The time comes to hang out with some of the essential and best tools required for testing our mobile websites whether they are mobile friendly or not. This is one of the staple steps to figure out when you are done with setting up of mobile friendly platform.


As we all know about the Google’s new algorithm and the new update to mobile friendliness. Being mobile friendly now has become one of the necessary commodity to deal with.

So looking at the traffic transforming and remodeling into mobile compatible versions Google, W3C and also some other giants developed tools to test a site whether it is mobile friendly or not.

If you want to test mobile site of your desktop version website there are some professional mobile testing tools. These tools are specially designed to figure out the issues which are missing from a mobile compatible website.

Let’s have a ride on the tools which are on the top of the list..

1. Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool


One of the best and recommended testing tool to test your mobile site mobile ready or not. The tool is developed by Google Developers after looking at the ongoing demand of mobile devices.

The tool is based on a simple test where you just have to insert the URL of your mobile site and the tool will analyze the page according to the algorithms.

Google’s new mobile friendly test tool basically assigns you some grades whether you cleared the test or not. 

The thing you have to do is to just visit the tool at

Now insert the URL in the box and click on Analyze button.


The tool after properly analyzing will let you know whether you qualified the test or not.

The following messages will be displayed by the Google mobile friendly test:

  • Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.  :-) 

It will be displayed when you clear the test and you website is mobile friendly.

  • Not mobile Friendly.  :cry: 

This message will displayed when you fail to qualify the test. Below you will find some of the major issues why you failed the test.

  • The text too small to read
  • Links too close together
  • Content wider than screen

So if you pass then it’s better for you and you will get the passing certificate, but if you fail the Google mobile test then you definitely have to work hard on the issues to clear the test.

If you don’t try then Google will never consider you mobile friendly and this would lead to downfall of you website.

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2. W3C mobileOK Checker


The World Wide Web Consortium is really one of the best website check tool in all regards.

The mobileOK checker tool validates all your web pages and generates the result by analyzing each and every aspect of a website.

It will show you the exact view of your website how it will function in any mobile device. With this tool you can analyze your web coding and also your web developer.

The tool is bit technical and has some very superb options to deal with. If the website checker finds any severe problem while analyzing then it addresses the problem and also the solution to eradicate the problem.

According to W3C mobileOK checker a website or webpage is mobile OK when it clears all tests applied by the tool.

3. mobiReady


A free and fantastic mobile friendly testing tool specially dedicated to test your website. It will determine your website’s mobile friendliness towards all mobile devices.

It basically measures the readiness of web pages and informs you all about the parameters required to enhance your website.

In the mobile friendly test you will be reported about the readiness and you will also get the exact readiness score. In the latest update of the tool you will be updated with the coding languages composed in your website.

For example: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and also the amount of images in your entire website.

This tool will also have a website check on some of the technical factors depending on each and every website like Device Emulators, W3C mobileOK tests, dotMobi compliances etc.

Thus, this tool is spiritually devoted for webmasters, developers, and marketers and also to all newbies in the industry of WordPress.



This mobile friendly tester tool is leader in emulation of mobile sites. This tool is really built on some of the best and advance techniques which are user friendly.

On the home page of the website you have to select any mobile device like the iPhone, HTC, Nokia Lumia or any other basically depending on you on which device you prefer, just select one.

Then you have to insert your website in the search box of the next web page. After that you will be redirected to a new page where you will find the website loading in the mobile device you picked up.

mobiletest-me-mobile-testing-tool mobiletest-me-mobile-friendly-tool

Wow, I really like the feature a lot, if you use the tool then there is no need to go anywhere to check your site as it is showing you your website in all the devices which are trending.

You can also choose the Orientation either portrait or landscape in the options tab. If you want you can also choose the Emulation option either responsive or mobile.

Have to say a very advanced tool based on some superb coding.

The above compiled tools are really the best and the most used tools to check a mobile site whether it is mobile friendly or not.

We have checked our website in all the tools and successfully qualified their test, it means our website is completely mobile friendly and also follows the Google’s new guidelines and algorithm.

In the end I just want to say that just go and check your website in the tools and make further changes to mobilize your website.

If you find any other mobile friendly testing tool then don’t be shy to share with us by just mentioning into your graceful comments.