WordPress knows no restrictions and that’s the thing that kept it going and bloggers love it so much. Usually a beginner gets puzzled after watching how things happen in WordPress.

So to make our WordPress more user friendly for newbie’s “Custom Navigation Menus” play a vital role. Generally the theme of our WordPress Blog/Website contains 1 or 2 Navigation menus by default but WordPress allows us to create our own or custom Navigation menu. So Lets begin the tutorial of creating Custom navigation menus. 

Custom WordPress Menus

How to Create Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Blog/Website. Go to your Dashboard Menu ( on left hand side ) and look out for “Appearance” option. After clicking on the option you will find a list of sub-menus in the option. Find out “Menus” option. See the screenshot below:


Step 2: After clicking on the “Menus” link, you will be directed to Menus editor page in your Dashboard.

Step 3: Click on the “Create a new Menu” link. ( Check out the below screenshot ).


Step 4: Fill up all the details like “Menu name” and click on the ‘create menu’ link.  (See the below screenshot).


Step 5: You are now at the stage where you can Build your own Menu. Now look on the left side you will find menu items to Add to your new Menu (ex:- Categories, Links, Pages etc).

Step 6: If you want to Add Pages sub-menus click on it and you will find out a Drop down sub-menu. All the published pages will be added in the Menu by this option. (See the below screenshot).


  • Now if you want to Add Links sub-menus then click on it and you will find out another Drop down sub-menu. Links option allows us to add a custom link in our Navigation Bar.  (See the below screenshot).


  •  If you also want to Add Categories sub-menus then click on the Categories link. ( see the screen shot below ). In categories option you will find different categories which will help users access categories in quick succession.


Step 7: You can also Drag and Drop down the menu items to change the order and placements of your choice. After the order of items you are almost done with the creation of new Menu. Click on the “Save Menu” link to save your menu.


Step 8: You can also check out the “Manage Locations” option for further editing. Save the Changes and you are done. (See the below screenshot).


You have created your Own Custom Navigation Menu. Go to Blog/Website to check out the new menu.

Extra Tips

  1. You can add pages, categories, tag pages and even custom links like homepage or any other blog URL in WordPress custom Navigation Menus.
  2. The custom menus can also be helpful to create a blog network where you can connect all your websites by linking them and adding them in custom menus.
  3. The custom menus can also be used as WordPress Widgets where you can create important links like the meta links already given by it.