WPtouch WordPress plugin really has some of the best extensions and addons to deal with the plugin in WordPress.

WordPress extensions really play a very helpful role in the CMS (Content Management System) as they have the capability to add some of the additional and unique features to the website/blog.

wptouch extensions

Similarly, WPtouch the best mobile friendly plugin for mobile optimization has flock of extensions to trade in with the plugin in your CMS. Basically, the extensions of the plugin can also be called as the mini plugins for WPtouch plugin.

The WPtouch extensions take the mobile compatible plugin to the next level because the addons are really very flexible to use and to implement in the site.

One of the wondrous feature of the plugin is that you can install the extensions easily into WPtouch from the WPtouch cloud.

The features of the extension are really very unique and are specific to the compatibility of the website.

Now after all let’s have a run through all the extensions and their benefits one by one.

Infinity Cache

infinity cache wptouch mobile plugin

One of the topper extension of the plugin to tackle with. Infinity cache has the true ability of mobile caching in your mobile ready site.

The extension is said to be 5x faster than all the responsive themes and skins in loading the mobile pages and post in smartphones. This is really a mini-plugin that can be called as swift in its work.

The compatibility of the plugin is so efficient that it can easily compromise and can work alongside with some other caching solutions like the W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache etc.

So, if a webmaster if using some other plugin for caching than there is no place of worries if using the addon.

The infinity cache extension has been in demand and was also counted as the best mobile caching solution, so looking at these the developers also developed the addon for the desktop version to provide substantial decrease in web page loading time for desktop sites.

Overall if you look at the features of the Infinity cache extension then the extension is a worthy and wealthy addon to trade with.

Multi Ads

multi ads-wptouch mobile plugin extension

Multi ads the name signifies the specialty of the extension as using the extension you can place more than one ad in new and different locations.

Not only this with the extension and ads placement you can increase your revenue to a very high level.

The addon enables you to add multiple ad-units per page and also gives an opportunity for built-in A/B ad unit testing. 

The caliber of the A/B testing is that it tests different ads from different ads provider or you can also say different ads from the same provider ( mostly Google Adsense)  and using that it also helps in determining the best revenue stream.

The flexibility option of placing ads is awesome as you now have the choice to use different ad sizes in your web page or on the homepage that perfectly suits your website which also is helpful and can also be called as smart way of advertisement.

Responsive Images

responsive images wptouch plugin

A feature that reduces manual labor of a webmaster as using this extension images can be resized automatically acc. to the post.

The terrified option in the extension is that it is completely automated you just need to install the addon and elect few options, after that what…. the extension will start its job quite speedily and efficiently.

The addon is basically introduced to reduce the page loading time of the WPtouch powered site and make every post and page load faster for better user experience.

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The images in the extension are very well scaled and perfectly optimized to depict more professionalism in the post and in the blog.

Mobile Content

mobile content wptouch plugin

The plugin also offers you a feature to provide mobile visitors different content from the desktop visitor in one go. This happens when a webmaster thinks of showing different and unique content to the mobile users and also different content to the desktop users.

For example: Usually many e-Commerce website promote their mobile app by offering discounts on deals if purchased from the mobile app only. These deals and offers are not available for desktop users.

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Going more in depth you can also use Shortcodes to replace contents for mobile users or visitors.

In the Mobile content extension an easy to drop in option in the form of new editor is enclosed for editing screens of the WordPress post/page.

So, using WPtouch mobile friendly plugin you can also avail the feature of differentness between different platform users.

Advanced Typography

fonts typography wptouch mobileplugin

The facility of advanced customization is also available within the extension to modify the website with different fonts and customization.

In this extension you can transform each and every post with custom fonts for your mobile website.

The nice option in the addon is that you can select your fonts from the entire Google fonts library and also loads your set from the Typekit or Fontdeck.

So in the Wptouch plugin you also have the choice to customize fonts and make your posts attracting and appealing to the users.


Reading about all the extensions of WPtouch plugin, I hope it has now become easy and simple task for you to choose any or all extensions to modify your mobile friendly website for your mobile users.

All the above extension are must to install if you are going with WPtouch mobile plugin.

Have fun installing the plugin and further extensions of the plugin.