Categories are cool feature in WordPress to assign and categorize your posts in WordPress. Categories also helps users to filter content based on categories and provides a clean navigation to the users interest in particular topic. But what about those whose website has lots of Pages and what if they need the Categories feature for Pages as well. You can also create sub-categories and make use of tags to further display your posts in different navigation menu. BUT ????

How would it be if you can actually use those Categories and Tags for your Pages as well. Unfortunately, this is not a default feature by WordPress, but now you can do it with the use of Post Tags and Categories for Pages WordPress Plugin. 

How to Enable Categories & Tags for Pages in WordPress

This is a very simple plugins but works like charm that Adds the built in WordPress categories and tags to your pages.

Post Tags and Categories for Pages adds the stock WordPress categories for all of your pages. Pages will show up in the stock WordPress archive queries.

This WILL NOT add any display of categories or tags to your template files. There are simply to many ways that things could be displayed in a theme so we don’t do it. If you need to add this then look at using WordPress functions like the_category() and other category or tag function supplied in WordPress.

Simply Install and activate this WordPress plugin and you will see the categories section in your WordPress Dashboard when you are creating new pages in WordPress.
There is a general saying in SEO World that WordPress Pages ranks better than WordPress Categories. Therefore, users can also use those categorized pages for their best content and make it more appealing, SEO-Friendly for better results.

Check out this plugin :

Download Plugin :–> Post Tags and Categories for Pages

Try it and if you like it, do let us know how unique you have used up this feature.