WordPress allows you to write post and publish through e-mail by this convenient option it make often easy for the busy person. The world are full of busy people and all are busy in their respective field so, after observing this WordPress has bring new platform for their users called as “Post by Email“.

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Not every blogger, have a sufficient time to publish post on their website or blog like some are college going student, pursuing a job, and many more but blogging needs daily update. Suppose, If it is very relevant t0 publish your post, and you are working in office without any laptop or computer then what would you do?


As I said earlier also, “Every problem has a solution” you only need to be is calm and have some patience. The option you have is to use Post by E-mail option, but before using it there are some setting you need to do early or you can use various plugins which also help your query.

There are two methods to publish your WordPress post via E-mail which is “Manually”or with the help of installing “Plugins”. Both are explained below.

So, here’s such steps which can help you to publish your WordPress post via E-mail Manually:

Step :1 The following first step is to log in to your WordPress account and enter your username and password. After that you will be redirected to WordPress dashboard. Then click on “Settings” which is on left side of your dashboard.


Step :2 In second step, After clicking on Settings check sub menu named as“Writing” click on it, and the page appears same like shown below and search for the term“Post via e-mail”.


Step :3 In third step you should have to fill details like Mail Server, Login Name, Password, Default Mail Category and don’t click on Port, by default it is set 110. After you done with the settings, don’t forget to “Save Changes” which is lower in that page and its in blue color.


  •  Mail Server: In this field you have to type URL address of the POP mail server.
  • Login Name: In this field you have to write full email address (for example- [email protected]). Remember don’t type the username without domain part of the address.  
  • Password: Fill the password of your mail account.
  • Default Mail Category: In this case, this is set to un-categorized which is the only pre configured category that comes with WordPress.
  • Port: The port which is default 110, no need to select it. But in case if you want to connect using SSL/TLS, then change the port number to 995.

Now, the second method How to Publish WordPress post via E-mail by Plugins:


Use the several plugins to publish your post, use this method if you don’t want to get confused. Its a simple and sober option for the users, just install the Plugins within a second and run it. We recommend you to choose such plugins which are mention below. Always check the rating and download of Plugins.

Use this Plugins:

Post By E-mail Plugin:

Create new Posts on your WordPress blog or website by sending email to a specific email address. Any email client can be used to send the email, just install this plugin without any distraction such a powerful plugin in WordPress. Download and install it, after installing it, fill all the details and after filling it the new message sent to configured e-mail address will be posted to blog.

{Download this Plugin}

Post By Mail in Jetpack: 

Download and install Jetpack plugin. Go to your plugin on your dashboard and activate “Post By Mail”. Then, next you need to navigate to

Users  >> Your Profile

and click on enable post by email. Once you click on this the email address is generated for you.

You can also Regenerate address to get another address after that go to your mail address and compose the message which you want to publish on WordPress and for the receiver e-mail address enter the email address provided by the WordPress and enter the title of your post as the subject of your e-mail then click on send button.

{Download this Plugin}

Postie Plugin: Postie plugin which is a best tool in such list you can easily publish your post by using it and the advantage you get from this. You also upload pictures and videos. So try, this best option for you.

{Download this Plugin}

That’s it. I think the entire post could help you and sort out your queries regarding the publish post via E-mail and yes, Don’t forget to leave your wonderful thoughts. We love to hear from you. Your thoughts might be helping for us.