WordPress and Plugins are great combination in making our blog or website perform better, loaded with lot of features and functions. Every WordPress user has a toolkit of Plugins which are very easy to work in front end and back end of WordPress and the expecting number of plugins in WordPress directory is 30,000 where some are mandatory to install and some are not.


That’s the reason why beginners choose the platform of “WordPress” in the field of blogging. Plugins give more flexibility or functionality to your blog or website. It makes difficult & laborious task easy for you. By installing valuable plugins you can easily improve the quantity of  visitors and also give them a chance to spend more time on your blog or website.

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So, check the list of essential “Plugins” which would boost your WordPress blog or website.

Boost WordPress Blog by Installing these Useful Plugins

1. Akismet Plugin: 


The Akismet Plugin which is very important for the website of WordPress. This Plugin is very smart and can differentiate between Good comments and Spam comments also known as best guard against Spam comments.(Spam comments- Advertising as comments on forums, blogs, and online guestbook.) You can search this plugin by going on Plugins>Add New> type “Akismet”,  or download by clicking here.

2. Google XML Sitemaps Plugin:


XML Sitemap for your blog or website will help it towards faster indexing in major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. In short words the XML sitemaps helps search engines to better index your website or blog. Google XML Sitemaps support all kinds of WordPress generated pages and custom URLs. You can search this plugin by going on Plugins > Add New > type “Google XML Sitemaps”> or also download directly by clicking here.

3. Contact Form 7 :


With 16 million downloads this plugin has made a positive record for the newbies, Simple but flexible. You can also manage multiple contact forms and customize the form of mail content. This form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA code and spam filtering. Search this Plugin by going on Plugins>Add New>type “Contact 7 form” or download directly by clicking here.

4. WordPress SEO By Yoast :


SEO is must for your website or blog because it allows you to check how search engine is friendly with your content. You are provided with a preview of your post, how it looks in Google and other search engines. In this you have to add “Keywords”, “Post title” and “Meta Description”. Search this Plugin by going on your dashboard then Plugins>Add New> type “SEO By Yoast” or download directly by clicking here. 

4. Jet Pack :


The Jet Pack which is a single plugin tool which perform a great performance in WordPress. It includes the following social media widgets to back-end spelling and grammar checker. Also include a powerful features such as site stats, forms, e-mail subscription and many more. For searching this plugin on WordPress, go to Plugins > Add New > type “Jet Pack” or download directly by clicking here.

5. Relevant Related Posts Plugin : 


The Relevant Related Post plugin tool which is very wonderful and very easy to use. Its a great way to stick and engage your visitor on your blog or website. There are lots of Related Post plugin available in WordPress directory. To search the plugin on WordPress, go to Plugins> Add New> type” Relevant Related Posts Plugin” or download directly by clicking here.

6.  Back Up WordPress:


This Plugin is very much important for the beginners, if they erase the site data or delete it by chance then also there’s solution. Install this plugin which will backup your site including your database and all your files on a schedule that suits you. In my opinion i think its very important and useful plugin in the WordPress. To search this plugin on WordPress, go to Plugins>Add New> type“Backup WordPress”> or download directly by clicking here.

7. Broken Link Checker Plugin:


You all know about “Broken link” if not then answer is here, Broken links are those link which do not exists, also called dead link with 404 code. And about Broken Link Checker plugin which can find all broken link in your blog & website and  also helps in fixing them. To search this Plugin go to Plugins> Add New> and type” Broken Link Checker” or download by clicking here.

8. Subscribe to Comments:


Subscribe to Comments plugin will allow your reader to subscribe to incoming comments on blog or website posts of their interest. With this Plugin they can easily subscribe or unsubscribe to certain post and change their notification e-mail address. To search this on Plugin list, go to Plugins>Add New> and Type“Subscribe to Comments” or download easily by clicking here.

9. WP Super Cache:


WP Super Cache plugin is a great tool for the users of WordPress. By using this plugin you can speed up your blogs and website even when there is lot of traffic. And it generates static HTML files from your dynamic PHP scripts. To search this on Plugin list, go to Plugins>Add New> and Type“WP Super Cache” or download easily by clicking here.

10. Social Media Feather :


Social Media Feather which is very simple and powerful social plugin, where you can share your post in social media profiles. It has  many advantages for which its a great plugin, and the button are also clean and has modern look which makes it popular. To search this on Plugin list, go to Plugins>Add New> and type “Social Media Feather” or download easily by clicking here.

This is it, If you are beginner in WordPress blogging then these Plugins will help you and boost the traffic of your Website or blog.

Please suggest any Plugins which are essentials for newbies. It would be glad to hear from you. Share in the comment section. Hope this Post would help you.