Usually we need a professional Coder to write a code for our Website modification, but Thanks to WordPress we don’t need such geek or coders to modify our website. We ourselves can do all the coding and rest of the work by just installing plugins in few seconds.


Converting categories to tags is a tough job to do if you are beginner in Coding but in WordPress its very handy, any newbie can do it by just following our guide. Lets learn how to do it in seconds.

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1. The very first step is to login to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the left side of the Dashboard.

2. In the Menu option you will find a link named as ‘Tools’, In the tools section there is an option of ‘Import’. Click on the Import link and you will be directed to a new Import screen.

3. There you will find “Categories and Tags Converter”, just click on the link and you will be directed to a page to install the plugin.


4. Just click on the ‘Install now’ button to install the plugin. ( In case you have not installed the plugin ). Now when the plugin gets installed then click on ‘Activate Plugin & Run Importer’ link to activate the plugin.


5. Now once again follow the second step, Go to Tools > Import > Categories and Tags Converter. 

6. Now as you have installed the plugin, on clicking it you will be directed to a page containing two options, “Categories to Tags and Tags to Categories”

7. Now just click on the ‘Categories to Tags’ tab to do further conversion. Check/Tick the Categories which you want to convert into Tags. After checking, now click on the Convert Categories to Tags.


8. Your job is over, WordPress will automatically do the rest. After a while you will see a message of ‘Successful conversion’.


9. Now if you want to convert ‘Tags to Categories’ then just click the ‘Tags to Categories’ link, and check/tick the Tags which you want to convert. After that just click on the Convert Tags to Categories.


You are now done with your conversion. Thus, once again WordPress helped us achieve our mission in a very easy and efficient way.

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Related Useful Tips

  • Apart from doing manually there is a plugin called “Taxonomy Converter”, its really very easy to use the plugin. Its automatic and reliable plugin.
  • First Understand the Difference between categories and Tags and make sure to use them properly and ask yourself which one is best for your website.
  • Categories can have child-categories also called – subcategories, but Tags can not have any sub tags.
  • You can choose several categories that you want your particular post to appear in, but tags are used to differentiate all your content based on specific interesting keyword.