WordPress Tags & Categories are important feature to categorize, find and display the content how you want to represent it to your readers and help them to navigate to your site using these Menus. But there is a lot of confusion among all WordPress webmasters and they just create, delete and put anything in their categories and tags and focus only on writing content.

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This is bad for SEO in many aspects, as it will change your WordPress permalinks, category slugs, bad navigation, lost page rank and other serious issues like duplicate content and keyword spamming (if wordpress tags are not understood correctly.)

This is a very basic tutorial for WordPress, as we promised to provide every small detail to help newbie bloggers entering into the world of professional blogging.  We have already written two fantastic articles explaining about WordPress Tags and Categories, which you can read from below:-


How to Insert Post in Categories

When you all know about the Categories, then why not to insert in Post, So insert your Post in Categories just in few seconds. Here’s the tutorial step by step.

Step: 1 The very first step is to login to your WordPress account and enter the Username and Password.


Step : 2 After that you redirect to dashboard of your WordPress, and in the left side you see a option named as “Posts” click on it, then you found some sub menu option like All Posts, Add New, Categories, Tags. Go to All posts and click on add new button after that complete your p0st.


Step:3 After completing it, check for the option named as “Categories” which is on right hand side of your page. Tick your categories and publish your post. When you check the new post which was published by you are in the same category marked by you.


You could also add new category by filling “Name” which is a heading of category and don’t write about the description of Category after that press the button named as “Add New Category” marked in blue and you are done.

How to Insert Tags in Posts

Its very simple to add tags in your post. All you need to focus on “Title of Post” which generates tags and make some sense. So, here’s the following steps to insert tags in posts.

Step:1 Log in to your WordPress account and enter the Username and Password as shown in below image.


Step:2 Now, after that complete your post, select your category, then come to tags which are right hand side of your dashboard like same shown in the below image.


Step:3 Add tags related to your post(always write with commas for example Car,bike, bicycle,)and click on Add button. The Tags get added in the entire list.

You can also use “Choose from the most used tags” which means the entire Tag which was updated by you comes in that list.