XML Sitemaps is used for the Search Engine crawlers and also helps the crawling and indexing of a website. Sitemaps helps the search engine bots to easily crawl through your web links and also help the bots to index it easily. It is very necessary to create XML Sitemap and need to submit it in Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tool and other popular search engines like yandex which leads to faster and better indexed of your site. 

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If you know about XML Sitemap, then the problem comes how to create it and where we can add the XML Sitemap in WordPress. In this following post you will know “How to Create XML Sitemap for WordPress”

XML: Extensible Markup Language

Create XML Sitemap By Using WordPress Plugins

There are lots of Plugins by which you can create XML Sitemap and I can make easy for you, no need of search. Just use Plugin mentioned below :-

Friendly Tip : You should only use one XML Sitemap plugin at a time, the list we are giving is for reference for all users and readers and we are not responsible for the conflicts, if you don’t follow what we advice.

1. XML Sitemap:


This Plugin is very simple to use, no coding and editing. Just you want to do is download this Plugin and you are done. It will create Sitemap automatically.

Download XML Sitemap Plugin

2. BWP XML Sitemap:


BWP XML Sitemap which stand for Better WordPress XML Sitemap that comes with lot of features in which one of the most great option is to create XML Sitemap, you can generate Sitemaps more than 50,000, no limit at all.

Download BWP XML Sitemap Plugin

3. WordPress SEO By Yoast  ~ Most Popular and Recommended


This Plugin is not only for SEO, but also help you to creating XML Sitemap within seconds, its very easy to use, just you have to add plugins named as SEO By Yoast and look out for the option XML Sitemap.

Download SEO By Yoast Plugin

4. Google Sitemap Plugin:


Google Sitemap Plugin allow you to add a Sitemap only to Google Webmaster tools, you can create and add it within a few period of time. So, this Plugin is also good for creating Sitemap.

Download Google Sitemap Plugin

5. All in One Webmaster:


Another popular and famous Plugin named as All in One Webmaster where you can create Sitemap, and besides this it also give a option to add meta tags for different services from Google.

Download All in One Webmaster Plugin

6. Google XML Sitemap ~ Most Popular and Recommended


This Plugin is top in the list and provide you easiest form to create XML Sitemap and it is rated 5 out of 5 by 3000 user and using this Plugin is also a simple task, once you have installed the Plugin, you are just required to build Sitemap for first time, it will maintained Sitemap itself.

Download Google XML Sitemap Plugin

Useful Related Tips

  • We recommend you to choose Google XML Sitemap, XML SitemapSEO By Yoast, plugin because SEO by Yoast is  loaded with multiple function and here you can also create your Sitemap within a short period of time.
  • XML-Sitemaps are not necessary to create but are very helpful to help search engines finds all the relevant content and pages on your website. Moreover, you can also create HTML Sitemaps for a good user navigation.
  • In case, you are not using WordPress, then you can also use this PHP Script – Sitemap Generator for WordPress (Google Sitemap), it creates Sitemap based on your directory and also works with WordPress.