Looking for the best mobile website builder than you might have to do a very deep and classic research as there is a very tough competition in the field of website building.

A small business basically on the startup’s can’t afford mobile app on the Android or iPhone platforms as they are costly. So, website builders play a very efficient role in solving the problem of these small organization.

Building a mobile website using the mobile website builder is a profitable and a productive step in the field of success.

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Let’s have a look on the best website builders one by one.

1. goMobi

gomobi website builder

Dealing with online mobile website builders than goMobi will definitely top the list as this is a tool that has the capability of building mobile friendly websites online.

The builder is supercharged and powered by dotMobi which makes it possible for the online website builder to prepare a user-friendly mobile platform and provide users a very superb smartphone responsive web experience.

Pros of goMobi

goMobi is really very easy to handle as it has fantastic navigation options to modify and build mobile site. The interface of goMobi is quite easy to utilize for their clients from all over the world.

Looking at the features, goMobi website builder is loaded with many (almost 10) cool mobile website templates to make the mobile site ease of access. The advance feature of the mobile templates is that they can be customized and can be used with some more extra and powerful features.

features of gomobi website builder

The builder has some necessary and important features in-built for more easiness of users like the option of Google Analytics for monitoring and supervising the entire traffic visiting the site. Similarly, tools like the QR codes and online reservation play a handy role in spreading business.

It has the ability to create mobile optimized image galleries and make a showcase of different videos.

Keeping in mind the eCommerce platform there are options to highlight your featured products, you can also avail the facility of comfortable shopping carts to book your products. One click call is one of the core feature introduced by goMobi.

Social Media Integration of goMobi is awesome as there is a possibility of displaying tweets in the mobile website with option like sharing and promoting blogs and posts.

The best and economical feature of the tool is that it is really a cheap deal to trade in. goMobi offers 1-month free trial for users. After 1 month to continue your service you just have to pay $5.95/month.

Cons of goMobi

Basically, goMobi overall is a very nice plugin to trade but each and everything has a dark side, In goMobi the thing lacking is the lack of communication between the users and the company. There is facility of only email communication and no Live chat or Phone calls.

goMobi also has limited built-in mobile website templates.

2. ActiveMobi

activemobi website builder

Want to create or build amazing mobile websites than you will have to go with ActiveMobi mobile website builder.

This online builder is treated as one of the best mobile website builder available in the market. The tool has compiled some of the top features to boost the mobile compatible site. The service provided by ActiveMobi is very unique and highly creative.

Pros of ActiveMobi

Completely built to make users feel at home by enabling some amazing and easy to use features. A small startup business can catch the helping hand offered by ActiveMobi to build a mobile site which has easy to use interface.

Customization is taken to a high level by some extra ordinary content and design pick. In this tool you can modify your entire content with the availability of variety of in-built content widgets.

features of activemobi website builder

For a business to be successful the online mobile website builder has developed some options to benefit the end users. The tool has the feature of Mobile maps for locating your business and business route to get it.

Do use Google Map widget to perfectly set up the route and area with a choice to enable the option of step by step driving directions.

One click to call will be advantageous for any business in the market. This feature along with Click to text buttons just to make sure our customer reach us as soon as possible.

The tool takes a very nice care of images of your website. There is no need of worries about anything regarding images like the format, size, or the weight of an image uploaded, the builder handles it perfectly.

They make it possible for the images to look decent in any of the smartphone and also ensure that the images load faster.

Tracking of web analytics in the online site builder is also possible. Just enable the Google Analytics and remain updated with all insights of the traffic.

Also increase the mobile site traffic using the social sharing widgets and plugins. They all are very easy to use and also to set up.

Cons of ActiveMobi

The drag and drop widget is bit tough to use for newbies as it is meant for experts. The widget needs a bit user friendly module for all users.

3. DudaMobile

dudamobile website builder

DudaMobile has one of the best feature that other builder might have. The website builder makes it possible for users to start a mobile website with the existing content.

Let me explain you:

The DudaMobile website builder has the capability to automatically capture your entire existing website and uses the site’s content to build the new mobile website of your choice. This means there is no need to start from scratch to build a new website.

Pros of DudaMobile

The tool is also capable of making a website using the Social media business pages like the Facebook business page, LinkedIn business page etc. which means you are always a step ahead as compared to your competitors if using DudaMobile website builder.

The mobile website built from the tool is fully functional, fully responsive and completely optimized for the mobile versions. The website built by DudaMobile is not only optimized for mobile but also for the tablets, iPad, desktops etc. almost across smart devices.

features of dudamobile website builder

The mobile website will be fully loaded with different and must widgets for proper functioning of the website. The tool focuses on one click so it has widgets like the Click to Call, Click to Map etc.

They are just one click away from functioning.

The premium version of the website builder will fetch you many wonderful features and you will also be provided with the technical and endless support.

The premium plan starts from $7.20/month. It is quite affordable if you want an advanced and well working mobile friendly site.

Cons of DudaMobile

The site builder is available for premium as well as for free trial.

But as we all know looking for free things will cost you high in the long run. Similarly, using DudaMobile’s free version will cost much as in the free plans there are mobile advertisements pre-loaded. Not only this but also you will lose your domain name.

In DudaMobile website builder’s free plans you will have to use a custom domain name ( like the m.mywebsite.dudamobile.com) to get rid of mobile ads.

4. Weebly

weebly website builder

Weebly is a unique and a perfect website builder for any business whether its a startup or settled, the online builder suits all the type of business.

Millions of blogs have opted and started their business with Weebly and are really satisfied with the service and with the mobile website.

Pros of Weebly

The advance functions of weebly are not only cool but are also easy to use and to implement. Using weebly the website building becomes easier than ever. The website builder focuses on high quality mobile friendly websites and also on the high quality mobile experience.

Loaded with variety of free mobile website templates the tool helps the users to build a nice and beautiful mobile website. With the free website templates you can really enjoy the best flawless mobile experience from any of the smartphones.


Mobile customization and mobile optimization with the Drag and Drop options can make the website building easy to handle. There are options where you can edit and customize mobile website for best user experience in any Android or iPhone platforms.

You can use the free trial of the website builder and after that you have to pay $8/month to avail all the best features of the website builder.

Cons of Weebly

Weebly although a nice builder but it is not good for building blog related websites. Although if you create a blog related website but in the long run you would face problems. Here you can add posts for publish using the Drag and Drop options.

5. MoFuse

mofuse website builder

Mofuse makes it an easy task for webmasters and bloggers to make a mobile website sleek and simple in design with the mobile website designer.

Mofuse will make it easy for you to build a mobile site with their interesting and singular features. MoFuse is basically available for premium but after looking at the features the pricing seems affordable.

Pros of MoFuse

With MoFuse you can build your own mobile sites, mobile custom forms, mobile landing pages etc. The tool is really for easy to use as it is loaded with the all the basics and mandatory information for the users to use. The tool is comprised of many simple website templates for a nice startup.

With Mofuse you can create a very beautiful mobile website with lots of functions to attract users and daily visitors. The Mofuse design and editor tools has a very nice concept of what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) which makes it handy and easy for users to edit and customize.


Mobile analytics are made easy and convenient to use under one roof, where you can track your entire mobile site’s traffic and daily visitors. Just because of easy Integration of Google Analytics in widgets it has become possible.

Same as all it is also available for free trial and build websites but looking at the premium pricing it costs $9/month to build a mobile ready site.

Cons of Mofuse

The online tool lacks some basic features like the simplicity in the website templates, although there are professional website templates in the mobile site builder but they are very basic and quite simple in design.

In eCommerce platform you will also lack with the feature of adding coupons and daily deals.


The above mobile site builders are the best and the top 5 in the internet industry according to my research and experience with the tools.

Although, I liked goMobi the best but these all are the leader in the race of mobile website building.