If you are Using WordPress for your blog or website, then you might already know about some of most powerful free WordPress Plugins and one of them is “JetPack WordPress Plugin” by the WordPress Development Team itself. This plugins comes loaded with Tons of features and works seamlessly with both types of WordPress – WordPress.org and WordPress.Com

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Adding and installing a plugin is a easy task like you cut a pie from a cake.


We all use WordPress for different purposes to share valuable information, write awesome content and share knowledge with others.  In this article I’d tell you about “Jetpack”  and also provide advantages & disadvantages about Jetpack. Many of you don’t know about Jetpack and its cool features, why we should prefer Jetpack, its  importance and many more. So, lets start learning about the Installation, configuration and function of using “Jetpack” WordPress Plugin.

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is unquestionably one of the most useful Plugin for beginners and professionals in the platform of WordPress. Jetpack is developed by Automattic and loaded with lot of features and a whole lot more modules in it. Don’t get confused in it, It is a single Plugin which provides the power to WordPress. It is a toolbox that contains mini Plugins which boost your WordPress website or blog. Jetpack include many modules which give self hosted users of WordPress. Some Modules are like :

  • WordPress stats

  • Contact Form

  • Shortcode Embeds

  • Extra Sidebar Widgets

  • Sharing

What you like to Download 30 Plugins one by one or choose 1 Plugin which have all qualities and features same like 30 Plugins. I Choose the 1 Plugin and Am confident you’d also love to choose 1 Plugin i.e JETPACK.

With their latest update, they have introduced Ominsearch– a combined search engine within WordPress that searches your site’s content and has a ability to add more search engines using filters.


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How to Install Jetpack in WordPress

Step: 1 To install it go to Plugins, add new and type Jetpack into the search box. See the screenshot below.


Step:2 Now, click on the Jetpack and install it (in my case it is automatically installed).


Step: 3 Once you have got the Plugin activated, it will create its own dashboard and navigation bar menu section right at the top, click on it and you will be redirected to same page shown in the below screenshot.


Step: 4 Congrats, you have installed the Plugin successfully, now enjoy the features of Jetpack.

Jetpack Important Modules

There are so many modules in Jetpack where some are necessary to activate and some were not, depending upon what you are looking for. But today, I would clear your this problem also, which modules do you really need and why?

According to my point of view, select such modules which is important to boost your website and blog and remember always don’t activate more Plugins in Jetpack because it leads to speed slow of website and blog.

Contact Form 


This module gives your website or blog a simple to use contact form that you can edit. This type of features is provided by Jetpack. There is a button on edit screen named as Add Contact Form. When you click on it, you can edit the fields, add, delete. And after completing the details then insert the form into post or page. Also read : How to Add a Contact Form to your WordPress Contact Page.



Publicize is very important module that will automatically ping your social services like Facebook,  Twitter and many more. Talking about the current status of Publicize which supports Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr and Yahoo connections.

Jetpack Comments:


This is Jetpack comments which is not compatible with some themes for example theme named as “Prophoto” does not allow Jetpack comments. Its very easy features for the users and to navigate them. Without Jetpack comments, readers are required to fill the name, website and email address while commenting.

WP.ME Shortlinks: 


WP.ME shortlinks module cleans up your URLs . Its nice to have a short little link that’s compact and short. It also create a custom URL for every post. I recommend you to choose this option, and its very easy to access, all you have to do is click on “Get Shortlink” which is upper side of your post page.

Mobile Theme: 


Mobile theme is very interesting and catchy modules in Jetpack, having a lot of advantages. By adding this module visitors can open your site in smartphone. It gives a simplified look on smartphones. Beneficial for the readers.

Spelling and Grammar:


It gives you a power to help you avoid grammar and spelling mistake. When you have completed the post just hit this button to get a full review of your post. So, this is a great option for the editors and mark this on important modules.

Site Stats:


If you are confused in Google Analytics then prefer this option which is very simple and tell accurate visitors and you have the advantage to see the pageview, content count and much more. Once it is activated, you can click on Jetpack then Site stats to see visitors on your website or blogs.



This module allows you to share your content on famous and popular website like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumble upon, Reddit, and many more. The icons gets attached automatically in bottom of the posts and pages like same shown in the above image.

I think that its quite sufficient module list in Jetpack, which should be activated & deactivated on Jetpack. It can create a great dignity to website or blogs and also helps the visitors to navigate.

So, enjoy the Jetpack in WordPress and supercharge your WordPress blog, if you have any query Please write below in the comment box.

Related Useful Tips

There is no need for activating all plugins in your jetpack. We recommend you to deactivate these below mentioned modules and use them only if you needed them. These plugins are helpful for specific functionality and are provided for average and advanced users of WordPress.

  • Likes
  • Beautiful math
  • Custom CSS
  • Infinte Scroll
  • Monitors
  • Notifications
  • Markdown
  • Jetpack Single Sign on
  • VideoPress
  • Site Verification