Import and Export Feature of WordPress is simply awesome which will help you to take backup of all your Posts and Contents using the WordPress Export Feature and WordPress Import can be used to import your backup, transferring a blog from, typepad or any other supported platforms to your self hosted WordPress site.

WordPress Import Export Feature


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We understand that initially a lot of bloggers starts with the free platforms like or as their first choice, but very soon they realized the limitations and restrictions so they want to transfer it to the WordPress Self Hosted Site – on your Server.

As we all know that address of the Blogs are frequently changed according to the requirement. Suppose you have a Blog in (for ex: now you want to transfer the Blog into your new website which you have hosted containing a new Domain name. For doing this you have to know the concept of exporting and importing blogs in WordPress.

Check it out how it happens:

How to Export WordPress Blog

Step 1 : The basic and the mandatory step is to Log in to your WordPress Blog/Website.

Step 2: Navigate and locate the Tools option in the left hand side of your Dashboard. Click on the Tools button and you will find out different sub-menus, look out for ‘Export’ sub-menu. See the image below:


Step 3: After choosing the Export option you will be directed to a page where you have to “Choose what to Export”. Its your choice how much you want to Export, Choose any of the desired option mentioned there. If you want to Export all then choose “All Content”. Also see the image below for more clearance.


Step 4: After selecting the option Click on the ‘Download Export File‘ button so that you can save an ‘XML’ file of the entire blog in your PC. Almost all the content of your Blog would be downloaded free of charge. Some of the photos, links may not be exported into the file, that is usually not a big problem.

Now after the Exporting steps lets see further steps in Importing.

How to Import WordPress Blog

Step 1: Visit your WordPress Blog/Website.

Step 2: Again go to the Tools option and find out the ‘Import’ option in the sub-menus. ( see the image 1 above ).

step 3: Click on the ‘Import’option you will be directed to a new page where you have to choose the ‘WordPress’ option and select the ‘XML’ file which you saved a bit earlier in your PC.

Step 4: Click on the Upload button to upload the ‘XML’ file of the previous blog to the new Blog/Website. After that you just have to select the “Download and Import file attachments” button so that your media moves along the rest of your Blog/Website.

You are done with the Exporting & Importing in WordPress. 

Extra Tips:

  • In the Export page you can also find out the option of “Guided Transfer”. This is basically a Premium service provided by for a cost of $119. In the option the experts will export your entire Blog/Website and also Import it on the Blog/Website of your own choice.
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