Creating a Website/blog is not enough in WordPress, most bloggers are good at writing but not at the themes customization especially the beginners. Most bloggers like me are lazy and busy in earning a penny, focusing on content building, SEO but don’t spend time in customizing their website. Which is why, you need to know about the WordPress Theme Frameworks.


In this era, every beginners and advanced user of WordPress want changes in their website. They also try to customize and design it in their own way but not on the right platform. They get confused what to choose and where to find the right theme framework?

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So, in this post I’d aware you about WordPress Theme Framework and which one is best for your website.

What is WordPress Theme Framework ?

WordPress Theme framework is a tool that indulge in the process of creating and customizing function in WordPress theme. WordPress theme framework are used as parent themes which means that all function lean towards the theme framework and developer can create child themes to customize, design and leave everything to the parent. It allows theme designers to create theme layout quickly. Almost all the WordPress theme designer prefer a framework.

Why to use WordPress Theme Framework?


There are many advantages of using WordPress theme Framework which are mentioned below.

  • Easy to Modify: By using framework you can easily modify your site.
  • Bugs can be fixed within Update: By updating your framework, the bugs can be fixed automatically.
  • Ease of Development: You can operate it easily.
  • Speed up Development: You can speedup your blog by using great theme framework.

Most Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks

In this collection, I have collected few popular WordPress theme frameworks, choose the best Theme Framework.

1. Genesis Theme Framework :-


The Genesis framework by StudioPress allows you to easily build amazing websites with WordPress. It is fast, reliable and advanced for the WordPress theme framework. You can get this just in $59.95

Features of Genesis Theme Framework :

  • Cleanly Coded Design
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Secure & Simple
  • Support& Update

Download From Here

2. Thesis Theme Framework :-


Thesis 2.0 is a theme framework that serves 42,000 websites around the world. It has a wide variety in font, colors, sizes and columns. The price of thesis is 87$, 164$ for Thesis Basic Plus and 197$ for Thesis Professional.

Features of Thesis:

  • Customizable Typography
  • Custom 404  Error Page
  • Unlimited Control Over Font
  • Thesis Packages and Boxes

Download From Here

3. Canvas Theme Framework :-


Canvas is a great theme framework for WordPress websites and it is developed by WooThemes. It is attractive theme loved by many developers around the world. The price of this framework is 99$ which is a standard price and for developer package you have to pay 119$.

Features of Canvas:

  • Develop Custom Widget
  • Supports Child Themes
  • Tumblog Facility with IOS support
  • Create Own Portfolio

Download From Here

4. iThemes Builder Framework :-


It is the most important and powerful parent theme framework available for WordPress. With the style manager tool you can insert colors, style, font, background. It’s price start from 80$.

Features of iThemes Builder:

  • Insert Modules like HTML, Header and Footer
  • Layout Engine
  • Custom Landing Page
  • BuddyPress Integration
  • 60+ Child Themes

Download From Here

5. Elegant Themes Framework :-


You all know about Elegant theme, if you are a WordPress user. One of the most popular WordPress theme framework. You get 80+ quality themes in just 39$ which is a best deal. It creates a visual drag and drop canvas where you can add, arrange and resize advanced elements on your page. The price of this framework is 39$ to 69$.

Features of Elegant Themes:

  • Compatible with Plugins
  • Design and Customize
  • Great Support
  • Suitable for Beginners
  • Customer Access

Download From Here

6. Tesla Themes Framework :-


Tesla Themes club are built on custom made framework. By joining this club, you get access to all the existing themes and future releases. You can buy this theme framework in 39$.

Features of Tesla Themes:

  • Add a Favicon
  • Add Custom CSS
  • Upload Background Image
  • Configure Social Icons

Download From Here

7. Gantry Theme Framework :-


Gantry is a free framework from Rocket theme which is available for WordPress and Joomla and they offer some beautiful themes themselves. It can easily compete with other framework.

Features of Gantry:

  • Responsive Design
  • Tons of Widgets
  • 960 Degree system
  • Page Layout

Download From Here

8. Swift Theme Framework :-


Swift Theme framework is very popular and fastest loading theme in WordPress. It comes with panel where you can edit colors, fonts, design and style. Swift Theme Framework is highly extendable and can be transformed into several  beautiful design.

Features of Swift Theme Framework:

  • SEO Friendly
  • Fastest Loading WP Theme
  • Pulls Thumbnails Automatically
  • Features Post Sliders

Download From Here

Our Recommendation to the Best and most Flexible WP Theme Frameworks

1. Thesis Theme Framework

2. Genesis Theme Framework

3. Swift theme Framework

Related Useful Tips

  1. Don’t confuse yourself out between child themes and the wordpress themes. There is a lot difference between the two. Child themes are built around a wordpress theme framework like thesis theme, genesis theme etc. but a wordpress theme is simply Install and Use.
  2. Theme Frameworks are easy to maintain, more flexible and provides the best customization with lots of inbuilt tools, packages, boxes, plugins and widgets.
  3. Other Theme Frameworks which has loaded with tons of feature:
  • Bootstart
  • Cherry Framework
  • Sandbox
  • Seed
  • Whiteboard
  • Warp Framework
  • Skeleton
  • Up Themes Framework
  • 500 Framework