Finding a good domain name is not easy nowadays because of the fast growing Internet users everyday, but there is always scope to find good domain names for your next Startup, Company or just a simple blog. Getting a perfect domain name can be a lot frustrating if you don’t know what to look and what tools to use. One more sure fact is if you don’t buy Premium domain names, then chances are you might not be able to find one word .com domain for sure.

Choosing a right domain name can make or break your Initial Identity. Choosing a bad name for your business or start-up will take you down. But a wise domain name will not only be easy to remember but also people will likely to share more if it matches with what you do.

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The most saturated niches in domain names so far i have discovered ever is “Health Niche”. I searched for hours initially but couldn’t even managed to find a good one or two word domain name. The reason is not only the growing internet users/subscribers but also the ever increasing demand of “Domain Brokers” or such similar companies like Sedo, enom, namecheap and Godaddy, the largest domain network. Therefore, I started looking for plenty of tips and tools to find your Perfect Domain Name for your Business in Few Minutes.

things to keep in mind

Things to Keep in Mind Before Registering your Domain Name

  1. Type of Organization : Identify your Company/Start-up/Blog type : Organization, Individual, LLC, Pvt. Ltd. Decide if you are a non-profit, who wants to go with .org (stands for organization) or an international entity who wants to establish the business.
  2. New Business or Established :Are you a new business or established business who wants to expand their business online. Knowing this will help you decide whether you need a name that can be branded or you need keyword rich domain based on your Products.
  3. Targeted Country or Internationalization :Choose between International or Country Specific Domain Name. If you want to target only a specific country, let’s say USA or Canada or Germany or India then always go with the country specific domain name as they tends to do better in the local search engines like for Canada, for India and for Germany. But also make sure that you own the .com , .net and .org version of your Company, otherwise you will be in trouble.
  4. Customer : Decide your target market and where is your customer. This is important measure if you want to include some customer specific term or wants to target any specific industry to attract a small group of customers. Then, you can include the keyword terms into your domain name.
  5. Legal Stuff : Check your domain against Copyrights and other such issues like patented terms/names. Never ever include a big brand or a company’s name in your domain by adding prefixes and suffix or you will end up in loosing your domain and sometimes even more legal stuff like paying penalties under the Brand Name Protection and Copyright Act.
  6. Choose the Domain Extension Type : Which domain extension is best for your Business : .COM / .net / .org or some gTLD (Generic Top Level Domains.) If you want to target international market i.e Global Market, then the best possible choice will be choose only from these three : COM / NET /ORG. A lot of domain brokers, domain registrars will say that it doesn’t matter much, but believe me – it will be huge loss for your business as customer always types in these and when they finds some suspicious like .cc . coco or other funny names, they won’t trust you much.
  7. New or Used Domains : Check out the Freshness of your Domain Name on : Whether its first time registration, or someone used it in past and spammed it and then set it to expire.Some domain registrars sells you back the expired domain names after their owner no longer needs them or may be that website is penalized by search engines for several reasons. Make sure that the website address has never been used in the past.
  8. Spam Check : Check your next domain name against the possible Spam in the past. Always search for your company name before you register so that you will see either no results or results with Spam Detection Sites like : WOT, Site Advisor or something similar service.
  9. Brand Protection : Protect your brand by registering the additional domains of other country extensions, even if you are targeting International country. Always register all the domains (COM/ORG/NET) to brand protect your business.

Once you take care of all these stuff, you are now good to go to use the set of awesome domain name generator tools to find your perfect domain in minutes for your next big Start-up.

Keyword Rich Domain Vs Brand’able Domain Name

After you take care of all important things to keep in mind. Now, second thing is to decide what kind of business or startup or blog or service you are going to offer. If you want to target some specific market related to any niche like health, technology, automobiles, travel or similar then having a keyword inside your domain will help you boost your search engine rankings and you will be ahead of competition.

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If you are looking for a long term Project that you want to take to the next big level in a year or two, then always go for brandable domain so you can switch to any niche or industry when you want to. For Example :

A domain like can go and restricts only to health niche and will perform much better in Health niche only, and you can’t extend it to technology or tour, travel niche because of its name. Therefore, in that case, you need to look for any random names like wikihow, lifehacker, mashable, blogfruit or something similar by brainstorming.

Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Before you start trying any of the domain name generation tools, I personally recommend you to bring a piece of pen and paper to write down your few main ideas and keywords on the paper.

How to Generate Domain Ideas within Yourself

  1. Brainstorm : Brainstorm a list of main keyword ideas around your business or company name and see what are your products and what you sells.
  2. Root Word : Identify the Root Word of your Domain and see how much of this word describes what you want to do with your business and if it matches and makes sense with your business name.
  3. Add Words : Use Prefixes and Suffixes to add to your Root Terms to generate ideas for your start-up name.
  4. Wordify : Combine your Products and words and try to adjust their names and generate ideas from there.
  5. Analyze Competition : Analyze your competition to what domain names they are using for and which extensions they have chosen for their identity.


Domain Name Suggestion Tool


Domain Name Tools

Features and Description
1. DomainTyper  The simple and the best manual domain name tool or domain suggestions generator. As you type in, it will show you availability. Just type in your domain name, add prefix and suffix and it will tell you instantly if the domain is available or not.
2.  Namemesh  Namemesh is my 2nd favourite tool after the domaintyper. Namemesh is a perfect domain name generator based on various criterias like – popular domian extensions, new domain TLD’s, mixing with prefix and suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, thesauras, dictionary and much more. A highly recommended tool.
3.  Domainsbot  Domainsbot is a simple but great tool for finding domains with lots of new extensions and TLD’s (top level domains) that are normally not offered by domain name registrars. Just put in your keyword and it will help you to find the best and shortest possible domain name to help your find your domain as well as search for same domain name in other extensions.
4. NameTumbler   With NameTumbler, you can create a huge lists of keyword-rich, generic domain names and check their availability.
5.  Panabee  Panabee is a free domain name/business name/app name or company name suggestion tool that works on the philosophy of putting two words and find the top and best domain names based on/ derived from phonemes, syllables, abbreviations, suffixes, prefixes, and popular domain trends. Panabee can also be used to search for the Social Media Usernames, overall its a great tool to generate lots of domain ideas.
6. BustAName   You can still find good domain name> The BustAName tool does exactly what it says. The domain hunting problem is ever increasing , but if you combine several words around your business and put them in this tool, it will blow your mind and suggest you several domain ideas based on your current business theme.
7.  A useful too if you are looking to find domain names in the most occupied domain name space viz. .com, .net, .org and .tv, .cc
8.  DomainR  A Simple tool to help you quickly check the most popular domain names extensions by searching your keyword inside their toolbox. Domainr helps you find the perfect name for your company or project by exploring the entire domain name space beyond the ubiquitous and crowded .com, .net and .org and searches for approximately 1500+ TLD’s.
9.  LeanDomainSearch  Lean Domain Search is awesome tool to help you generate thousands of great domain ideas by combining words altogether in just seconds.
10. A great .com domain search tool that combines words, nouns, adjectives and other criteria to explore and look for the unregistered .com domain ideas. Very good tool for international targeting and .com finder.
11.   NameBoy  A simple tool to look for good ideas for your company or startup based on your primary and secondary keyword idea.
12.  NameStation  You need a log in to access the Namestation domain name generation service. Find your perfect Name ideas for startups, businesses, apps, brands n more.

 Related Useful Tips

  • EuroDNS  – Another Domain Registrar that looks for upto 600+ different domain extensions for you and tells you which extensions are available for your next business.
  • NameStall – Another Great tool to look for new and fresh, premium domain names by combining kewords, domain suggestions, domain name generator and brainstorming your ideas. I must say, give this tool a try.

Hope you are able to Find the Perfect Name for your Business. If you find this helpful, then help us share the world> Please share it on your Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and Google++.