you.
  • The major disadvantage of WordPress.com is that you don’t have any control on your Blog, i.e. you cannot install plugins, WordPress themes by your own. You will have to adjust with the default themes, plugins, widgets provided by the software.
  • To avoid restrictions you will have to pay a cost to the software in terms of safety, hosting and other premium features like Akismet. Going Premium will help you survive in WordPress.com.

Extra Tips

  1. Our recommendation is to choose your WordPress type wisely. If you want to make a serious blog with some business opportunities, go for WordPress.org , however, if you are just starting out and a new blogger who is just curious to write some quality articles and don’t want to spend on hosting, domain names and installation of WordPress, then definitely go for WordPress.com or in fact Blogger.com is also a good choice,  but in the long run WordPress.com is much better in flexibility.
  2. To get started with WordPress for new bloggers, we have made a tutorial series of WordPress Beginner Guides, where you can read and implement all articles one by one and become a successful blogger in a short time.
  3. Don’t think too much and start your own WordPress Blog now.