Creating an Image Sitemap and submitting it to Google is the most preferred and efficient way to rapidly hike the search engine optimization (SEO) in the category of Image search.

As we all know that remembering a visual content is quiet easy than remembering a speech or voice communication. Therefore, Images in the long run play a very crucial role in the ranking of a website in the search results. Image Sitemap thus amend our results in the Google image results when searches are done by the users and can send tons of free qualified organic traffic to your website.


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There are many free sitemap generator tools for images to build your image sitemap online for your website. Image sitemap helps the bloggers and owners for SEO to rank their website in the Google searches. There are SEO news which narrates that the Image sitemap are very much beneficial for a website which contains multiple images on each and every page.

Create Image Sitemap Using Ultimate Sitemap Generator

Definitely you need several kinds of sitemap, depending upon your website whether its a podcasting website, audio streaming, images hosting, video site, blog or just any other custom project. With the fast changing SEO Rules and Algorithms, its not very easy to cope up with the latest and best SEO Practices.

Building an Image Sitemap for Good SEO is important for any website that wants to be search engine friendly in eyes of Google. Basically, you can create the sitemap for all your images in two ways. First one is server side php script called “the ultimate sitemap generator”.

The Ultimate Sitemap Generator (~ $16, One time)

The Ultimate Sitemap generator tool is one stop and complete wordpress plugin for all your Sitemap Needs including the sitemap submission to google, yahoo and bing.

Ultimate Sitemap Generator

It creates and processes all Url directory structure inside your website and generates sitemap in various formats like Xml, Text and Gz.Create many file types (XML, Text and GZ).

  • Include images in sitemap.
  • Auto generate URLs from website’s database by database tools.
  • Auto Scan for URLs by URL scanner tool.
  • Crone jobs codes generator.
  • Website robots editor.
  • Report mail.
  • Detailed analysis (generation time,spent time and charts).
  • Easy backup/restore data.

Download the Ultimate Sitemap Generator here

How to Create Images Sitemap Using WordPress Plugins

Well, if you are using WordPress for your website/blog, then its super simple for you to create an image based sitemap in the next 5 minutes for free.

1. Xml Sitemaps for Images

Step 1. Making a sitemap using a WordPress Plugin is like drinking a glass of water. Just Install the plugin as we have done before and your job is done.

Note: Read this out to learn how to install a Plugin automatically and manually.

Step 2After the proper installation of the plugin now visit your website Dashboard to check out the installed plugin.

Step 3To check out the plugin navigate to ‘Tools’ section and click on the ‘Image Sitemap’. After the click you will be directed to a new page.


Step 4. Now on the page you will find a button ‘Generate Image sitemap’, click on the button to generate your Image sitemap in just few seconds.


After that you will find the message of successful generation of the XML sitemap.


Note: Where to find your generated Image Sitemap ? or Where’s the sitemap file stored ?

Simple answer to the question is to look for the sitemap-image.xml file in your blog’s root folder.

The URL to check out your Image Sitemap is mentioned below :

{ }

Once you have created your own Image Sitemap, its the time to submit it to Google. Now to Submit the sitemap to Google is also an easygoing task. Usually search engine Bots or web crawlers can automatically detect the Sitemap which would be definitely placed in the root folder of your website but for better impression, Submitting the sitemap manually to Google helps you to increment your trust in the search engine.

Using Google Webmaster Tools you can submit your sitemap to the search engine. Just Login to your Webmaster Dashboard. Look out for Sitemaps in your Dashboard and using that submit it to Google.

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2. Udinra All Image Sitemap


Udinra Image sitemap is really a very nice WordPress plugin for the creation of Image sitemap for the search engines. The key feature of the plugin is that it automatically generates the sitemap and and pings it to Google, Bing and

Features of Udinra All Image Sitemap:

The features of the plugin are really very amazing loaded with many automated options. Lets check them out.

  • Simple, Straightforward and Swift plugin.
  • Automates the process of Image Sitemap generation.
  • Pings search engines like Google, Bing, Ask.
  • Updates all the new added contents.
  • Generates all Image sitemap tags.
  • Supports Featured Images option.


1. Visit your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Plugins section.

2. In the section go to Add New > Search “Udinra All image sitemap” > Install

3. After installing click on the ‘Activate Plugin link’.

4. Now go to Settings > Udinra Image sitemap.

5. On the directed page check and select all the boxes mentioned there ( acc. to your choice).

6. Now just click on the ‘Create Sitemap’.

After few minutes you will be able to access your Image sitemap in the WordPress root directory. You can also check your sitemap using the URL mentioned a bit above. After checking out your sitemap, its time to submit it to search engines using Webmaster Tools.

Udinra All image sitemap is available free of cost but you can also purchase the Premium Pro version of the plugin. It will offer many more new features. It just costs $25 not a big amount to spend for. Give the plugin a try and learn about the plugin some more.

According to Experts a Blogger or Pod-caster must not delay in creating a Sitemap either manually or using Plugins in WordPress. Its a must task to help search engines to index your content as soon as possible. So be quick and be alert.

Related Useful Tips

  1. To generate Sitemap Offline you can use A1 Sitemap Generator, as its a desktop application for the generation of Sitemaps. The application is available for 31 days trial. You can also purchase the full version of the software only at $70.
  2. Learn a bit about Robot.txt file so as to submit the sitemap automatically with the help of web crawlers or Google Bots that handles all the content.
  3. Too much Images on a single page can decrease your Page Speed and therefore, you will loose visitors as no one likes pages which keeps on loading and loading. Please use only informative images and not just those images which are simply converted from Texts into Images.