WordPress provides a powerful tool to add and edit Images, Texts and Videos inside your WordPress Dashboard in the Content Editor Section. This tutorial is very basic for New WordPress Beginners to show them how to add media in their WordPress blogs.

Only Content is getting boring these days, therefore a matching Audio, Images and Videos give your website content looks more appealing, interacting and interesting to read and your visitor stays longer on your website.


You can also create your own graphics with simple tools like Wordle/Picasa/Inkscape or even online tools like Canva to add beautiful and professional graphics. By adding the images and videos, the readers get transparency in the post and understand it easily and help your blog visitors and readers to engage with your content efficiently.

How to Add Media in WordPress and Resize them

Step:1 Log in to your WordPress account and write the Username and Password.

Step:2 Now if you want to add media in your post, there are two simple ways. You can choose option “Media” which is on left side of your dashboard and the second one by inserting images while writing the post.


Step:3 After clicking on Media, you will see two sub menu option named as “Library” and “Add New”. Click on add new for adding new pictures or click on Library where all pictures are uploaded. Now select any image and upload it by selecting “Select Files” or drag it. It can takes hardly 10 to 15 seconds depends on your internet speed and image size and you will see the progress also.


Step:5 After uploading images,  go to option named as “Library” which is right hand side of your dashboard and select your image the image appears same shown in the below.


Step:6 Now, Add the title of image, ALT Text and description and if you want to edit the picture then click on Edit image. This will be very helpful for optimizing images for Google SEO.


The following image justifies the detail of Edited image :-

1. Your Image

2. You can rotate and flip image by selecting this.

3. Scale image where you can re-size your image.

4. Crop and cut your image.

5. Thumbnail image.

6. Don’t forget to save it.

How to Insert YouTube Videos in Your Blog or Website?

Most bloggers use YouTube for uploading their videos and then embed them into their websites. First step is to Visit YouTube and select any video which you were thinking to post in your blog or website.


In my case I have selected “How to use WordPress( 1 of 7)- Introduction”, then second step is to Click on “Share” button which is under the video, click on it and then press “Embed”. After that Html code comes out select entire code and copy it.


Now Paste the Youtube code in “Text” which is upper right hand side of your post. You could check the video by clicking on “Visual” which is left to “Text”. And You are done just check the post, where you can find the same video.  Same like shown in below image.


So, we expect that you already learned now how to add/insert/edit images and videos. If you not satisfied with this post or feel lack of information then please share your views in the comment box.

Related Useful Tips

  1. You can also add .pdf files or .doc files or virtually anthing using the default WordPress Media Uploader and it will generate a link for you to share.
  2. You can also Install Youtube Videos plugin to embed youtube videos into your posts easily.

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Our Plugins Discovery Section : You can also use the Plugins to re-size your image and optimize it without losing quality of image. These WordPress image optimization Plugins would not only optimize your images but also enhance your speed of Blog or website. Such Plugins are:

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  • WP Smush.it – Recommended
  • Hammy
  • Lazy Load
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  • ImagePro
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