Introducing with the list of best mobile website speed testing tools for checking the page load time of any webpage or website and helps you analyze your mobile website in minutes. This is important because of the Google’s new mobile website algorithm.

The page loading time of a website matters a lot to the users whether it is in desktop website or a mobile website. Faster the loading of a page better the user experience and in the long run it is also better for good SEO.

website speed test tools

There are ways you can improve your website’s page loading time but before you do that just check out how fast and responsive your website really is.

In this post you will learn about the tools and their speed tests, with this you will also get an info of your website’s loading speed and also where & which areas are you lacking behind to have a look at.

Note: The tools mentioned below will provide you the exact speed of the URL or Link whether you are loading it in any smartphone or in computer. If you have a specific URL for your mobile website ( like: than you can check exactly how fast is your website.

The website speed testing tools are:

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

google PageSpeed Insights blogfruit

Google the giant owns really one of the leading and the best tool to test website speed either it is in mobile or in desktop version.

The tool analyzes your entire website and fetches you the entire result with grades after full survey. The tool also suggest you the changes to be made in the website to increase the grade and the score.

According to Google experts -If you reduce the page loading speed or the load time then you certainly would be able to beat the Bounce rate of the website and can also pump up the conversion rates.

In the tool you get a score out of 100 that perfectly suits your website according to Google. Higher your website scores, the better is your website optimization. If there are errors and further fixes than you definitely have to complete them to increase your score.

The tool tests the websites for desktop as well as mobiles. You will get the entire info to deal with the errors and also the info which passed the results.

The tool also tests your website for better user experience and grades you the score accordingly.

So if you have a website and the mobile version of the website then there is a must to apply for the test website speed.

2. YSlow By Yahoo

yslow tool by yahoo

The tool as developed by Yahoo is also one of the best website speed test tool available in the market. Similar to Google’s PageSpeed insights this tool also offers free speed test for any website.

The tool analyzes the entire website from top to down and collects the intact information to judge the page loading time of the website.

The tool is a portable tool available both to download and to add to your browsers.  The extension is available for all the platforms like the Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc. Only because of its compatibility and portability the tool is at a hike in the download list of speed test tools.

The extension after installed and used will generate

  • Grades based on the performance of the website and the page
  • Chart and graph with complete statistics of the page
  • After analysis and generates summary of the page components

When the web page speed test completes, the tool will display you all the fixes and errors to have a look and rectify them. Not only this, the tool also will suggest you tips to optimize the page or the website against the errors generated.

Download the extension from the stores of your web browser and analyze the speed of your webpage.

3. GTMetrix

gtmetrix speed test tool

A fantastic and fully furnished mobile phone speed test tool, it calculates the exact load time of the page. The website speed test tool tests you entire website and certifies your website with the grades accordingly.

The tool has collaboration with the YSlow tool by Yahoo, and that’s why it also checks and certifies your website with the YSlow grades after examining the pagespeed of the website.

The tool is loaded with tons of features to enhance your knowledge about your website PageSpeed and further insights. It offers features like the availability of monitoring tools to monitor your web pages, video playback feature, reporting and other various options.

GTMetrix website speed test tool prepares a history chart of the page load times, page sizes & request count, page speed & YSlow scores etc.

The tool highlights all the errors and the required fixes to eradicate the errors. Just have a look on the errors reported and start working on them to improve your grades.

If a user wants to download the PDF version of the report then this tool lets you do this too.

Thus, this is a tool which will do all what you want regarding page speed insights.

4. WebPageTest

WebPagetest speed testing tool

The name of tool itself symbolizes the web page testing. This online tool is also one of the best and most used tool to calculate the web page speed of any website.

The tool is comprised of many unique and singular features to overcome all other competitors in the market. The tool has a simple and sleek design to make all the things in the reach of users online, in short the tool can be regarded as user friendly tool.

The tool is built to target different countries so features like-specify locations and browsers for the website speed test are introduced to clarify the entire situation for the user.

Chart like the waterfall is an excellent way to depict contents of the website along with screen shots beside. Going below you will find the content breakdown charts and also the repeat view of the page. Also in the performance review tab you can find the checklist of optimization required.

The tool also generates the grades according to the specification of the website on top of the page.

Therefore we have to say that this tool is based and built keeping in mind the users from different countries using different browsers.

Best Visual Tools for Mobile Website Testing

However, if you are looking for tools to analyze your website by visual appearance, then you should consider using some great free online tools like  or .

These two tools will show you how your website looks in mobiles and tablets for different screen widths and different screen css resolutions.

These tools are extremely important as sometimes, the automatic mobile detected tools will only think that the website is mobile, but won’t show what users will see in the actual mobile website. Testing a webpage for mobile website is very useful for a great customer and UX experience.


The above compiled list is the best if you are looking for speed testing tools to test your website. If you go through all the above free website speed testing tools then there is no need to deal with any other.

Although, there are many premium tools like Pingdom and many others, they are best and also offers many effective features if purchased. If you want you can give a try to such tools and see the change.

So, if you find any other tool then do mentioned it in your comments.