Attraction in the world of Internet matters a lot. Each and every Blog/Website wants to be attractive, eye catchy and easy to use.

In WordPress attraction means a lot, so the simple way of attracting users is through the Theme and Design. Many simple theme frameworks are developed by the experts for the use in a WordPress Blog/Website. Most popular and most downloaded frameworks are the Genesis and the Thesis Framework. In this tutorial lets see which one is best among the leading two theme frameworks.

Genesis Vs Thesis Theme Framework – Comprehensive Guide


Genesis Theme Framework :


As experts believe Genesis is mostly used and is built for Designers. Facts of the Framework are discussed below:

Design & Customization:

Genesis Framework comes with a set of astonishing Hooks which gives you the entire control of the design,look and pattern of the Blog/Website. It is designed to deliver a full and powerful performance. In the Dashboard of Genesis framework there are many inbuilt, easy and efficient options for a newbie to use. It comprises of many different layouts, breadcrumbs, numeric navigation  and many other features.

Child themes are pre-made in Genesis framework which are easy to use and edit. The best thing of a child theme in Genesis is that the while editing and customizing the theme, the actual framework doesn’t change at all.

Ease of Access:

Genesis is really very easy to use and customize. All the admin Dashboard options are very well defined, which makes it easy for a starter to use Genesis. In Genesis an admin can add any option if he needs, this develops a personal feeling towards a Blog/Website. You can add any extra widgets for fluent functionality of the website.

Adding a sidebar to add just a single click Social sharing buttons is also a cool feature in Genesis. Updating of Genesis framework is also quite easy and a short process.  Genesis is a fast framework as it takes approx 0.6-0.7 seconds to load a page. The access to FTP is also not required in the process of updation. Genesis is really easy to access and customize.

Search Engine Optimization:

Genesis tops the race when it comes to SEO of the Blog/Website. The framework is very well optimized for proper and wide SEO. Use of a plugin for SEO is not required at all. Custom title tags, adding canonical URL for posts, custom meta description, custom keywords etc. are some standard SEO options.Option of redirect URL for redirecting previous posts to any URL is also a awesome feature in Genesis. These options really boost the SEO of the website.

Costing & Pricing:

The Genesis framework costs only $59.95, but if you want child themes with the framework it costs upto $80 (approx). The expensive package lets you use a child theme and the framework to as many website whether it is yours or its of your friend. The Genesis also offers a Pro Plus package which costs upto $330 (approx). In this package you can use all the child themes developed by StudioPress with the awesome framework.

Contact & Support:

The supporting team of the company standing behind matters a lot for a product user. Genesis has a very experienced and professional development team helping out their users any time. Genesis also has a support forum which provides complete support from the experts and the webmasters as well.

Thesis Theme Framework:


According to experts Thesis is basically built for programmers who believe in coding and programming but this doesn’t mean that non-coders can’t use Thesis.

Design & Customization:

Built in custom Hooks provide the admin the unified control over the design and look. Usually Thesis is a bit difficult to customize as it requires a proper knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML. Thesis is based on DIYThemes, which is very powerful and efficient in use.

With Thesis skins you can Drag and Drop beautiful designs from the Dashboard itself. Thesis skins help you make your Blog/website effective and efficient.

The appreciated feature of Thesis is its Virtual Design Template Editor option. A new magazine style layout can also be created in Thesis using teasers.

Ease of Access:

For a Starter using Thesis would be a difficult and tough job. Its not Genesis as it comprises of programming and coding with a expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP, Hooks. A good and experienced coder and handle the Thesis framework quite nicely. The page loading time in Thesis is 0.647 seconds.

Built-in Tools like color picker, golden ratio typography controls etc. gives a Blog/Website great customization and flexibility which benefits the users of Thesis very much. You can now have full control on 404 page content without code.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO of Thesis is very handy and need a lot of praise. SEO is very much flexible with hundreds of powerful features to do. Options like meta tags, custom title tags, meta description, canonical URL, custom body class etc. play a vital role in the expansion of SEO.

Tools like Google Authorship, Markup Schema boosts the SEO part a lot.

Costing & Pricing:

The cost you have to pay to purchase Thesis Personal option pack framework is upto $87 and if you want to buy the Developer option pack framework you would have to pay upto $164. A beneficial option for beginners is in the personal addition of the framework as you can use it only on your own website,with 12 months upgrade option. If you have many websites then Developer option pack is very much beneficial for you.

Contact & supporting:

Thesis also has a very good and reliable support. The development team behind Thesis is always ready to make their users a bit user friendly and provide ultimate support. Thesis forums are also available for all users where they can raise questions and acquire the complete knowledge from the Webmasters sitting there. There are Thesis tutorial for users comfortably on the DIYThemes Forums.

Apart from all the comparison listed above we have to say that both the Frameworks are really the most powerful, advanced Framework system built for WordPress. Most of the generation find Genesis useful and easy to access but using Thesis is also a very different experience. We are also using Thesis Framework, we are really happy and satisfied with the framework and support.

Genesis dominates the race as it is used by people who are in need of eminently professional theme framework. It costs and ease of access takes the framework to the top. “No need of coding” boosts the popularity of Genesis.

Overall Genesis is best for all beginners or expert. Its now on you which you like and find easy.