The secret behind the success for quality Search Engine Optimization is to have a good hands on the SEO steps and SEO techniques. Basically, optimizing your website, app or business for search engine traffic (SEO) is a defined set of criteria and rules that if you are in this criteria, you will naturally receive tons of free organic traffic from google, yahoo, bing and ask and more.


The answer is Simple.  Paid Advertising is costly and every big dog in the Internet market needs Sales and Traffic. So, if you want to increase your Sales without spending much on Advertising, then SEO is the only thing that matters most to your Online Business and Presence. ~ Rahul Gupta (Founder, Blogfruit)

For each and every blog proper SEO plays a very close by role to get ranked well in the search engines.

If you want to top the Google search results you definitely have do amazing SEO on your part. To do ultimate SEO for your posts there is an urgent need to learn all about SEO basics.

To earn the respect of the search engines and to generate a huge amount of readers every newbie have to learn SEO tips and techniques.

SEO which is mainly Categorized into two parts- on page SEO and Off page SEO . Just take a preview of on- page seo and off-page seo in the below screenshot. Don’t forget to read about its Advantages.


According to Blogfruit

 “SEO is like a recharge coupon if you are able to scratch it properly then you will definitely find some fruitful results in terms of Sales and Traffic.”

Now to hit the top pages of the Google ( or any other) then you must have to know about SEO basic steps tips and tricks which are really very easy to work on.

Why don’t you try this awesome video: Best and Basic SEO By Matt Cutts

The simple and straightforward search engine optimization guide can really help you give a boost to your Blog in the Google search results. Now, lets move to the improvement of SEO rank.

Steps to Improve Search Engines Rankings

People always keep searching on How to improve rank and PR of website, which are a major factor in SEO. The answer lies in the Keyword Research. This is the most dominant factor that drives Traffic, Sales and Ranks for your website, if you understood correctly and implemented it properly. To know about Keyword Basics : Go Here

Asking the question is very easy but searching the solution is not that easy as it look a like and talking about the SEO  which has nearly 200 tricks and several other tips which could turn beginners into the SEO expert within a limited period of time.



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There are various method and functions of SEO to increase rank of the website and not much people follow these steps, but this is wrong if you are blogger then you must follow SEO steps to observe fast improvement in your blog or website.

In this present scenario SEO is the cutting edge platform for all the SEO expert. Due to latest panda and Penguin update from Google the thumb of rule and policy has been changed, they present a odd task for the user like articles must have 1500+ words so that Google can crawl it easily and many more.

Now read such steps and keep following steps to improve your Rankings.

1. Post Fresh Content Daily

This is the most common factor for improving rank of website or blog. Just post fresh content daily and do not copy from anywhere Google is strictly against it, and daily update your website or blog by posting one or two post which boost your rank and traffic.

  • Try this method for writing a good post: Click here

2. Guest Blogging 

Guest Blogging is the another tool for improving your site rank, and there are lots of Guest Blogging on the internet. I am a big fan of Guest blogging and also recommend you to start it. Guest Blogging not only improved ranking but also you get some knowledge on different modules and topic.

3. Keyword Research 

It is most important and common factor of SEO. With a keyword research you try to find which keyword or phrases people are using, just use the keyword tool like Google Keyword Planner, Uber, etc. It is the good technique to generate traffic to your website.

4. Link Building 

Links increase the authority and reliability of a website or blog. The total number of Links matters a lot but it is more important that where did it comes from. Just focus on quality not on quantity. Try to make a link from good PR and high rank.

5. Social Media Strategy  

Social Media strategy also important for SEO, share your post on Facebook, Twitter and mainly on Google Plus, and linkedin because Google Plus gives you more advantages for promoting your product and linkedin is so much engaged with the peoples. So, this one also a good option for improving your rank.

6. Video Promotion

By adding video in your post makes easily to rank in Google’s first page and  you could also add your videos by creating yourself otherwise go with the famous video sites like Youtube, Vimeo etc. Just search for your query and paste the embeded code in your post, it makes easy for the users.

Basic Tips for SEO


There is lot of difference in Basic and Beginner, and having a experience in Basic of SEO is job of every blogger. Beginner is the person who must have a interest to learn new things in the specific field and if you grab the skills of basic SEO techniques and tips then that day is not so far, when you got to see some serious results with your business and can laugh on your competitors.

These following steps which are mentioned below is like a ABC of SEO, very simple to understand and easy to work on.

So, Look out such steps which is called Basic Tips of SEO.

1. Meta Title Tag Optimization

You have to be sure you are filing the Meta Title, where you can write heading of your Post and try to make it unique and eye catchy, so search engine can crawl it very easily. If you copy the heading from another website or blog then search engine gets confused what to show in search result, So try to make it different and unique. It is under the Post section.



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2. Meta Description

In Meta Description you have to write short bio of your Post, where maximum limit of words are 160 and you have to fill this option for better SEO and clear description is so important because once you get listed in Search Engine results page(SERP), you want to convince user that your result is better than the ones above and it is the basic steps of SEO.

3. Meta Keywords


This is the most researched and hottest debatable topic in SEO Industry. Nearly, most companies stopped using Meta Keywords Tag because of a lot of Spamming and Keyword Stuffing . But still, its worth to know and nice to understand about it. The Keywords with the high potential are the ones with a high search volume but with low competition. Use both keywords long tail keywords and short keywords both are important in different aspect of field, most searches are not 1 keyword long but they are 2, 3 or even 4 keyword long and it is also important to analyze the website of your competitors in order to discover new keywords to target. So, always write keywords to boost your SEO.

4. Use h1, h2, h3 Tags


If you write a post, and look out a option for h1, h2, h3 which performs a big role in SEO. If you use such tags in your post, it merges in search engine by another heading. There are six different headings, from h1 to h6 and all are good in their specific role. So, use such tags in your post.

5. Interlink your Page


Many people confused in this point what to interlink, but always remember interlink pages of your own website. By doing this you could also engaged your visitor on your website or blog and its a very easy to access and make sure  user can easily navigate to every valuable section of your website. Its a surefire fact, that google gives more priority if bounce rate is less for any website and the visitors finds your content important , nice to share and get’s the appropriate information in what they are looking for.

6. Add “Alt Tag” for Images


Tagging your website’s image gives you an opportunity to explain to Google what the images are about and where did it comes from? and adding “Alt Tags” in images are also easy like you cut a Piece of cake. Depending on the subject of the website, this may bring you visitors through Google image search. Now a days In each and every post its mandatory to add pictures and by adding “Alt Tag” you can make those pictures valuable.

7. Creating XML and HTML Sitemaps


Search Engine use the XML sitemap protocol so it is critical that your website contains an XML sitemap. After creating it try to submit on famous and popular search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more so that all of the website’s content crawled easily and yes it is to be updated and re-submitted when you add new page and post in your website or blog.

8. Build links


Normally, the Search Giant – Google says, don’t build links, instead focus on creating valuable content with good information that people are willing to share by themselves and wants to link to your content. But, It is very important factor of ranking, create links from the popular and famous blog or website but don’t forget not to make link from that site who has not good rank and PR. Quality matter a lot in link building and there are many ways to build a link, you can go with Guest Blogging, contest and commenting. This option is also great for SEO. This is very vast topic and can’t be covered in this article. But surely, we will write a detailed tutorial on this.

9. Social Media


Social Media is a good option for the newbies, you can found a lot of traffic by sharing on such websites and you can promote your website or blog by simply login in it. Get your site on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and especially on Google+ most reliable for promoting. Not only you will get faster indexing, but you are building a network and public relations and most people spends a considerable amount of time online, therefore you have more chances to share great content that can be spread like viral.

10. Permalink Optimization

Permalink is nothing but a short name for Permanent Link for your Url. Avoid the stop words like is, am, are, has, have, that, this, those, many, more, some, and , or words like that.
Read more on how to optimize the permalinks for good seo results.

How can you Monitor SEO ?


It is common question asked by the newbie and fresher where we can track our SEO but not to fear every question has answer if you have passion. So, the two important tool which we recommend you to track your SEO.

1. Google Analytics

The popular and free tool, use Google Analytics to learn more about the visitors to your website like from which medium they come to your site and all and this will help you learn what keywords you should be targeting with your SEO campaign. This tool has several benefits, So start using Google Analytics for monitoring your SEO.

2. Authority Labs

Create a free account and you can use this tool for a 30 days but if you like this tool and want to work on it then don’t fear to spend some money on this tool. Use this tool to check and track keywords ranking for your website so you can see if they are moving up in search result. It is also a good option to check SEO and know where you are making a mistake.

There are many sites like,,  which also help you to check and track SEO of your website or blog.

You can also download free extensions and SEO software for your browser or desktop which gives you the plenty of  SEO features same like SEO Company does.

SEO Plugin Discovery Section 

Check the Plugins for WordPress which are helpful for boosting your website SEOs and install it to learn SEO within a short time.

1. WordPress SEO By Yoast

2. SEO By Squirrly

3. SEO Wizard

4. SEO Tools

5. Smart WordPress SEO

6. All in One SEO Pack

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