If you are not a new blogger, then you already know that comment spam these days is very popular and irritating as a lot of Internet Marketers or better called as Internet Spammers use automated tools to Spam Blogs with their backlinks.


I don’t know why people would like to do that, when they already know all good blogs take care of Spammy Content, can block even their IP Address to stop even access this website. They just waste their time and others also.

But thanks to WordPress Plugins ! Now comment Spam is Past. Just Install any one of the plugin you like from this List and Say Goodbye to comment spam Forever.

In this Post you will get the list of Anti-Spam Plugins developed by Experts to fight Spam Comments. So lets take a deep view in the Post.

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1. Akismet:


The most popular and most used Anti Spam Plugin specially designed for WordPress is Akismet. With over 22 million downloads it is leading the race of Anti Spam Plugins. It is most advanced and powerful anti spam service provided by WordPress itself under their own company subsidiary Automattic Inc. Its main feature is that it automatically block comments, posts which are being submitted to our Blog. Akismet monitors a huge amount of Data from millions of Website around the globe in real time. Experts group in Aksimet checks and carries out tests so to filter out Spam comments.

Aksimet is free for personal use but it charges an amount of $5-$50 per month for economical and commercial websites.

2. WordPress Spam shield Anti Spam:


It is also a powerful and advance Anti Spam service provided by WordPress. It blocks all kind of spam comments, pingback, trackback, registration spam and many others. It uses Captchas and tough questions to block spam comments. WP Spam shield also makes a list of total counted spam comments and keeps a record which are pushed into spam folders. It is free for personal use and also for economical and commercial websites.

3. Stop Spam Comments:


It is a lightweight but very powerful Anti spam plugin designed for WordPress. Its a free service, you just have to activate it and enjoy the benefits of the Plugin. With this Plugin the performance of the website and also the server is not affected at all. All kinds of trackback, pingback and spam comments are blocked with the plugin.

4. WordPress Zero-Spam:


It is a latest, easiest, and robust Anti spam plugin that helps you in Blocking Spam comments automatically. It doesn’t require filling of any kind of Captcha. Just Install and activate the plugin to start the process of blocking. No API keys registration required for the installation. It uses the concept of JavaScript to block spams.

5. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin:


It is also known as GASP and it asks users to confirm if they are not a spammer. It is very effective and impressive plugin for WordPress Blog/Website. It adds checkbox to your comments portion which the users have to check before submitting the comment. With the check box availability users doesn’t have to face the problem of filling the Captcha.

6. Stop Spammers:


Stop Spammer is a very efficient and effective Anti spam plugin. It stops all spam comments, login, registrations using multiple checks. The plugin is very much aggressive and blocks users who are using fake and illegal tricks. The plugin fools the spammers by installing “honeypots” which remains hidden from the users and captures the spammers and blocks. It also keeps a track and counts the number of spammers blocked.

7. Antispam Bee:


It is another very popular anti spam service. Say Good-Bye to Spam comments with this plugin. It approves the comments which are trusted and healthy for the website. Anti spam blocks comments, trackback, pingback and makes a database of all the spams. You can clear all the database of spam after few days. It has been proven to identify all the spam messages.

Related Useful Tips

  1. Configure your discussion settings correctly so that comments which contains Links goes directly to the moderator for further moderation.
  2. Choose a Plugin which you find Best and useful for your Blog/Website. But from my personal experience I would definitely suggest you “Akismet” anti-spam service. I am using it for my Website to moderate all spam comments.