Pages and sub-pages are called parent and child page which is a heart for the website and blog. You can create any number of pages in WordPress just in seconds and creating a new page is very simple task and ease to access and talking about the grandfather which is WordPress, is not much typical and complicated if you use with appropriate optimum utilization. It provides many option for the user to perform well and lit in their blogging experience.



You can create pages directly from the WordPress Dashboard no need of mediator and all. Pages are the leaves and WordPress are tress which express the information and make it beautiful. So, Let start How to easily create New Pages in WordPress.

Step : 1 Log in to your WordPress account by  using your website or blog/wp-admin.

For Example : shown in the below image.


Step : 2 Once you are logged in your WordPress dashboard, just look for a option named as “Pages” which is on left hand side of your WordPress dashboard account. Simply click on it and wait for the more option like “All Pages” and “Add New”. Same shown in the below image.


Step : 3 When you have opened a New Page, create a title of your page at the top. In my case I have entered “Contact Us”and add some text in description box totally on you, if you don’t want to add details then its totally fine.


Step :4 When you have finished creating your new page, don’t click directly to “Publish” button which is in blue color wait for some while and fill the details like “Page Attribute” which is right hand side of page and lower into the publish button shown in the below image.


Step :5 In Page Attributes select the “Parent” where you can add new page in existing one otherwise don’t select it. And about the “Template” which can manage page position in site. This option is not compulsory for the beginners just focus on the Title of your page and  after setting it up, you can publish your page without any doubt. After publishing it the new option appears on your main web page. It looks same shown in the below image.

contact us lates

Step :6 The last step, click on Contact us(page made by me) and you can visualize the description which is written by you and congrats to yourself..!!

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You add a new page successfully, if you want to add another page then follow the same procedure again.


You can also preview your page by clicking on Preview button which is on right hand side of your dashboard account.

The reason for previewing your page before publishing it is, because its see how you often create a page and its content also has a chance to rectify the errors. So, start adding new page from now onwards.