Creating HTML and XML Sitemaps for your website might be the easiest thing  if you know how to Install plugins in WordPress. But you should also know what’s the basic difference between as HTML and an XML-Sitemap.

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This above post will clear the concept of Sitemap and why they are so important to us. You can check my website sitemaps here below :-

BlogFruit Xml-Sitemap  and blogfruit html sitemap

Both of these are generated using different plugins. And they have a lot of difference in their functions.


It’s very compulsory to create Sitemaps, and is beneficial for any website who wants to get noticed in search engines and wants to receive free organic traffic. However, people often get confused when it comes times to decide which type of Sitemap is better to use. Well it all depends on your website’s purpose. A Sitemaps purpose is generally to list all the pages in site so that search engine robots can find them and can be very useful for visitors, if the visitor is looking for specific page, or a specific topic. In this post I’d clear your all queries regarding HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap.

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language

XML: Extensible Markup Language

XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemap is for the search engine crawlers. It really helps the crawling and indexing of a website. XML Sitemap is really help search engines crawls through your site in a much more efficient way it alerts search engines to your presence and make sure all your important pages described.


The XML Sitemap was also implemented by Google and other major search engines in their Webmaster tools as part of general practise to solve the need of search engines to easily index websites with dynamic pages, large sites and sites using interactive forms. You can easily create your Sitemap for your website or blog. Submit the XML Sitemap as a feed in webmaster tools. XML Sitemap are accessible to all leading search engine. When you add new pages or new content to your site, then you can use XML Sitemaps to notify the search engines.

HTML Sitemaps

HTML Sitemap allows site visitors to easily navigate a website, and HTML Sitemap is a single HTML page that contains links to all the pages of your websites. It also help the bots, it is a bullet’ed outline text version of the site navigation.

HTML_blogfruit (2)

If a user goes into your HTML Sitemap, you want to make sure all of your important categories and major sub pages are represented as well. HTML Sitemap can help your visitors to have a full knowledge about your site and it is used to list all hyperlinks of different sections and pages of your blog or website, its mainly used to inform the user.

What to Choose XML Sitemap or HTML Sitemap ?

Now this is a big question “What to Choose” with all due respect, the answer is choose both, because they are differ in their path and terminology which performs a different function. XML Sitemap are for search engine while HTML Sitemap are for human navigation, so I recommend you to choose both.