In today’s era people are trying to find new tips & tactics for their website and blog to make their post popular and trendy. They search so many stuffs on internet about the various posts from the beginning to end. And they still are confused in data which are collected by them. I am here to tell you about the basic of WordPress how to write a post in WordPress and  I think you all know about “WordPress” which is a open source website establishment tool and CMS(Content Management System) based on PHP and MySQL.


If you are new in WordPress then no need to worry just think and mark my words “Each and every guy is a beginner in WordPress  and its totally on you how could you show interest and be expertise in very short days”. And in this Post I’ll cover all the required task to carry out before you publicize your post. So, ladies and gentleman without much taking your precious time, lets start it.

Just focus on these necessary steps which lead to you an excellent post. The very first step to do is log in to your WordPress Account and its mandatory to have a WordPress based website or blog.

Step 1: A “Post” is a message which is read by group of people and its on you how you make it interesting. First a fall log in to your WordPress Account and write your “Username” and “Password” same like shown in the below image.


Step 2: Then, after logging in it you get the WordPress dashboard of your own website or blog. And on the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard  you see a option named as “POSTS”, click on it after clicking on Posts, you get the four dropdown list named as “All Posts”,“Add New”, “Categories” and “tags” click on “Add New” buttonAlso, there’s same option on the upper side of your page which is similar shown in the image.


Step 3: In step three, I have mentioned all important  option by highlighting and numbering it, You can use these option while posting a new Post.

  • Talking about the 1 number which is the “Title of Your Post”, here you can add title which is related to your post and attract the visitors also known as Heading of Post.
  • And the 2 number which is “Content of Your Post” defines for content related to your heading where you can explain all features and prejudice. It is the main part of the “POSTS”
  • Number 3 which is “Add Photos and Videos in Your Post”, if you want to post articles with pictures and videos, then this option is for you. You can add simply by dragging and uploading pictures and videos.


  • In number 4 which is “Save Draft By Clicking Here” if you are in hurry or have to go somewhere while writing post, then you should adopt this option by clicking here you can save your post which is not visible to others(visitors) and can continue from there after sometime.
  • In number 5 which is “You can view Post” Suppose, you have completed your post and want to observe it. How you have been written or how it looks when other can see. So, you can use this option to view your post.
  • The Last number 6 which is “Publish Your Post” it means when you are done, and fully completed your writing, checked all the silly mistakes, then click here to publish it and make it live on your website or blog. As, all option are marked in above image.

Step 4: In step four I want to clear your queries related to links, where you can Insert/Edit link and Remove link inside of your post very easily and in Remove link which is a very nice option provided by WordPress that saves your time. Removing a link is a very simple task.

For Example: Suppose some broken links are in post and you can’t find any of them, use this option to get rids of broken or mutilated links. Just select the entire option and click on this button.


Step 5: Insert/Edit link where you  can add a link of other website or blog. It’s very ease to access, just click and select any word and press this button where you can find such important option“URL” and “TITLE”. In URL where you have to paste the link of another blog or website and its not compulsory to fill the title. And its on You to choose Open Link in  a new Window/tab, if you select this then the pasted URL opens in another tab and if you won’t, then its open on same page. At, last press “Add Link”  which is marked in blue and enjoy you have done completely. Apart check the below image.


Step 6: Don’t forget to fill “Categories”, “Tags and “Featured Image” which is right hand side of your add new page. When you have finished writing your post content you need to choose Categories and add 3-6 tags(not more than 6) related to your article. And about the Featured Image you select the representative picture if your theme calls for it otherwise don’t select it.


I think that’s sufficient to get Your first Post written and published. So, start posting your first Post and make it live on your Website or blog.

If you know any other skill except this then, please share in the comment below.


Don’t waste your time by clicking each and every option, use the Shortcut keys of WordPress which will save your time and you could write  more and more Posts.

Some Shortcuts are:

  •  ALT + SHIFT + A = Insert or Edit Link
  • ALT + SHIFT + S = Unlink or Remove Link
  • ALT + SHIFT + Q = Blockquote
  • CTRL + I = For making Italic Word
  • CTRL + U = For making Underlined word
  • CTRL + B = For making Bold Word
  • ALT + SHIFT + M = For Image inserting
  • ALT + SHIFT + P = Publish