You all know about WordPresswhich is a great platform for the bloggers with a power of editing, managing post, and many more, with the latest release and update of WordPress, we saw a tremendous change followed by new features in our WordPress dashboard account.

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Not everyone likes the default WordPress dashboard, which sometimes looks boring and therefore, you need something to replace it with your own style so that the WordPress dashboard  looks different and antique. You can change your dashboard in your own style by adding various Plugins which are related to customization of your admin menu.

In this topic I am going to tell you which Plugin is best for customization of Admin menu. You can do anything in WordPress without any coding and developer skills. The only thing you need to know about is “Installing Plugins” which are best tool to make your website attractive and beautiful. So, start exploring about distinct Plugins related to specific place.You can use elements such as the Welcome messages, the dashboard widgets, and many menu option and settings, can all be complication and potential source of confusion for new users.

In General, by installing plugins related to Customize the Admin Menu of WordPress gives you change in such items :

  • WordPress Login Page Logo
  • Admin Footer Text
  • WordPress “Howdy” Greeting
  • Help Content
  • Admin Customize Menus and Icons

So, without taking your much time here are some Plugins that allow you to customize the admin menu of WordPress.

1. White Label CMS :

The White Label CMS is a great choice for anyone who want to customize the admin area of WordPress. Its very ease to access and it could help you from restrict access to certain menus and settings through the interface. You can easily download this Plugin by searching a term “White Label CMS” in the Plugin directory.



  • Change the Admin color scheme
  • Increase Professionalism
  • Reduce confusion for clients
  • Offer additional support
  • Download Here

2. Modern Admin – WordPress Admin Theme :

Modern Admin is a flat retina template for the WordPress admin. This Plugin comes with 5 color schemes, custom login form, configurable menu, and dashboard icons. The disadvantage of using this Plugin is its “Premium” but this option is best for those who want to change its appearance of WordPress dashboard and  admin.



  • Clean Design
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Choose Your own Icons
  • Retina Support
  • Custom Login/Logo/text image
  • Download  Here

3. WordPress All in One Admin Bar:

WordPress All in One Admin bar gives you many advantage like you can add WordPress and custom menus to admin bar, change your admin background, change your logo, auto hide admin bar modes and many more.



  • Move Admin bar to bottom
  • Toggle/ Auto hide Admin bar
  • CSS Codes to Admin bar
  • Change the “Howdy” greeting
  • Custom Logo to Admin bar
  • Download Here 

4. WP Admin UI Customize:

WP Admin UI Customize is best plugin tool for the customization in WordPress and very easy to access. It can customize your admin menu toolbar and admin menu.



  • Hide Meta box on Dashboard
  • Edit the Side Menu
  • Customize the Login Screen
  • Edit the Admin bar
  • Several Variable Available
  • Download Here:

5. HS Custom Admin Theme:

HS Custom Admin theme which define for “Helios Solution” which gives you the ability to design your own color for the WordPress admin area. You can full customize your admin dashboard with your own colors.



  • Customize Background
  • Choose your own Color
  • Navigation Menu Color
  • Post & Page Form Color
  • Download Here:

There are so many Plugins for the Customization of Admin. I think the Plugins which I mentioned above would help you to customize your WordPress admin. If I missed your favorite one then, don’t forget to write in comment below.

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