Adding a contact form to your WordPress blog is very important and easy to install using a plugin or simply using a custom HTML code combined with a little php. But in this article, we will focus on adding a custom contact page form in your contact us page using the contact form 7 plugin. This plugin is simple to use and has several thousand downloads plus its absolutely free.

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WordPress by default doesn’t have contact form, but to sort out the problem of Contact form there are many bright options which you can choose for your Blog/Website. So lets have a look on the tutorial to setup a Contact Form for WordPress Blog/Website.


Adding a Contact page using a Plugin:

Step 1: The very basic and the first step is to download a plugin named “Contact Form 7” from the directory of WordPress. Read & Understand how to Install a WordPress plugin. Learn the basics from “Getting started with Contact form 7” guide.

Step 2: After the download & guidance, just Log in to your Blog/Website Dashboard and navigate to the left side.

Step 3: Click on the Contact link and the page directs you to a new page. Now click on the “Add New” link to go a bit further. (As shown in the below Screen shot ).


Step 4: Click on the “Add New” if you want to go with default language otherwise choose any other language and move ahead. ( for assistance see the below screen shot ).


Step 5: Now after a new page is prompted first fill up the name column with your contact form name. If you look below you will find a column named “Form” which is already filled with some tags. They are just default tags, now look at the right side you will find a new Drop down menu named “Generate Tag” which contains all the required tags for a Contact form page.


Step 6: After you click on any of the drop down sub menu you will find additional and necessary options to customize the Tag. In the Tag look below you will find a code, copy and paste the code in the “Form” column. The Tag which you pasted in the “Form” column will automatically get transformed into its original form. ( See below Screen shots).


(See where to paste the copied code in below image)


Step 7: Now its time to go to the next step i.e. “Mail” column and the “Message Body” field. Basically in the “Message Body” field requires no editing as it is edited by default by the WordPress experts. Complete the “Mail” option by filling up your email ID in the “To” text field to receive mails in the email ID.

Step 8: Now lets go to the last step which is the “Messages” column where you will have to fill up by “Thank you” greetings for the messages sent by Users. Check all the fields mentioned in the column and fill them according to your choice. (see the screen shot below).


You are done with the contact form page. If you are a beginner just learn all the “Generate tags” mentioned a step above by installing them one by one in your Blog/Website.

Add a simple code to your Blog.Website. Copy the “Contact form” code and paste it into the “Contact Us” page of your Blog/Website.  ( See below screen shot ).


Paste it in the “Contact Us” page made by you. (See the screen shot below).


Now just Click on the “Update” link and your “Contact Us” page will get updated. Try it and you will definitely find it easy to use and implement.


Extra Tips

1. There are countless contact forms Plugin available out there in the WordPress Plugins directory. You can also go for another popular plugins like – WP Contact Bank – Contact Forms Builder, Custom Contact Forms, Contact Form. Just check one by one and see whatever suits you the best. All of them are free and very good, simple plugins.

2. In case of business or corporate websites, you will need other handful options in your contact form like File Upload Feature, Website, Contact Number or other details like alternate email, payment terms. All of this can be done by the extra custom fields using the same Contact Form 7 Plugin.