SEO is the most discussed task when building online businesses and requires a considerable amount of time and research for optimizing your website. Bad SEO Service or spam SEO tactics can ruin your business, but if you use Industry standard best Free and Paid SEO Tools which the fortune 500 companies uses, then you are at right place.

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In the field of WordPress, doing on-page SEO is easy as WordPress community is huge and plenty of developers made the WordPress most SEO Friendly and the best market leader CMS in the world. Basically, WordPress is designed SEO Friendly and plugins complete this job even more.

Here is the list of Best Browser Based Tool/Extensions/Plugins :

SEO tools and resources are the main root of the website where you can enjoy extra ordinary features in a bulk quantity and good SEO can rank your website’s up and make reliable for the users. As you all know in this  modern era, the internet is fully loaded with useful SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  news, tips, resources, tools, tactics, black hat SEO etc.

People usually are always confused while conducting their SEO mostly beginners, but in this post I’d tell you about best free SEO tools and resources which could make your website’s SEO up to date and easy to navigate for the users.


There are many best SEO blogs and websites which provide the information related to SEO but we will serve you the up to date information on SEO tips and tricks.

Online Search Engine marketing is like driving a car, if you drive long distance regularly then you get excellent in driving, the same applies in SEO process. The more effort you give in SEO, which not only make you perfect in SEO but also improve your website rank.

Lets, check what Matt Cutt’s says about SEO: 

SEO Tools and Resources 


Before you Start checking out the Greatest SEO Tools for Optimizing your website, if you are using WordPress, then we might suggest you a list of these wordpress plugins to supercharge your website.

1. Majestic SEO


The majestic marketing Search Engine is mainly for SEO Professionals, Media Analysts, Entrepreneurs, Developers. It is best tool to optimize your SEO, where you have to write your website name only and after it you could get the SEO data within a seconds. Majestic SEO analyses your website’s back link profile, and you can also track back link and other strategies followed by your competitors.

2. Uber Suggest


Uber suggest is most useful and popular tool for the SEO, it is not only give you the information about the SEO but also tells  about the Keyword suggestion which is a best part of this tool. It is terrific tool for creating a long tail keywords, specialized in On-page Optimization also.

3. SEO SiteCheckup


SEO SiteCheckup is powerful tool, where you can track the SEO only by writing the name of website, and you can also focused on SEO issues like Meta Tag analyzer, Robot.txt test, Sitemap test, Back link checker and many more. So, this one is also a nice option.

4. SEO Tools By Webconfs

Search Engine Optimization Tools_blogfruit

SEO Tools by Webconfs is not famous but useful tool in the field of SEO, it can manage your SEO in the form of few parts for example if you want to check your Alexa Rank Checker, then enter the domain and find out the result. Likewise you can also enjoy various features in free.

5. SEO Tool Set


This tool can be used to make SEO tasks easier, faster and simpler, and it is priceless too. Bruce Clay has developed this Search Engine Optimization tool, one of the famous SEO Company. You can check On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Server level SEO, etc. 

6. SEO Quake


SEO Quake is a popular and convenient analytic SEO tool and compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. In the analyses, you’ll find out your Google Page Rank, Google Index, Alexa rank etc. The SEO Quake toolbar is easy to install and takes a couple of seconds.

7. Open Site Explorer


Open Site Explorer which is managed by the MOZ which allows you to analyse the first 1000 back links of any domain. For the top 20 you can see more advanced metrics, such as the anchor text used to link to the domain and the page/site authority.

8. WooRank


WooRank is one of my favourite SEO tool, its very easy to use you can track your SEO while using this tool. It gives you to optimize SEO title, description, Google Preview, headings, Keywords cloud, Keywords consistency, alt attribute, In-Page links, Indexed pages and many more. Fully loaded with lot of features and resources.

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9. Web SEO Analytics


Web SEO Analyzer is one of the most powerful tools in the web SEO analytics toolbox, it gives a full SEO report for a particular website or page, analyzes the most important SEO factor that are the used by the Search Engines with all errors and warning that were found during the analysis.

10. Small SEO tool


Small SEO tool has been a leading resource for free tools used by thousands of webmaster, internet marketing consultants and search engine optimization specialists to monitor and improve SERP. This site offer you the tool such as start, monitor and improve your SEO efforts.

11. SEO Toolkit by Microsoft


It is the most popular resource SEO toolkit where you can analyze your website and find ways to boost your number of hits. The SEO toolkit with its detailed analysis and search engine friendly suggestions helps improve the relevance of your website in search result right away.

12. SEO Analyzer


SEO Analyzer by SEO centro is the free service here you can analyze your SEO tool to give webmasters as in depth analysis of the web page on site and off site SEO ranking on a page by page basis. So, this one is also a nice option for you.

13. Tools by SEO Chat


SEO Chat is managed by the developer Shed Network and some experts which is also a nice tool in the field of SEO, the option you get in this tool is Page comparison, Page Keyword Density Analysis, Indexed pages, Keyword Cloud tool and many more.

14. Ninja SEO tool


Ninja SEO tool provides you the information on keyword positioning tool, bulk PA DA Checker, Mass Ping Tool, MozRank Checker and many more. Enjoy the advanced SEO without losing money.

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 Premium SEO Tools and Resources


1. Semrush 


Semrush which is a nice option for collecting a site SEO, and the advantage of using this tool is you can check your competitor SEO just entering the name only and talking about the prices and plans of this module is little bit expensive, PRO pack is for $69.95 per month, Guru pack $149.95 per month and Business pack $549.95 Per month.

2. Authority Labs 


Authority labs is a premium tool for SEO which lets you track website rankings in search engine and automate your campaign monitoring, local rank tracking and competitor tracking. The price of this tool is $49 per month with a 30 day free trial.

3. SEO Clarity


Clarity is also a nice option when you are searching for premium SEO tools which can provide you a relevant information about the SEO and talking about the price plan which is very costly $1,999 per month.

4.Raven Tool


It comes with many features and advantage, and the price of this tool is also not so expensive, just have to spend $99 per month and also you could get a 30 day free trial.

5. Web CEO 


Web Ceo is a web based SEO software that provide you with a comprehensive set of tools for website search engine optimization. It meets the demand for SEO with all consumer. Web SEO features included such as SEO Audit, Social Metrics, Link Building, Market Analytics etc. Just sign up and start seeking SEO.

6. Moz Pro


It is a nice tool for SEO where you can see the social media, site audit and web analytics that can help your search engine visibility and the price starts at $99 per month with a 30 day free trial .

7. Hubspot 


Hubspot is also a nice choice for the SEO tools in premium ones, it gives everything you need to do with internet marketing with social aspects to search engine optimisation, and the price of this tool is $200 per month with a 30 day free trial.

SEO For Startups:

SEO Software to Download


You could also enjoy the SEO software by downloading in your laptop and desktop, these can perform a same function like SEO online do, the popular and major tool are SEO Powersuite, Traffic Travis, All SEO Software and many more. Its not hard to find but keep in mind you have to loose some Dollars for buying these kind of software,  where some are free and some are not. So, Lets have a look on some tools.

1. SEOStudio


  SEO Studio is one of the most powerful free SEO software that comes with many useful function and tools which can help you to increase website traffic and improve search engine ranking easily and the best option about this tool is its a free of cost, you can download full version on your laptop and personal computer.

2. Rankquest SEO toolbar


 Rankquest SEO toolbar helps user to track rank and website information in very convenient way. By using this tool you get a lot of advantages which helps you in many ways. It is very easy to understand and communicate, so install this tool which is not a premium tool.

3. SEO Software 


SEO Software is a free software application tool for tracking SEO techniques and analysis, it is easy to install and after installing you can enjoy the various features. So, go with it if you are seeking SEO software for your desktop and laptops.

4. TrafficTravis


 TrafficTravis is 0ne of the most powerful SEO tool which is loaded with various qualities and features. It can be used free of cost, it can help you to increase web traffic, site performance, Keyword checker and many more.

5. Rankaware


Rankaware is an SEO tool that makes keyword rank checking and monitoring fast and easy. Here you can get accurate data in a free of cost. You can also optimize your website traffic and SERP report, So this option is might for you track you SEO in offline mode.

6. SEO Spyglass


 SEO Spyglass software is a collection of SEO tools to help you position of your webpage at the top of search engine. Here you can enjoy the features like check overall number of back link, site performance, meta tag analyzer etc.

7. SEO PowerSuite


SEO PowerSuite which is used by over 3,00,000 in 153 countries of the world. This tool can provide you latest and up to date information about the Search engine optimization, and this software is free to use and become a SEO expert in just a few days.

Our Recommendation

We should recommend you some tool which are specified in different aspects, lets look on the below table where you find some best tools for SEO Online Tools, SEO Premium Tools and SEO Software(Pc/Laptops) and use your favourite one.

SEO Online Tools SEO Premium Tools  SEO Software(Download)
Majestic SEO SemRush TrafficTravis
SEO Quake MozPro SEO Studio
Open Site Explorer HubSpot Rankaware
WooRank Web CEO SEO Spyglass
Small SEO Tool            –              –

Now, at the end I’d request you all, follow such tools which are mentioned above, this will increase your SEO Rank, Analysis etc and help you to become a SEO Expert. If you find this post beneficial, then don’t forget to comment below, its a appreciation for me.

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Techniques For SEO

  • Implement Branding efforts
  • Optimize your Title Tags
  • Update Site Regularly
  • Set Up Google Analytics
  • Launch Press Release
  • Create Sitemap
  • Build Internal Links between Pages
  • Connect With Social Media

The Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

  • WordPress SEO By Yoast
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • SEO By Squirrly
  • SEO Wizard
  • SEO Ultimate
  • FV Simpler SEO Pack
  • SEO Rank Reporter
  • SEO Smart Links
  • Platinum SEO Pack