Welcome BlogFruit Readers ! Since we are writing great piece of content everyday, we have decided to Pick the Best Content every month and feature the best articles from all categories to showcase in a single article. The reason why we followed this approach is to help our readers so that if someone missed an important and fantastic piece of content from us, one can read and know directly from this article.

Blogfruit_Best Picks January

January 2015 Blogfruit Article Statistics

In the month of January, we published 18 articles which is pretty low, but again we have written alot of decent articles in these. All of these articles are fully SEO Optimized , Mobile Friendly and are checked against the quality guidelines by the Senior Editors of our website.

Blogfruit January 2015 Best Article Picks

1. Most Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks 2015

WordPress theme frameworks gained a huge popularity as the core of the WordPress in these frameworks always remains the same and a developer has to only modify the child themes. The most popular theme frameworks according to the market share are :-

  • Thesis Themes
  • Genesis Themes
  • Canvas Theme Framework
  • iThemes Builder
  • Elegant Theme Framework
  • Swift Theme Framework

Basically, a theme framework in WordPress is coded on its own style by different team of developers depending upon the features they want to offer without the need of Installing a lot of plugins that slows down your WordPress Website. For a lightening Fast Website, we recommend using “Bluehost or Hostgator Web Hosting”.

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2. Tons of Sitemap Generation Articles

When i was a beginner in blogging, I was always suffered from low traffic, no indexing and other problems like Sitemap Generation. This month, we created a hell lot of information about the different types of sitemap like XML-Sitemaps, HTML Sitemaps, Video and  Image Sitemaps (Multimedia) and off-course how to submit your sitemap to search engines.

An XML-Sitemap is useful for Search Engines to find and index your content while an HTML Sitemap helps users to find content on your website. You can check out our HTML Sitemap here. We have also included a guide if your website is not using WordPress, which is not so often as WordPress is pre-dominantly the leader of CMS Market Share. For those, who don’t have wordpress Installed on their website, they can create their sitemaps online using the Sitemap Generation Tools by reading this article.

3. Most Popular WordPress eCommerce Frameworks 2015

With the highest growth in the eCommerce sector in the last 5 years and the cross platform availability of websites in form of android and iOS Apps lead the WordPress and interests a lot of WordPress developers to come up with eCommerce Solutions as wordpress theme frameworks. The market leader is fairly “WooCommerce” platform followed by Cart66 and JigoShop. Currently,

eCommerce is a $220 billion industry, growing at almost 20 percent per year according to the SocialTimes. Start your own Online Venture right away with WordPress and start making sales online and make this year the next big thing in your life.

4. WordPress JetPack The Only Plugin that Reduced the 9 Plugins from BlogFruit

PageSpeed is a major SEO Factor from last 2 years and Google loves those websites who opens up fast as they provide a delightful customer experience. WordPress without Plugins is like a empty room with a blog feature. Its the WordPress plugins that extends the functionality of the blog and can provide any feature you can think off.

WordPress Jetpack is the only plugin that includes with tons of different features like Contact Forms, Mobile Site, Shortlinks, Site Monitor, Site Statistics, Custom CSS, beautiful math, infinite scroll, videopress, single sign on WordPress.com, Site Verification and more.

Installing more than 20 plugins is usually not a good practice for your blog as this might impact a lot on your Website Speed, which is a major factor nowadays to drive more traffic to your website. WordPress Jetpack usually do’s what it says – SuperCharging a Website by reducing the need of other similar plugins with their own CSS Files and javascripts.

5. Articles on SEO Basics and Best SEO Practices

Search Engine Optimization is something that Google considers about 200 ranking factors to rank a website in the top search results. Learning SEO is an art and on-going efforts and process that one can improve over time to implement the best SEO Practices for their website. In the month of january 2015, Blogfruit has written and focussed more on the On-Page Search Engine Optimization Tactics and written great piece of contents :-

1. Starting with SEO Diagnosis – we have written the article on broken links checker with the information on fixing all the outdated links and how to remove them and get no penalty from search engines for bad links.

2. The top 3 factors in driving tons of visitors and natural organic traffic in On-page Seo Practices are – <Title> Tags , Meta Description and Keyword Research. We have deeply researched and organized all three with best Search Engine Optimization Tactics, which you can read from below :-

6. Our Best Article of this Month – January 2015

Bringing the Best List of SEO Firefox Addons/SEO Extensions for Mozilla Firefox Browser to maximize your SEO Efforts in 2015 by sorting the seo addons into the following criteria : On-Page SEO, Complete SEO, Backlinks Checker, SEO Diagnosis, Competitor Analysis, Social Analysis and more. I researched personally for more than 3 hours to bring this list and this article is ranking #1 for many keywords that is driving a good quality traffic to our website.

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