The concept of text to speech is pretty well known and old nowadays. Several companies and tech giants including Google provide text to speech API key known as TTS (Text to Speech) where it will read any text you select – louder for you. But, could you possibly imagine if reverse is possible.If there is a Speech to Text tool is developed. How easy the life of bloggers and Content Writer’s will be. But unfortunately, there are not much plugins, software or online tools. This is a field where there are not much developments are done.

Speech to Text WordPress Plugin

We developed the so fantastic tools and gadgets like Microsoft Holo lens, Android, Apple iOS Devices, Rockets, missiles and much complex stuff like going to other planets, but it appears like we have missed some of very basic things like “Speech to Text” tool  or API Key for it.

In fact, this can be a great concept for all and save hours of time of Content Creators, bloggers and SEO who had to type each and every single word and tons of paragraphs everyday.

But its never late, I found a WordPress Plugin – Speech to Text, which do what it says. The bloggers or users don’t need to type anything. Its well integrated inside the wordpress admin dashboard and shows you Speech to Text options when you are writing a new post. This wonderful Text to Speech WP plugin can do wonders if more development goes on in this field.

How Speech to Text WordPress Plugin Works :

When you are writing your new post, the new post page will show you a new feature right below your content area, something similar to this as shown below :

Speech to Text


How to Write Content in WordPress Without Typing

  • This plugin is very useful to adding posts content without typing.
  • You can speak and after stop that contents will added into post’s editor part.
  • This functionality works only in Chrome.

This plugin actually needs improvement and there is only one reason , I am writing this article is to spread some awareness about this plugin so that some more developers contribute in this field and make the Online world a better and faster way to write content.

Click Here to Download : Speech to Text WordPress Plugin

Let us know if you liked this plugin or not. Share your views, reviews and we will send these reviews directly to the developer and ask him to support this development.