SEO which abbreviate Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer which are the process of improving visibility of a website. One of the most important aspect about SEO is “making website easy for users and Search Engine robots“. By using powerful tools in SEO, you can easily increase your Alexa Rank, PR(Page Rank) etc. SEO is not a big deal if you concentrate on some part of SEO, which give you organic traffic within a short period of time. 


If you search anything on internet related “How To” then the role of SEO’s come and bring forward all articles in your search engine but in this case the site who has good PR and Alexa Rank comes first page of Google. In SEO, ranks matters a lot and Google had declared 200 SEO Ranking factor which is really a giant list. In this post I’ve mentioned about the basics SEO and their components. Please Read carefully…

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a Search Engine’s natural or organic search result is well known as SEO.

Keyword Basics  | Keyword Research Complete Guide

Natural: If you add a direct URL and enter in website is well known as Natural search.

Organic: If you search any keyword on Search Engine is known as Organic Search.


SEO is very much essential tool for the website and it is really important for the website owners.

People follow a different phenomena SEO for their websites and many of them also take a help of experts who are well qualified in SEO tactics but in this case you have to lose some penny. So, better learn it.

There are two major components of SEO: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On-Page SEO


It refers to the setting you apply on the website, so that it is optimized for search engines and talking about the WordPress where SEO Plugins are in tons with extra and ordinary features. You can use following tips which are mentioned below, these tips would help you for creating excellent on-page SEO.

On-Page SEO Tips

Off-Page SEO  Best Practices


It refers to your website’s overall authority on the web determined by what other websites say about your site and it’s totally based on linking and all. By using Off Page SEO you could increase your website rank and PR. Just use such tips for creating admirable off-page SEO.

Off-Page Tips

  • Use Keywords in link anchor text.
  • One way inbound link.
  • Try to make links in website with High PR
  • Use Government and Education sites
  • Discover Untapped Keywords

Advantage of using On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO


This is a question which comes in every mind while reading this post why should I use On-page and Off Page SEO, but not to worry, that’s why am here, to clear your all queries related to SEO. First in this I’ll explore about On-Page SEO afterword Off-Page SEO. So, Lets begin….

On-Page SEO Advantages

1. Page Title It is most important factor of on-Page SEO, Each Pages and Post should have unique and different style. So think about it and write in different style. For Example WordPress Categories Vs WordPress Tags: What to Use and When, title is different and antique if you configure it.

2. Meta Description In Meta Description you have to write short para about your post in 160 words. Also important factor of on-Page SEO. Lets take a example of Meta Description, Suppose your heading post is Best WordPress Plugins to Stop Spam Comments: 2015 then in Meta Description write short bio of your post like “The ultimate list of WordPress Plugins to fight against Spam Comments in 2015. Say goodbye to Spam Comments in WordPress forever with the plugins Akismet, anti-spam bee and more”

3. Meta Tags For each of your pages and post, you can include set of keywords in the form of Meta tags, and this should be related to your post and pages. For Example suppose you have the post like How to Add, Edit Images & Videos in WordPress: Media, then you can use such Meta Tags like add images in WordPress, add videos in WordPress posts, WordPress media and etc.

4. URL Structure In URL structure which  includes search engine friendly URL’s of each of your page. It bring better and superior crawling, so it’s not that important factor but yes its on your choice. For Example: In this post“How to Publish Posts in WordPress via E-mail: Post by Email” where URL Structure are in the form of

5. Image Optimized Optimize your each and every image because it matters a lot, and by using ALT and title Tags, the image name can also be optimized. For example in my case, if you have images on SEO then in ALT image you should write “” where your website get promoted by using image also.

6. Internal Linking Placing links to your other website pages, is a great way of improving your site. It is most powerful weapon of SEO. For example: If reader search on search engine What are RSS Feeds and How to Use RSS Feed in WordPress. always remember interlinks your post to related one only so that if reader reading your post they can also know extra and related features of RSS Feeds.

7. Text Formatting In text formatting when you are writing your post, you should take break while writing and make a more heading and paragraphs to make it easier for users/visitors. These section can be given headings like h1, h2, h3 and many more. By using this, your site get crawled in Search Engine easily.

Off-Page SEO Advantages

1. Social Media Now a days People are often busy in Social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. There are a lot of traffic in such websites and you can promote your website or blog by simply login in it. Simple and easy form to make link and promote your site.

2. Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking is yet another tool for promoting your website. Just Google Social Bookmarking sites and you found lots. Popular and famous Social Bookmarking sites like Reddit, Propeller, Digg, StumbleUponSubmit you latest blog and publish it here, you get lot more traffic from here and people would also know about your site.

3. Link Exchange Beware of Black Hats while doing exchange, here you can exchange links of your website to another website, that can help increase your link popularity which is a major factor of Google’s Page Rank Algorithm. This one is also best to use.

4. Article Submission In this Article Submission, write articles relate to your own website and make it submit on famous sites like Dmoz, Ezine, Go articles, and many more but don’t forget to read the rules and regulation of such websites.

5. Forums Forum one of the easy and important SEO factor, just find online forum and get involved in it. Try to find the answers, reply to person, solve problems and yes use Do follow forums where you can add your site link as a signature.

6. Video Promotion Make video and submit to Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and many more. Just write reviews and features of your product. This one also helps in Off-Page SEO.

7. Directory Submission Directory Submission is very helpful for creating Off- Page SEO, search Directory Submission sites like Dmoz, Yahoo, Pegasus and many more. Submit your sites into such websites and one more thing nowadays many web directories offers a premium listing.

8. Search Engine Submission You can submit your site on different Search Engine Submission, popular Search Engine Submission sites like Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo and many more.

9. Commenting: By Commenting on other websites, you get a Backlink for your website, which is very easy form to get Backlinks, and try to comment on High PR which affects a lot.

Why SEO is Necessary for Website or Blog?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) where you can make your product popular to millions of people just in seconds, but only if you know about basic SEO. It is the way you adjust your site so that Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more will rank your website or blog higher than other, if you have good rank then impression of people are also nice. In order to be successful making money from blogging you need search engine traffic as per rules and regulation, If your site is not coming in first page of Google and other major search engine then you should start SEO. Now, it is clear why SEO is important for blog or website.

Use such tips and techniques, for making perfect SEO, and on both “On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO”. I think I have covered most important part of SEO, if I missed your favourite one’s, then don’t forget to comment below and write your review.

Related Useful Tips

Also read about SMO, SEM, SMM which are also same like SEO and perform a differ function.

SMO:- Search Media Optimization

SMO increases the visibility of your social media profiles, your social networking activity and your published content so that it is found by people searching for information and resources that relate to your content.

 SEM:- Search Engine Marketing

The use of online advertising on Search Engine result page to help visitors find your website. It is a form of internet marketing where you advertise your product.

SMM:- Social Media Marketing

SMM is similar to SMO, it is the process of using paid advertising to develop your customer reach and increase your brand. It involves paid advertising through social media networks.