Want to yield superb revenue.. then your website has to be Mobile Friendly.

Mobile version of the website is one of the very important point each and every webmaster must surely keep in mind to generate fast revenue.

As Laptops has overtaken computers and pc’s, similarly Mobile devices are also quickly replacing Laptops. Mobiles are used not only used for calling but also for Socializing, Internet surfing, Online shopping, Transactions, bookings and for many other odd jobs.


According to a survey nearly 5 billion people in the world own a mobile phone which is really a huge amount to think of.  Similarly the mobile usage has touched the desktop usage as it has been also calculated from below mentioned statistics.

After the creation of multimedia phones mobile and mobile internet usage has rapidly increased. Smart phones are preferred over laptops and desktops for the purchase of any product online and also for surfing the World Wide Web.

Some important Statistics

( All the data’s are basically carried out by surveys not an exact amount)

  • Out of 10 searches nearly 7 searches are carried out by mobile phones.
  • More 60% of local searches are done by Smart Phones.
  • Half of the youth is busy in Socializing using Mobile phones.
  • Approx, 73% of navigation is carried out using Cell phones.
  • Almost 25% or more mails are opened on smart phones.
  • 70% of traffic buys a product using mobile phones.
  • 75% traffic returns to a mobile compatible website.
  • 20-30 % of Google searches are done on cell phones.

So now it has become very necessary for an online business to be mobile friendly. Mobile compatible websites are ruling the internet industry. There is a requisite demand of mobile friendly site to complete users own demand in one go.

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Let’s dig in and walk through all the reasons-

Why to be Mobile Friendly ?

1. Traffic Matters

After several surveys being conducted it has been predicted that almost One-half i.e. is 50% of traffic is via Mobile phones.

People want everything which is online under there reach in one go so the usage of mobile is skyrocketing. Cellphone is one and only one smallest portable multimedia gadget to carry out all basic need of a common man.

The traffic from mobile is basically from the Android platform followed by iPhone and then other different Operating systems.

2. Google Ranks Mobile Friendly

The search engine giant Google also wants websites to be mobile friendly for good Google rankings as it desires to eliminate out users frustration on only desktop based websites.

Google seems to ask- Is your website Mobile Friendly ?

Google will definitely give more preference to the website which is mobile friendly as it watches out whenever a user makes a search and ranks the website which is mobile friendly to complete the search.

As mentioned by Google in their Blog it states that-

“We see these labels as a first step in helping mobile users to have a better mobile web experience. We are also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal.”

Thus, to be in Google’s area of trust so as to increase your website’s traffic then you definitely have to mobile friendly. It will definitely boost your Mobile SEO in the long run.

You can also use the tool provided by Google to checkout if your website is mobile friendly or not. If you pass this exam then you will receive the mobile friendly badge from Google.

3. Easy to Use Mobile Friendly Websites

A Mobile compatible website has a very nice and fast navigation menu for the convenience of users.

All options are very well streamlined and are in reach of users so as to eradicate all the difficulties from the path of a user.

In present and certainly in future, Mobile responsive design is and will be preferred over desktop view in mobile.

Social Media, E-Commerce, Search Engines, Classifieds etc. do have a very effective mobile friendly platform to takes away the problems from users.

Not only this but many websites have developed their own mobile app to be used in mobile for more comfort. Nearly all MNC’s apps are available on the Android as well as on the iPhone platform.

Note: Mobile App and Mobile Friendly website both are different from each other.

4. Excellent increment of Revenue

Being mobile friendly will definitely hike your earnings in the pocket. The marketing strategy has changed a bit after the concept of mobile friendly sites.

A report from IAB conveys that mobile display Ad revenue has hiked a lot. It has increased to double the time it was before in 2013.

Marketers are looking for new and innovative ways to capture their customers via mobile ads and also by advertisements on mobile apps and on mobile responsive designs.

These has increased the revenue of a webmaster to a huge amount. Now to earn double from mobile display ads you have to be Mobile Friendly.

5. Speed does it all

Mobile versions of websites are faster as compared to desktop version. A mobile friendly site would load within 1 to 2 seconds in the smartphones while it is not possible with the desktop compatible website.

As we all know time is precious so if a user wastes time in loading your page then its for sure that he will kick your website off and would switch to any other.

But if a user finds your website fast and mobile friendly then definitely he would return back to your website to resolve his problem.

So this reason also plays a crucial role in the enhancement of your website among different users.

6. Competitors are a step ahead

Due to the increasing demand of smartphones each and every webmaster who is not able to invest in mobile app has now invested in Mobile friendly platforms.

Near about 90% of big scale enterprises have reforged their business model into mobile friendly environment so as to stand the competition.

Customers and online users are very much dedicated towards those who provides simple and ease of access platform to use, and we know that smartphones are rigorously used so if you are not mobile friendly then your website will induce resistance to your customers.

Smell your competitors and go with the flow to maintain yourself in the Tide of Competition.

7. Mobile Friendly = Low Bounce Rate

Yeah, this is one of the most important issue in this regard as Google always has a look on the Bounce rate of each and every website.

Lower the bounce rate, better the Google rankings.

Bounce rate is basically the time which a user spends on your website, if the user immediately clicks the back button from your website then you will score a high bounce rate, this matters a lot for Google, so to you.

The only solution in this respect is being Mobile-Friendly. Mobile Friendliness will certainly hold you by hand in the decrements of Bounce rate.

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From the above mentioned reason it is now for sure that there is no space for delay in the regards of remodeling yourself to a new arena of competition.

In the future businesses which are mobile friendly and mobile responsive design will survive the wave and those who are not will positively drown down.

Therefore, make sure after reading this you immediately take actions towards the mobile friendly platform.