Mobile Optimization for a Blog/Website in this modern era has become one of the important task to do after WordPress installation. Easy and effective way to do this is using the WPtouch WordPress plugin.

The Google’s official recommended plugin for WordPress Mobile Website is Wp Touch Plugin. This plugin works seamlessly and converts any website on wordpress into mobile friendly in minutes. Whether you are looking for a separate mobile website or the same website that if fully responsive, then Wp Touch is the perfect solution.

WP Touch Mobile WordPress Plugin




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Guys, just have a check out how your WordPress based website looks in a smartphone if it is not mobile friendly.

Even though you have a very fast, simple and responsive theme but when it comes to smaller screens particularly Mobile phones you are a step behind. There is a must to be fully optimized with mobile friendly environment.

There are many fantastic WordPress plugins that would help you optimize your website for mobile or cell phones.

Now the question arises if all plugins are wonderful then which one to use ?

The answer is hidden in the post…  :-)

To provide a perfect mobile WordPress user experience you just can’t ignore one of the best plugin for a mobile friendly website that is the WPtouch WordPress mobile plugin.

WPtouch is an ultimate WordPress mobile website builder plugin used by more than 5 million blogs to remodel their entire website into mobile version.

WPtouch is a Premium plugin named as WPtouch Pro to use for.

But looking at the demand and for users comfy this plugin is also available free of cost in the Plugins directory but has some limited functions and options as compared to premium.

  • Pricing: The WPtouch Pro WordPress mobile plugin is available only at $49/year.

Let’s have a look on the excellent features of the mobile based plugin.

Features of WPtouch Mobile WordPress Plugin

The plugin has some very wonderful features to look at:

  • Extremely easy to set up the plugin.
  • Fully Mobile based, responsive and fast plugin.
  • Variety of built in and enhanced themes.
  • Easy to switch b/w mobile site and regular website.
  • Rich options of Advertisements
  • Superb Font Control
  • Infinity Cache to make your website fast and efficient
  • Mobile Optimized images suitable for mobile devices
  • Hand to hand support from support team
  • Get the advantage of smart SEO

After looking at the amazing features of the plugin it’s indeed a superb choice for making a site mobile friendly.

Let’s have a walk through all the essentials, configuration and installation of the mobile compatible plugin.


Login to your Dashboard and go to Plugins >> Add New.

Having Trouble: Step by Step guide on plugin installation.

After proper installation and activation now the time comes to check out the usefulness of the plugin.

Basic  Core Settings


Just go to WPtouch > Core Settings.

In the core settings you have various options to configure your website to mobile version.

Set the Site title & Byline acc. to your choice. Then Regionalization is already set to Auto-detect.  You can also manually select the language.

Note: You can also take the help of the ‘info icon’ which is next to some important options to clear your doubt and difficulty to choose in the middle stages. ( the one circled in black)

Now the next section is Display Mode.

In this mode the first step to do is to choose the second option i.e. is the ‘Preview’ to test your mobile site without activating to all the users.

Just browse your website on any smartphone and check out the theme and customization of the mobile site.

There are some more options in the section, to activate it to all users just select on the Normal which activates the plugin for all users. If you want to disable just choose the Disabled to completely switch off the plugin.


Now going to Advanced options of the core settings, choose your Landing Page for the mobile website.

If you want to add custom code in your website just add codes in the Custom Code section.

The effective and very nice option of the plugin for initial testing is the Backup & Import option provided for backing up of WPtouch settings. You can also restore the backup on the later stage.

If you want just click on the Preview Theme button to check out the mobile version of the website.

Now just click on the Save changes button to apply the settings.

WPtouch compatibility settings


In this section you can check out the compatibility factors of your website for the plugin.

Choose the Shortcodes and Ignored URLs to be removed for the betterment of your website.

Custom User-Agents allows you to insert of user-agents beneficial for your blog. More the number of user-agents more the compatibility with mobile devices.

More Info: Learn all about User-Agents and Robots.txt

Now the time arrives to customize the mobile website by changing the theme and extensions.

Choose the perfect Theme


Go to WPtouch >> Themes & Extensions. Choose the theme which you find the best that suits your website. Just click on the install button to install the specific theme.

Read this out: Install a perfect WordPress theme.

Bauhaus is the only available WordPress mobile theme in the free version of the WPtouch mobile plugin.

Note: In the paid version of WPtouch you get access to many themes for your blog.

After that just click on the setup button to activate the theme for your mobile blog.

In the next tab you will find the Extensions, here you will find extensions that will give a boost to your mobile website. Extensions like Mobile Content, Advanced Type, Infinity Cache etc.


Customize your Mobile Friendly Theme

Once you have been done with the selection of theme it’s time to modify the theme with some suitable changes.

Just Go to WPtouch > Theme Settings.


Once you have been redirected to the theme settings page you will find a series of navigation menus to modify the theme.

First tab is the General settings, here you will find basic settings that are specially focused to implement on the Homepage.

No. of posts in the post listings signify the number of posts you want to show on your homepage. Tick the Show featured images on single posts to highlight the featured image.

Coming to the next section that is the Pages, acc. to comfy just select the option and if you want tick the Show Titles on the pages.

The next are the Enable category slider and Enable featured posts slider just enable them for a nice preview of your mobile website to your users.


Now just use the Preview button to preview your theme after the changes. When you find everything comfortable then just click on the Save Changes button.

Note: To revert back all the changes in the settings use the Reset Settings button.

Wonderful Colors and custom logo

Now going to next tab i.e. is the Branding settings, here you have to choose the color for your Themes and also an option to upload Logo. Just complete them as soon as possible.


Going below you will find options for Theme Footer, add custom footer, choose the theme shapes and typography. Coming a bit below you will find Footer Social links.

Add all your Social links in the Footer area. These options are very nice to modify the Header and Footer area.


Conversion of plugin into Mobile App

This is one of the antique feature that WPtouch offers to their users. Using this feature you can convert your website into a Mobile App.

Just go the Bookmark Icons tab and change the icon title to your convenience. Now move a bit down and there you have to upload the icons for Android and also for the iOS mobile devices.


After you upload the icons just navigate to Web-App Mode tab, there you have to check the boxes to enable the plugin for iOS web-app.

Below you can upload your own startup screens in the iPhone startup screen option.

Google Adsense Advertisement

In the next tab you will find the Advertising option. Choose the service ( mostly Google Adsense). After you select just enter your Google Adsense publisher ID and slot ID.

Now choose the location where you want to show Ads and you are done.

After all the above changes you have completed half of your tour using the WPtouch WordPress mobile plugin.

Talking about menus the WordPress plugin also offers an option to modify the menus for display on your mobile website.

Just Go to WPtouch >> Menus.


On the new page you will find three tabs for further customization.

The first one is the Theme Menus, in the following tab you will have to choose between WordPress pages or create a new menu in the Header drop down menu. Now check the Enable parent items as links.

Now let’s move to Icon upload & Sets tab for icon customization.


Upload a custom icon of your choice or go with the default icons designed. You can install the icons sets from the below provided links.

Now after successful uploading you have completed your job of navigation menus customization.

We at Blogfruit are really very much satisfied and pleased with the mobile based plugin as it has transformed and remodeled our website and has made possible to convert our traffic to a very high level.

This at last concludes that WPtouch is one of the best WordPress Mobile plugin to transform any WordPress blog/website into an effective mobile friendly website.