Premium SEO Pack is the next generation WordPress SEO Plugins and one of the most feature rich and advanced plugin for Professional SEO of your blog.  WordPress Plugins has really made everything easy and fast in WordPress. Talking about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), use of plugins helps to boost the SEO to heights.

WordPress has a wide range of SEO plugins both free and premium. In premium category many websites offer variety of plugins at a reasonable price but after going through “ – a developers community driven website” offering miscellaneous premium plugins at a very fair and affordable price.

premium-seo-pack-plugin offering a very promising premium SEO plugin called the “Premium SEO pack“, developed by the AA-Team, have to say that this plugin is the only contender to compete with Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin.

” The Premium SEO Pack for WordPress is the ultimate tool for optimizing your website for today’s search engines. Premium SEO Pack contains all the features that you would expect to find in dozens of different WordPress plugins, plus it includes unique features that you just cannot find anywhere else.”

This plugin so far is the complete SEO Plugin and is far better than Yoast SEO in terms of making Fully  to rapidly hike the SEO of a website, the site owner must give a try to these plugin. Optimizing a website in minutes is the coolest feature that would definitely attract several users to give a try to this plugin for their website. The plugin has all the necessary things that an owner would possibly need for optimizing the website. A good thing about this is that there is no need of Advance SEO knowledge to use the plugin.

Investing money in Premium SEO pack is a smart and valuable choice. Buying from Codecanyon will fetch you more trust, reliability and support for the plugin. It costs $39 for regular licence of the plugin.

Wasting money in purchasing different SEO plugins is better than Investing in One plugin to enjoy benefits at a very cheap price.

Lets have a look at the impressive features of the plugin a bit more precisely.

Features of Premium SEO pack:

premium-seo-pack-features  premium-seo-pack

1. Mass Optimization:

The plugin is offering a unique, fantastic and the top feature of ‘Mass optimization‘ where you can optimize all pages, posts etc within few clicks of your mouse. Further to encourage the SEO you can check out the auto-detect features like:

  • SEO score, SEO Title
  • Meta description, Meta keywords.
  • Focus keyword.

Boost SEO to an advance level you can use:

  • Meta Robots.
  • Canonical URL
  • Custom Fields.

All the Social settings and stats for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ can be managed in just seconds.

2. Title & Meta:

This module deals with using tags for posts, homepage, categories, custom taxonomies, authors, archives, 404 pages, pagination to setup with

  • Meta keywords.
  • Meta description.
  • Meta robots.
  • Social meta

3. Sitemaps

Sitemap of a website plays a very important role in the SEO of a website.Creating any type of Sitemap is also very easy and fast with this tool.  Using this tool you can not only create a sitemap but can also submit to the search engines right from the Dashboard. 

  • XML/HTML Sitemap.
  • Image sitemap .
  • Video Sitemap.

4. Link Builder:

This feature of the plugin helps in improving the internal link building ability for different posts of the website. With this plugin you can automatically publish links using predefined list of keywords and URLs. You just have to create a list of keywords and URLs and insert a keyword and links in the articles would be published automatically.

  • Improves SEO by spreading links.
  • Interlinks different posts with each other.
  • Helpful in the creation of Affiliate Links
  • Improves user’s experience with interlinks.

5. Google Analytics:

Using Google Analytics is also very easy with this plugin. With the plugin you need not have to visit the Google Analytics page every time just Login to your Dashboard and you are there. The plugin helps you keep a track on:

  • Page visits statics.
  • Search Stats.
  • Impact of search engines.
  • Analytics Graph.

6. 404 Monitor:

404 Error pages monitoring and handling has now become very much easy using the plugin. Access all the features from the Dashboard itself like:

  • Check out all the URLs referring visitors to 404 pages.
  • Total hits to redirect a visitor to another page.
  • Maintains the visitors experience at a peak level.
  • Watch out the referrer URL and the User Agent.

7. 301 Link Redirect:

A feature for troubleshooting many problems like redirecting, WordPress permalinks, migration etc. The module has in-built features like:

  • Redirect requests to other pages on your website.
  • Permalink changes.
  • Migrating of an entire WordPress website.
  • Maintains the URL structure of the website.
  • Incoming links will also work efficiently.

8. SEO Friendly Images:

Image Optimization plays a very handy role in the race of SEO of a website. This module very efficiently describes your website’s images to the search engines within a short interval of time. So whenever people searches for the images you are on a forward front.

  • Automatically updates all images with Title attributes.
  • Uses proper ALT text for images.
  • Adds images according to the options set.

9. SERP Tracking:

This module is really very useful to compete with your competitors by keeping a track on your focus keywords. It is a very nice feature provided in the premium SEO pack.

  • Keep an eye on competitors.
  • Keep a track on your rankings.
  • Add Focus Keywords.
  • Access custom graphs and filtering options.

10. Media Smushit:

A very impressive feature to optimize websites images in one go using the plugin feature named the Smushit. The module contains benefits like:

  • Optimizing websites images without changing their look.
  • Remove unwanted bytes from images.
  • Saves a lot of space of the server.

Not only these features but there are many more features that definitely will hike and encourage your SEO to a very top level. Some more awful and amazing features are mentioned below.

W3C Validator: Mass checking up of markup ( HTML, XHTML etc.) for pages, posts, custom taxonomies etc.

SEO Slug Optimizer: You can remove all the common words from the slug of your posts or pages.

File Edit: Edit and modify files like robot.txt, .htaccess in seconds. Without the use of plugin it is difficult to edit files.

Facebook Planner: Publish your website’s data directly to Facebook page or timeline or groups. Its an advance feature in the field of Social Media Marketing.

Local SEO: Rank your website locally in Google maps using the local SEO module. You can grab local users/customers using the module.

Premium SEO plugin Review:

Looking at the above mentioned features its not a tough task to do. Acquiring such extra ordinary benefits from the plugins in just $39 is not a bad choice. With just a small amount you can have your own SEO factory.

We at Blogfruit are really very much satisfied by the plugin and its modules. Thanks to the developers and to Codecanyon for such a robust plugin fulfilling all the SEO demands under one roof. The plugin in long run will harvest very tasty and ripen fruits.

There are plugins similar to Premium SEO pack like ( Yoast’s WordPress SEO, All in one SEO ) but Premium SEO pack is a bit different and easy to handle from all other premium plugins.

Coming to the most important, ‘Support’, a very healthy and precious support is provided by the AA-Team to their users. The developers look after all the users who are in need anytime. According to the AA-Team, it responds to buyers questions and provide full support through their support system.

Lastly, we want to recommend you to try the Premium SEO pack plugin once for your Blog/Website and boost your SEO to a level you ever have wondered.