Creating a website Sitemaps Manually gives acceleration to your Website and offers the search engines like Google, yahoo, bing a way to find all your content and index it in their search engines. Its a win-win situation for both the webmaster as well the search engines as Webmaster needs traffic for his website and Search Engines are always looking to find new content that they can add to its billions of other pages.

You want to rank fast, get noticed in the search engines, needs a lot of free organic traffic, then Sitemaps is the tool you should look for.

 Sitemaps play a crucial role in the development of a Blog/Website. It boosts the SEO of a website in a rapid pace. So the creation or generation of a Sitemap is very important and a simple straightforward Process.


Creating a Sitemap manually is the best option a user can do to manage his Blog/Website. Usually passionate administrators do make there own Sitemap by using plugins, extensions and similar scripts that scans Url’s on the server.

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Making a Sitemap online is sometimes handy when you are not using a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or other similar. There are plenty of trusted websites, products and online services that you can use to generate your website sitemap manually and submit your xml-sitemap to Search Engines for free.

Let’s check out how ?

Sitemap Example 1: Create Sitemap using XML-Sitemap Generator Tool Online

  1. On the very first step just visit the XML-Sitemaps website ( any other you like) to generate a Sitemap online.
  2. Then on the homepage you will find a form to be filled up manually. Fill the form with appropriate information like the URL of the website for which you are generating the Sitemap and all other optional info.
  3. Now click on the START button and wait for few minutes so that the site could be crawled by the crawler. ( see the below screenshot to get a clear shot).
  4. Sitemap_generate
  5. After that the you will be directed to the page where you will find all the details of the Sitemap like number of total pages, XML file content, broken links list and a link to a Sitemap file.
  6. Now click on the link to download the Sitemap file.
  7. Now an important step arrives that is to Upload the downloaded file into the Domain root folder of your website.
  8. After uploading, just go to Google Websmaster or any other ( Bing, Yahoo) to submit your Sitemap URL.

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Sitemap Example 2: Xml Sitemap Generator Tool Online

  1. First step first: Visit the website XML Sitemap to generate a Sitemap. The website is a tool to generate XML Sitemap free of cost.
  2. Scroll down to fill the form for the sitemap. All information must be genuine regarding the website. Fill your website address in the first column.
  3. Enter the Date, Email address,then click on the I agree to the terms & condition and finally fill the CAPTCHA shown in the box. ( Its your choice to fill the other extra information).
  4. You can click on the More settings ( Optional not Mandatory ) button for other advance options where you can Add filters to exclude folders from your sitemap ( Its Optional ).
  5. Now just click on the Generate Sitemap to process your Sitemap. It would take time depending on your websites data.
  6. generate-XML-sitemap
  7. After a while you will directed to page where you will find ‘Sitemap is processing‘. Be patient and wait for a few minutes, they will mail your Sitemap in the Email ID provided.
  8. sitemap-process
  9. After few minutes you will see a message ‘Sitemap is ready’ , Download your sitemap from the link provided and you are done.
  10. sitemap-ready
  11. After that just submit your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools for better crawling of the website.

Sitemap Example 3:

The 3rd tool which I want to recommend to everyone is the Google Sitemap Generator, don’t confuse this tool with Google as it is only a third party tool hosted on google cloud and according to which,

“Google Sitemap Generator is a tool installed on your web server to generate the Sitemaps automatically. Unlike many other third party Sitemap generation tools, Google Sitemap Generator takes a different approach: it will monitor your web server traffic, and detect updates to your website automatically.”

The main and the important features of Google Sitemap Generator are:

  • Make a sitemap based on your web server traffic, files and server logs.
  • Creation of very effective Sitemaps used by many of the search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • Easy filtering of URLs, links  and accessible configuration of settings.
  • Automated calculation of meta data like modified time and frequency changes.
  • Very impressive feature is the automatic submission of sitemaps for Web search.

Note: Read out all the Website Sitemap Generators based on :

1. Server-side programs:

  • Google Sitemap Generator.
  • Python sitemap generator.
  • Simple Sitemaps.
  • Sitemap Generator for OS/2.

2. CMS and Other Plugins:

  • Drupal.
  • Dotclear.
  • Mediawiki sitemap generator.
  • OS commerce.
  • Rapid Weaver.
  • Text pattern.
  • Wikka Wiki.
  • vBulletin.

3. Downloadable Tools:

  • GWebCrawler & Sitemap Creator (Windows)
  • G-Mapper.
  • Site Map Pro (Windows).
  • Sitemap Writer (Windows).
  • Sorrowmans Sitemap Tools (Windows).
  • TheSiteMapper (Windows).
  • Vigos Gsitemap (Windows).
  • Visual SEO Studio (Windows).
  • Weblight.
  • Inspyder Sitemap Generator (Windows).

4. Online Service:

  • Sitemap Generator.
  • AutoMapIt.
  • Autositemap.
  • ScriptSocket Sitemap Generator.
  • SeoUtility Sitemap Generator (Italian).
  • SitemapDoc.
  • Smart-IT-Consulting Google Sitemaps XML Validator.
  • XML Sitemap Generator.

Sitemap is must for a website to rank well in the search engines. Must a try any of the above mentioned method to generate a sitemap for your website/blog.

Related Useful Tips

You can also visit Sitemapdoc to create a sitemap online. In sitemapdoc you can also edit your existing sitemap using their online tools.

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