Are you inspired from Blogging, because you know a lot of People are doing it and earning pretty good money. Do you want to have a blog like your Friends who share valuable information, then this article is for you.

In the past, we have written more than 20+ great articles on WordPress Beginner’s Guides for helping the first time users to learn WordPress – the art of blogging.

WordPress Tutorials

What do you need to become a Blogger

  • Internet
  • Time, Dedication and Hardwork
  • Commitment
  • Lot of Research, Patience and Capability to learn Everyday

And, apart from these, you need

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting Server
  • Blogging Software like WordPress

WordPress Series

1.  Find Domain Names (Best Guide)

Its not always easy to find good domain names or name for your business or company. We have written a 2000+ word guide to choose the best domain names and to avoid most common mistakes while choosing it.

2. ) Registering a Domain Name

Once you find a good name for your business, its time to grab this domain from plenty of domain registrars. Being godaddy is the fastest, most recommended and best price for money choice. Look for how to register a domain name successfully and use it for your website.

3.)  Setting Domain Name Servers

Next step after buying a domain is to setup the DNS (Domain Name Server) for your domain name that will take 24-48 hours to fully working for you. After this step, you are virtually ready with 50% of the Work.

4. ) Buying Web Hosting

Since, you have now bought a Domain Name for your self, now its time to buy Webhosting. Web hosting is similar to a Computer, Comes in various platforms like Windows, linux, Ubuntu, .Net

but the only difference between PC and Web Server is that server is connected to Internet 24 x 7 x 365 days a year and make your files accessible and available for everyone on the internet.

You got a Plenty of Options while choosing Web Servers , here you can look from below :

5. ) Installing WordPress

Now once you have both these – domain and webhosting. Its time to Install the State of Art Blogging Tool – WordPress. WordPress is most powerful CMS Platform out in Market with Maximum market share powering millions of websites on Internet.

6.) After Installing WordPress

Here are the most recommended things to do after installing WordPress.


7. Installing Plugins and Installing Themes

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Install WordPress Plugins and WordPress Themes. Plugins are special functions that helps to extend the functionality of a website and themes are basically for improving the look and feel (design) of a website.

8. ) WordPress Widgets

Learn all about the WordPress Widgets to add features to your Headers, Sidebars and Footer.

9.) WordPress Permalinks

Permalink stands for permanent links and is majorly responsible for your Url Structure of the website. Its is very important parameter for user friendliness and SEO Aspect.

10.) WordPress Navigation Menus

Add your own stuff to your Navigation Menu in the header section of your website and see what you can do with it.

11.) Must Have WordPress Plugins

Now that you have learned pretty much stuff and you know some basics of the WordPress. Its time for you to Install These Must Have WordPress Plugins to Boost your Website/Blog Performance and learn the art of receiving LOVE (Traffic) from Search Engines.

12.) vs

A bonus article for beginners to learn, why they choosed the right decision to go with Platform instead of the self-hosted and limited featured

13.) WordPress Import and Export

Learn how to take backup or upload your blog back from the backup incase you are changing a server or making a copy of your website locally and/or on local server or another server.

14. ) Write your First Post in WordPress

This is the point where exactly your blogging journey starts. Be very Awesome and Motivated in writing your First Article for your Blog. We will teach and Guide you through the entire process in this article.

15. WordPress Categories Vs WordPress Tags

The biggest confusion and most frustrated topic for all newbie bloggers. In Fact, it is really pain in the ass for even the established bloggers, who fails to realize the true power and usage of WordPress Tags and Categories.

16.) WordPress Sitemaps

Your ultimate best friend for getting your website recognized and indexed in all major search engines. Double read this article until your understand it fully and completely.

17. ) WordPress for Mobiles

Mobile is the new future. When everything is getting converted for mobile platforms, Android and iOS Store rocking day by day with unprecedented growth. Electronics Industry is at its peak of all times. Its better to convert your website into Mobile Friendly and if possible and have opportunity for a business model for APP, Go for IT.

18. ) Drag and Drop Theme Frameworks

If you don’t know Coding just like me and don’t want to get your hands dirty on the code. Look for these WordPress theme frameworks and tap the market of drag and drop theme builders. Without touching a single piece of code, you can design nearly any kind of website with little tricks and mind.

19.) WordPress e-Commerce Themes

WordPress comes with endless possibilities and knows no limitations. Whether you want to open a small online store on your website or you want to have a complete dedicated store for selling your Products and Services online. Then again, these ecommerce themes will save your ass and set you ready to start selling online in minutes.

20.) 20+ Backup Plugins

Now that you have come to end of this great Fantastic course series – WordPress Beginner’s Tutorials. Its perfect time to be safe and secure your WordPress Website. Internet is full of Hackers, Spammers and Bullies who are looking for vulnerabilities to take the next blog or website down. I don’t know, sometimes but they just do it without any reason. Therefore, consider making regular backups or setup automated backups for your blog and saves days of frustration and extra work for your blog.

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