Thesis WordPress theme is the eventual tool for building websites. If you are looking for best and reliable skins then there’s no doubt, Thesis is perfect choice.

Thesis is powerful theme framework which is SEO optimized, and highly optimized for loading time. If you power your website with the Thesis Theme Framework, there is powerful but often under used, feature called the Thesis Feature box which is really awesome.



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More WordPress bloggers use thesis theme which was developed by Chris Pearson by their extra ordinary qualities and features. For end users, customizing thesis theme might not be that easy, so you can always grab available skin from the market.

Without taking your much time, lets take a tour of best Thesis skins for your WordPress Blog or Website.

35+ Top & Best THESIS THEMES/SKINS For WordPress

1. Quik Thesis skin (Magazine)


Quik is clean, magazine style skins foe thesis loaded with several features which is compatible with every new user. It is perfect for every blog and website. This skin comes with a featured slider, Magazine style layout and it’s full- responsive skin.

The evident features of Quik Magazine Style Thesis skin.

  • Responsive Design
  • Multiple Article Sliders
  • JQuery Background Slideshow
  • Customizable Front Page
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Landing Page template

Live Preview of Quik Click here

2. Forb Skin (Magazine)

Forb Skin-blogfruit

Forb skin is very awesome skin in various field as you can see in above picture. The features you get in this skin are Business, Latest News, Travel, Sports, Technology, Featured and many more. It is really assured and reliable for the users. Take a full look of this theme by clicking on click here button which is shown below.

Features of Forb Skin

  • Passed in Google Page speed
  • Browser Compatibility
  • 100% HTML 5 Supported
  • 1 Year Unlimited updates and support

For Live Preview of Forb Skin- Click here

3. Mash skin (Magazine)


Mash skin is gorgeous, flexible and responsive thesis skin that will make your blog or website look great. It is perfect choice who are looking for Magazine skins. It comes with admin panel options, home page slider, landing page template and many more.

Features of Mash Skin

  • Archives Page Template
  • Single Page Template
  • 100 % HTML 5 Validation
  • Mash Social media Box
  • Read more Box
  • Author Box

For Live Demo- Click here

4. Thesis Magazine 2 Skin (Magazine)


Magazine 2 is stylish and responsive premium thesis skin for 2.1 version for news and magazine websites. It was built with performance oriented code architecture and clean design to ensure viewer’s focus on the content.

Features of Thesis Magazine 2 Skin

  • Responsive and Stylish
  • Page Template
  • Oriented Code
  • Compatible with every Browser

For Live Demo of Thesis skin Magazine 2Click here

5. Newszine Skin (Magazine)


Newszine Skin loaded with multi features and cool design. It has built in review system with many color option available, You can take a look by clicking on Click here button.

Features of Newszine Skin

  • Opt in Slider
  • Newszine Logo box
  • Author Box
  • Social Media Box

Take a Live Preview Click here

6. Thesis M-Blog Skin (Magazine)

Mblog Skin-blogfruit

Magazine Blog skin feature rich premium WordPress thesis skin. By using its drag and drop builder you can have fun creating a unique homepage & easily make modification to it. This minimal skin is perfect for blogs, magazine and news sites.

Features of Thesis M-Blog Skins

  • Browser Compatibility
  • Perfect in Google Page Speed
  • Read more Box
  • Navigation Box

For Live Preview– Click here

7. Thesis Magazine 1 Skin (Magazine)

Magazine 1-blogfruit

Thesis Magazine 1 Skin is well designed clean and stylish magazine skin for thesis theme for technology related blogs. This skin has a attractive look with weird shapes making it unique look for your blog or website.

Features of Magazine 1 Skin

  • Designed Well
  • Logo Box
  • Google Search Box
  • Thesis Attribution Box

For Live PreviewClick here

8. News Magazine (Magazine)

News Skin-blogfruit

News Magazine a brand new responsive thesis skin with minimalist design best suited for news magazine sites. You can enjoy the friendly features which make this skin extra ordinary.

Awesome Features of News Magazine

  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Updates
  • 100 % CSS Validation
  • Top Ad Box

For Live DemoClick here

9. Thesis Potfo Skin (Portfolio)


Thesis Potfo Skin is best for the Photographers who want to show their creativity and innovation. It is really nice thesis potfo skin with limited competition.

Features of Thesis Potfo Skin

  • Front Page Template
  • Related Box
  • Skin Search
  • Skin Social

Live PreviewClick here

10. Shoppez Skin (Woocommerce & Magazine)


The Shoppez Thesis WordPress Theme skin is an option available for the online sellers as it is compatible with WordPress Woo-commerce plugin and hence they can sell their stuff easily and it is one of the Magazine skins. You can change all the font families, colors and sizes of your own by going to Skin Design section and by configuring it.

The advanced features of Shoppez skin 

  • CSS Validation Supported
  •  100% HTML 5  Supported
  • Fully responsive for every media screen
  • Social and Welcome Bar
  • Slider and Read more option

For Live PreviewClick here

11. Thesis Kartkop Skin (WooCommerce)


Thesis Kartkop Skin is a beautiful, responsive and customizable thesis skin for blog or website. If you are thinking for the e-commerce then don’t forget to overlook through this theme.

Features of Thesis Kartkop Skin

  • Blog Page Template
  • Single Page Template
  • Page Navigation
  • Kartkop Slider

Just take a live previewClick here

12. Thesis Woocommerce Skin (Woocommerce)

Woo Commerce-blogfruit

Thesis Woocommerce Skin is very momentous skin for a ecommerce platform with a full CSS validation and passed from Google Speed test.

Features of Thesis Woocommerce Skin

  • Three Column Product Box
  • Footer Optin Box
  • Page Navigation
  • Read More
  • Social Box

For Live DemoClick here

 13. Thesis Parallax Skin (Business)


Thesis Parallax Skin comes with one year unlimited support, updates and downloads. This responsive multipurpose skin can be successfully used for the website like car portals, business portals and many more. As WordPress skins are similar to it.

Features of Thesis Parallax Skin

  • Parallax Team Member Box
  • Parallax Client Box
  • Testimonial Page Box
  • Archive Page Template

Take a Live PreviewClick here

14. Thesis Medicare Skin (Business)


Medicare Skin is like the small medical observe where you can manage everything as same like hospital do. This thesis skin could be the best for hospitals, Private doctors, clinics and many more.

Remarkable Features of Thesis Medicare Skin

  • Latest News Box
  • Porfolio Page Box
  • Doctors Page Box
  • Testimonial and Pricing Page Box

Check out the Demo of Medicare SkinClick here

15. Fitness Skin (Business)


Fitness Skin is an option suited for the gym related business blog or website. You can get many multi feature while using this skin.

Features of Fitness Skin 

  • Social Box
  • Gallery and Page Navigation
  • Contact Phone and Clients Box
  • Variable Page Template

For DemoClick here

16. Business 6 Skin (Business)

Business 6-blogfruit

Thesis Business 6 Skin is well designed for Business category, comes with many features like admin panel option, landing page, contact page and many more. So, this skin is also nice option.

Outstanding Features of Business 6 Skin

  • Welcome Box
  • Logo Box
  • News Box
  • Jquery slider Box
  • Testimonial Page Box

Take a Live PreviewClick here

17. Business 5 Skin (Business)

Business 5-blogfruit

Business 5 Skin is flexible business theme suited to showcase a product, service or portfolio. It’s smart and hand crafted environment allows you to build outstanding websites easy and fast.

Features of Business 5 Skin

  • Clients Box
  • Portfolio Page Box
  • Testimonial Page Box
  • Attribution and Social Media Box

For Live Demo- Click here

18. Business 4 Skin (Business)

Business 4-blogfruit

Business 4 skin is a multipurpose option available for bloggers, it is compatible with all browser and you get a unlimited front page template and blog page template which is a great option for this skin.

Features of Business 4 Skin

  • Portfolio Box
  • Feature and Welcome Box
  • Clients Box
  • Jquery Box

For Live DemoClick here

19. Business 3 Skin (Business)

Business 3-blogfruit

Business 3 skin is disgraded version of Business skins which is fully optimized and functionality. CSS and HTML 5 are validate for this skin. You can take a look by clicking on Click here button which is below.

Features of Business 3 Skin

  • Latest News Box
  • Logo Box
  • Call us Box
  • Footer Social Media Box

For Live DemoClick here

20. Business 2 Skin (Business)

Business 2-blogfruit

Business 2 skin is a quality business skin where you can customize it in your way. It has a responsive design and landing page template. Having its own custom widget and very easy to customize.

Features of Business 2 Skin

  • Latest Portfolio Box
  • Thesis Attribution Box
  • Footer Social Media Box
  • Welcome Box

For Live DemoClick here

21. Business 1 Skin (Business)

Business 1-blogfruit

Business 1 skin is another awesome Business Skin where you can manage everything, due to its old upgradation people are shifting to new Business skin 5, 4. This skin is specially designed to make your blogging experience as simple and seamless as possible.

Features of Business 1 Skin

  • Opt-in Box
  • Search Box
  • Copyright Box
  • Slider Bottom Box

For Live DemoClick here

22. Trible Skin (Blog)

Trible Skin-blogfruit

Trible Skin has been yet another blog related Thesis WordPress Theme Skin that has the capability to change your website or blog contingent. It also comes with landing page and and category page template.

Features of Trible Skin

  • About and Author Box
  • Landing and Sidebar Opt in Box
  • Social Media Share and Follow Box
  • Related Post Box

For Live DemoClick here

23. Blo-cer (Blog)


Blo-cer is a minimals, simple and super clean blog skin for thesis them with the focus on readability and very easy to setup. It has clean design and it comes loaded with lots of features to help you take your website to the next level. So, this skin is also nice option when you are seeking for the Blog.

Features of Blo-cer

  • Blog Search Box
  • Blog Related Box
  • Blog Tab Box
  • Blog Logo Box

For Live Demo- Click here

24. Sparkez Skin (Blog)


The Sparkez Skin thesis skin is a multipurpose option available for bloggers out there. The skin is completely responsive to fit any device, lets have a look of Sparkez skin features. 

Features of Sparkez Skin

  • Readmore Box
  • Post optin Box
  • Tab Box
  • Social Box
  • Navigation Box

For Live DemoClick here

25. PinBlog (Blog)

Pin Skin-blogfruit

PinBlog WordPress thesis skin is a great choice to choose if you are working on a blog. It includes many templates and boxes to show your content in a unique manner. This skin is really so nice.

Features of PinBlog

  • Pin Logo Box
  • Pin Popular Box
  • Pin Social Media Box
  • Pin Readmore Box
  • Pin Related Post Box

For Live PreviewClick here

26. Charm Skin (Blog)


Charm skin is built for the comfortableness of Thesis framework users, It has many features which can easily be handled and can be gently implemented by users. This skin will help you develop your blog smartly and would definitely make your blog wonderful. This skin is also especially designed to do better with SEO, Leads & Sales page. It is newly launched and loaded with multi features.

Features of Charm Skin

  • Charm Logo Box
  • Charm Optin Box
  • Charm Author Box
  • Charm Related Box

For Live PreviewClick here

27. Genuine Skin (Blog)

Genuine Skin_blogfruit

Genuine Skin is good thesis skin in the field of blogging, simplify and present your content in a way that is accessible, logical and beautiful. It has loaded with multi features as some are mentioned below.

Features of Genuine Skin

  • Page Navigation Box
  • Thesis Attribution Box
  • Footer Logo Box
  • Back to Top Box

For Live Preview Click here

28. Clever Skin (Blog)

Clever Demo_blogfruit

The Thesis skin is uncompleted with this Clever skin, its compatibility and reliability makes you to attract toward this skin if you are thinking for blogging. Its minimal skins are really nice and beautiful, well designed and clean.

Features of Clever Skin

  • Clever Landing Opt in box
  • Clever About box
  • Clever Author Box
  • Clever Readmore Box
  • Clever Related Post Box

For Live PreviewClick here

29. Splendid Skin (Blog)


Splendid Ski part of WordPress thesis skin and it is really easy to work with this skin. It’s fresh and gorgeous look with friendly features will make your site a standout. So, this one is also a nice option, if you are looking for blog skin.

Features of Splendid Skin

  • Popular Box
  • Optin Box
  • Author Box
  • Page Navigation Box
  • Popular Box

For Live Preview- Click here

30. Color skin (Blog)

Color Skin_blogfruit

Color Skin is a minimal well designed and stylish Blog skin for thesis theme in which you can post anything. This Skin has a attractive look with multi features. You can ready to assist in blogging with this skin.

Features of Color Skin

  • Navigation Box
  • Author Box
  • Landing opt Box
  • Video Box
  • Social Media Follow Box

For Live PreviewClick here

31. Simbl Skin (Blog)

Simbl Skin_blogfruit

Simbl skin allows you to showcase your work the way you want. Best suited for Blogs and content delivering software. Their minimal skins, well designed and clean may attract you towards this theme. SO, if you are thinking for Blogging then don’t forget to have a preview of this theme.

Features of Simbl Skin

  • Search Box
  • Social Media Share Box
  • Author Box
  • Page Navigation Box
  • Squeeze Video Option Box

For Live PreviewClick here

32. Minimalist Skin (Blog)

Minimalist Skin_blogfruit

Minimalist a very clean, minimal thesis theme skin with modern design. Whether you want to give your dusty old blog a new coat of paint or are drowning in a sea posts and categories, Minimalist is here to your rescue. Simplify and present your content in a way that is accessible, logical and beautiful.

Salient Features of Minimalist Skin

  • Post Opt in Box
  • Related Posts Box
  • Author Box
  • Footer Attribution Box
  • Logo Box

For Live Preview- Click here

33. Trendy Skin (Blog)

Trendy Skin_blogfruit

Trendy Skin is also known as blog software, because of their extra multi ordinary features and presentation and this WordPress Skins make remarkable skin in the field of blogging. If you look through their features of this skin which are really really awesome.

Features of Trendy Skin

  • Related Post Box
  • About us Box
  • Logo Box
  • Search Box
  • Landing and Squeeze Page Option Box

For Live Preview- Click Here

34. Media Skin (Magazine)

Magazine 3_blogfruit

Media Skin also known as Magazine 3 a clean and fully responsive skin for news and magazines. This theme is powerful with custom widgets, theme options, unlimited colors, custom sidebar, custom background and much more. Just Look at the preview of this skin, by clicking on Click here button.

Features of Media Skin

  • Jquery Category Posts Slider
  • Center Ad Box
  • Facebook like Box
  • Slidebar Option in Box
  • Thesis Attribution Box

For Live PreviewClick Here

35. Magazine 4 (Magazine)

Magazine 4_blogfruit

Magazine 4 is an easy to use blog skin with flexible layout that looks great on any device rather it is big or small. Magazine 4 is suitable for any kind of blog and website, every beginner and new bie can easily understand their outstanding features.

Features of Magazine 4

  • Category Box
  • Search Box
  • Readmore Box
  • Breadcrumb Box
  • Latest News Box

For Live Preview- Click Here

So, at last wrapping up the post. This best 30+ Thesis skins not only make your mood happy but improve your website’s look too. Don’t forget to tell your favourite skin in comment below box.

Happy to Hear From You… :-)

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