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Dig SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) at Blogfruit

SEO, a vast structure to go through but here we have researched some of the basics and some mandatory SEO tricks that each and every newbie must learn so as to face the competitive internet industry.

If you are in the hunt of organic traffic to your blog or website then this step becomes very valuable in the blogging field. To get in touch with all the tactics and tricks of SEO to increase more Email Subscribers, more traffic then this Beginner Guide will lead you to the next level.

Basics SEO You Should Know

seo 2015

Ah nice, You have done a perfect job but still you are novice in SEO field..!!

Next step is to explore more SEO, Don’t forget bad SEO service or spam SEO tactics can ruin your business too, so there’s no rush to greatness,  perfection takes times.. :-)

Now, you know the SEO Basics, it’s time for the complete comprehensive guide to raising the level of your knowledge in every aspect of SEO.

The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization 2015   8-)

Wow !! Now I think you must have developed some of the SEO skills, then it’s the time for your website test. Let’s test your SEO development.

We all have put our butts off and found out 10+ resourceful online SEO tools for the testing of WordPress site.

To get a bit more help and to find out your website’s progress then here’s the deal:

Best Online Tools & Resources to check your site’s health

We have much more in SEO but before that you must have to go through all the above aspects.

Coming to our EXCLUSIVE article:

Writing Content in WordPress without typing

Wow!! This article ranked #1 in the Google rankings and is exclusively available at Blogfruit. In this article, you will get the complete guide of writing in WordPress without typing using a WordPress plugin.

Typing without keyboard

Text to Speech has nowadays become one of the very well-known concepts in the Internet industry and is gaining popularity day by day. The plugin is awesome and with the plugin you can enjoy the pleasure of voice control while writing a post.

To know more then have a look on the article from top to down.

Lots of Helpful Articles on Backup

Backup in WordPress matters a lot in any kind of disaster like Website Hack, Unwanted Data Loss, Server or Database shifting  and much more.

We all know Backup always comes in use either today or tomorrow, so there is a must need to take proper backup either offline or online.

We have compiled a list which contains all about the Database Backup basics..


Look at these articles:

Fully Backup your WordPress Website Easily with this comprehensive guide

I really liked the article..  :-D

In WordPress, you can also take the help of WordPress plugins to make all work for you automatically..

Although, if you are using a premium WordPress backup plugin then what to say about that, it’s the best job you did for your website.

So for you all, we also have compiled a superb list of 20+ Best Backup WordPress plugins

Apart from WordPress plugins, there are many more online backup companies which are offering some of the best online backup tools to backup your entire database and site on their very powerful servers.

So, if you have money in the pocket then go out for such fruits and grab some.

Check out the list of Online Backup Tools for Database Backup

Now a step forward.. :arrow:

35+ Best Free & Premium Thesis Skins For WordPress

This article got a very nice response from the users and is one of your top article related to the Thesis skins. The compiled list contains the best thesis skins with their features loaded.

wordpress blogging

Let’s have a look on some of the skins:

  • QUIK Thesis skin
  • Thesis Magazine skin
  • M-Blog skin
  • Mash Skin

and many more…..just go through the article.

One of the Exclusive article only available at Blogfruit is here:

At last, I also want to mention our First but not the last Tutorial which we launced after examining all aspects of Blogging with WordPress or say Earn money with Blogging in WordPress.

This article will definitely make you a Blogger.

Step by Step Guide to a become a Rich, Self Employed & Independent Blogger

Hmm, that was something that is not possible in a day, as we all know that Rome was not built in a day. The ultimate goal to become rich is keep doing Smart Work and keep Focussing.

Have a Good Day..!!