Apart from offline backups there is also a must need for online backups using the online backup tools which are best and dominant in their sphere. Do you also know, that we have written a fantastic online resource for more than 20+ backup plugins to Securely Automated Backups for your wordpress blog.

Multiple backups are mandatory not only in WordPress but also in other platforms that are on a very serious threat and are prone towards illegal activities like Hacking, Spamming etc.

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Online backup is a step ahead of offline backup as the data stored in online backup is stored very safely in a powerful server or cloud of the company.

Looking at the present scenario tools whether online or offline for WordPress database backup has become an essential need for every webmaster having a blog/website. Various illegal activities are going on and around our website and we are at the verge of all these.

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Proper backup and restoration is the only chance to renew a website after being hacked but to restore your entire essential database you must first have to store it at some very safe place away from you.

So to keep your database safe & secure we have compiled the best list of online backup service offered by various companies.

online backup services

Let’s walk through all these one by one with their salient features keeping in mind.

1. Dropbox

dropboxDropbox, the name is enough to praise the online backup service. Basically, Dropbox is the best and the renowned online data storage to keep files and data safe. Usually people use it in their smartphones and PC’s for online photo backup or for any other personal work.

Features of Dropbox:

  • Easy to use the online tool for backup
  • Easy to Sync & Share files to friends, family members or to any one having Dropbox account
  • Own a personal folder ‘My Folder’ for data backup
  • Offers 2 GB of free space to use
  • Drag and Drop feature for ease of access
  • Available for PC, Laptops, Smart phones and also web based

2. VaultPress

vaultpress-logoGoing for online backup then VaultPress is the name you can’t forget. It is best online backup service which is completely automated and also treated as the best.

Features of VaultPress:

  • VaultPress is offered to all self-hosted WordPress websites
  • Completely Automated backup service
  • Takes backup of your entire website in real time
  • Easy to restore and download online backups
  • Easy to review and fix threats with a single click
  •  Terrific Support form VaultPress Safekeepers
  • Price starts from $15/month

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3. Mozy

mozy-logoMozy is also an online data backup tool to carry out all backup related solutions. This tool is amazing as it offers many offers affordable to all users at a genuine pricing to protect all your personal documents.

Features of Mozy:

  • Fully automated service to backup important data’s
  • Offers 2GB free online storage
  • Desktop software available as Mozy Home to back up your PC
  • Backup’s any ongoing work you specify
  • Easy to restore any previous files backed up
  • Top features available to use only at $10

4. Backblaze

backblaze-logoBackblaze is also one of the best online backup tools for any kind of backup related issues. Backblaze basically offers a very dependent, low cost online backup solution.

Features of Backblaze:

  • Backup Unlimited amount of data
  • Quick installation for both Windows/Mac
  • Automated process of backup from Desktop
  • Backblaze offers Fedex a hard drive service to restore data
  • Fast, Easy, Secure & Simple Online backup service
  • No size limits, backup as much
  • Pricing- $50/year

5. BackupBuddy

backupbuddy logoThis is a free backup service to eliminate your problems related to backing up of data. This tool acquires the top position in the list of online backup for WordPress.

Features of BackupBuddy:

  • Backup’s your data in your buddy’s computer with encrypted data service
  • Provides easy exporting of files to Dropbox, FTP server or even to your e-mail
  • Schedule backups according to your choice either daily, weekly or monthly
  • BackupBuddy makes migration of WordPress website easy and efficient
  • Restoration is also not tough just download the ZIP file
  • Pricing- $75 (including 2 sites)

6. SOS Online Backup

sosonlinebackup-logoSOS online backup is also counted among the supreme online backup tools which means it is also one of the contenders among the online backup services.

Features of SOS Online Backup:

  • Flexible backup tool for any platform
  • Unlimited online Storage + Unlimited support
  • Backup’s data once an hour or more
  • Ultimate encryption and secured backup
  • Mobile accessible using the Android and iPhone apps
  • Share any file upto 500MB of size
  • Pricing- $7.99/month to $39.95/month

7. BlogVault

blogvault logoBlogVault is also capable of backing up your entire WordPress website using their online storage facility. It is also a very nice and good backup tool to store all your files and folders.


Features of BlogVault:

  • Backup’s everything posts, plugins, themes, pages, categories etc.
  • Automatic Backup feature for fast and effective service
  • Stores files on BlogVault’s Amazon S3 servers.
  • Easy and speedily restoration of the backup
  • Encrypted backup for more security
  • Pricing ranges from $9/month to $39/month

8. Carbonite

carbonite logoCarbonite is also offering a very comprehensive backup online service which is quite nice and quite affordable. The online service is very straight forward in this case.

Features of Carbonite:

  • Install and configure the offline software and rest it does it all
  • Unlimited storage but no free storage at all
  • Incremental backup to accelerate backup procedure
  • Basic backup tools are really easy to use and implement
  • Mobile app for Android, iPhone and also for Blackberry
  • Pricing ranges from $5/month to $12.50/month or you have a plan $54.99/year

9. CrashPlan

crashplan logoCrashPlan is also a very big participant in the field of online backup for WordPress . The tool is fully optimized to serve you proper backup of database.

Features of CrashPlan:

  • Wonderful and easy to use Interface
  • Very high and strong encryption level
  • Unlimited amount of online storage
  • Scheduled backups, easy File Sharing, Folder syncing and more excellent features
  • Pricing $5.99/month/computer and $13.99/month/10 computers

10. ADrive

adrive logoADrive can also be placed among the best online backup service provider. There are lots of features included in the ADrive plans when purchased.

Features of ADrive:

  • Automatic Backup using desktop software
  • Variant features like online document editing, WebDAV support & more
  • Built in with many cheap and affordable plans
  • Restoration at a very rapid pace
  • Price ranges from $2.50/month to $250/month

11. IDrive

idrive logoPowered by IBackup, a  very old and trusted company since 1999. Although it provides similar services as others but it is a backup tool which webmasters would definitely give a try.

Features of IDrive:

  • 5 GB online data storage for free and also free offline backup feature
  • Backups for unlimited no. of Desktop’s in the premium plan
  • Advance file encryption facility for powerful protection
  • Real time& Scheduled backups and also easy to retrieve info after deletion
  • Pricing is 1TB @ $59.50 and 10TB @ $499.50
  • Mobile apps for more efficiency of the online backups

Summing Up

Looking at the online backup comparison among the various online and remote backup tools, now we can go ahead and plan to which backup service we are going to opt for our security.

There are many key factors that decide which service we are going to use and which not.

According to my experience in this present world 2 GB space seems nothing, as in 2 GB you even can’t save 200 HD pictures or 50 HD videos.  So now we need more than 2 GB of free space and in the long run we would definitely need unlimited storage space for our database.

That’s why I’m just going to hint you that go for unlimited storage space, powerful & strong encryption etc. like features even if it costs your pocket.

Saving money in security options would one day lead you to losing money.