SEO tools for Google Chrome is a long myth and choosing best and top SEO chrome extension is very hard task.As you all know SEO which defines for  Search Engine Optimization, it is that tool which help you to increase search engine ranks and bring more traffic to your website and blog.

If you are working on SEO, and can’t find where to monitor it then this article is might for you.You all heard about Google Chrome one of my favorite browser, which is a freeware web browser developed by Google.


The browser is very light and had loaded with tons of features and program. You can add various theme background, extensions, bookmarks and many more. If you haven’t tried Google Chrome yet, I recommend you do to so.

Everyone’s looking for a good extensions and tools of SEO which make their work easily and smoothly. If you have the good control over the SEO then there is no barrier for your business and if you are on the platform of WordPress then SEO is quite easy for task.

Now, lets talk about some SEO Tools for Google Chrome Extensions.

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Best SEO Addons for Google Chrome List

1. SEO Site tool


The Seo Site tool is very great for extension, it shows Google Page Rank of the current page, including IP(Internet Protocol) geo location, Whois, SEO Stats, Alexa, Social stats and SEO Tools. It is an all inclusive power house of SEO information. I like this tool very much.

2. Mozbar


The Mozbar is the toolbar which is from MOZ where you can create custom searches, compare link metrics, highlights links and keyword, Domain authority, Page authority and many more. It is also most important and famous marketing analytics tool for SEO.

3. Page Rank Status


Page Rank is an SEO Extension where you can enjoy the features like Domain information, SEO Stats, Traffic Stats, Page information, Link stats, Page speed. It also shows internal and external links of website as a list and marks highlight Do-follow and No-follow links in it.

4. SEO Quake


SEO Quake is a free extension for the chrome browser and it is loaded with lots of features like number of backlinks, number of pages indexed, Domain age, Social stats and many more.

5. Quick SEO


Quick SEO is developed by RankSignals and you can use it to find statistics about the website you’re currently visiting such as the PageRank, Number of Backlinks, Alexa Rank, Whois and more.

6. SEO & Website Analysis


SEO & Website Analysis powered by WooRank gives an incredible report of SEO. The features of this is to show Visitors Stats, Social Monitoring Stats, Mobile Stats, SEO Content, SEO Links, SEO Keywords and many more, really this is superb extension.

7. SEO SERP Workbench


SEO Serp Workbench allow you to check the ranking on the go. Its great when you want to track the SERP(Search Engine Result Page) position of multiple URL’s and it supports multiple countries too. You can quickly check your post and edit the title and description and check how it looks in the SERP.

8. Meta SEO Inspector


Meta SEO Inspector allows the user to inspect the meta data that is present in webpages, invisible during browsing, You can easily locate the HTML Meta tags, XFN tags, No-follow links, canonical attributes, micro-formats etc.

9. Majestic SEO for Chrome Extension


Majestic SEO is a SEO tool extension for Google chrome and supports other browser too. Majestic crawls the whole website and shows the SEO online loaded with features like SEO page rank, SEO rank, and many more. You can easily work through this extension for a better SEO improvement.

10. OptFirst SEO Extension


OptFirst is a professional SEO check tool where you can track website traffic, website back link, and also learn about the valuable information about a website’s SEO, SEM(Search Engine Marketing), Website metrics and more. So, this extension is also a nice option for tracking and monitoring SEO.

11. SEO & Website Analysis


Seo & Website Analysis by Woorank get your SEO report in just a second by using this SEO tool you get a lot of advantage, where you can check SEO authority, SEO links, SEO content and many more. It is known as SEO check tools powered by the Woorank.

12. Bulk SEO Tools


Bulk SEO tools is a cool extension for Google Chrome, here you can analyse seo, website and many more. The features it include are SEO Alexa checker , SEO report, Domain Checker, Whois. It is a good chrome extension with multiple and useful features.

13. SEO Analysis With Seoptimer


Seoptimer analyzes your website by checking the most important on page SEO factor. The feature it include are Whois, SEO Stats, Alexa, Social stats etc. It is quick and simple SEO audit of any webpage.

14. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar


Ahrefs SEO toolbar is also a nice option for checking SEO online, this tool provides you the function like Monitor SEO key metrics for individual pages, domains and inside SERPs. So, you can go with this option also.

15. Shareaholic for Google Chrome


Shareaholic is a tool made for the SEO experts, the function of this tool is to share bookmarks. Mainly it is a small part of SEO and doesn’t perform a major role in SEO but covers a Social Media so, that’s why its in the list.

16. iSEO









iSEO allow you to to do more than the average PageRank checker, Do-follow link etc. It will not give you more features but the unique one’s is a PR check. So, if you want to check PR then download this extension.

Note: I am using Google Chrome for a long decade, and these SEO Extensions would definitely help you but few are also which is not up to dated, so install them by reading their unique description and features.

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 What We Recommend ?

You have plenty of SEO extension for Google Chrome which is useful in their respective field but choosing main and important for your browser is very hard task, but we are here to help you and its our duty to sort out your issue. So, We recommend you to choose such extensions which are beneficial in respective field.

  • SEO Quake
  • Mozbar 
  • SEO & Website Analysis 
  • SEO SERP Workbench
  • Majestic SEO